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  1. I have to wait a month more before I can really give an opinion on the game. Are they going to have the same ugly stupid UI. It lacks charm, it's just a bunch of boxes, it's pretty unprofessional to me. And I could list a lot more but I think that list is on the Devs list and it's on the end, way at the end. I am sure they will get to it when they are done squashing major bugs and fixing the battle system. Trolls? really everyone who says your just trolling... your showing you lack of intelligence in a conversation to even have a correct conversation with someone who doesn't agree with your opinion. Real Trolls are psychological psychopaths released on the web.
  2. I can't remember if this has been asked, if it has I am sorry. I am not playing the beta but from what I have seen of the Male Protraits, the males are ugly! I am not playing some guy who either looks like a loser or has a face of an anvil. Artist put in some attractive faces in there for males. Not everyone is plain looking. Attractiveness is symmetry. (even in music) or if you can just import your own protrait that would be fine , of course that could be a mod right?
  3. You can't be Professional with out taking criticism. Roger Ebert said Why your Movie sucks. Sensuki said why your game sucks. Both help the medium to become a better product.
  4. Wow Sensuki and Matt you are really Passionate about this game! Good Job!
  5. Pretty sure the Dyrford music is the Dyrford music. It was announced as such several Kickstarter updates ago, and the theme is named after the town. Not sure why you're saying that theme will be replaced later. @Sensuki with all the hours you're putting into the beta I'm not surprised that you're growing weary of the combat music. writing music for media generally cues, themes are about 1 minute long. No matter what you are composing the music should never be tiring to the listener. Battle Music Theme should never become boring or tiring even if you have listened a 1000 times because that music will most likely play everytime your in a battle. Nice that the theme is created as a couple varations to bring interest into the game.
  6. There is nothing wrong with a lot of battles being hard and drawn out, but not all battles in the game should be this way. Every battle shouldn't be some micromangement hell just to defeat some rabbits or something. They will have to find a fine balance of battles that are very strategic and battles that are just fun . If you have tons of creatures and enemies you are fighting you don't want every battle to be a long task to complete. Who wants to constantly be fighting the same tedius battle using tons of skills and magics just to defeat some low level monster.
  7. Sensuki I love what you are doing Keep it up! I hope some company hires your services for Q and A some day. Making a vids talking about the game showing how to make it better as part of the beta is damn good idea!
  8. I hope you Devs at the end of your bug crushing and getting the Combat to feel like combat really add even more. I want to hear voices Crying out in Battle, I want to see Blood fly, Mosters feel the weight of weapons. I would really like your team to take combat and make it alive! And I want the music....Never mind.... Let's see some wild spells that Open a Cloud of red mist and have hands come out and rip characters to shreds(maybe that's a high end spell) (just an idea) I hope that you have time to add those details. Details that would make combat so invigorating that people would careless if there was xp or not. Instead of looking to the past at everything I think your team really should focus on how we can make it even better. Imagine the Witcher as a Isometric game with a party. Critical hits I want to see limbs fly off or heads or more blood. Or at the very least the creature or person really feel the attack. There should be bodies left over. not these sill icon things that your using(treasures) There is to much high fantasy in your game I think. And you say Dark and Gritty? where?
  9. And Bruce Lee Said use "Limitation that is not Limitation" "Use the Way that is No Way." Modern everything is always wrong. We always have to go back and look and see that out limitations at doing something are not what some other culture had. Amazing Video!
  10. Pretty sure they will deliver but damn who has time to sit on a forum baby sitting posts and replies when you have to squash 1000's of bugs! Also work on making the game better. Maybe after the 4 patch in say a month the game will be shaping up. When I play this I will take time with my new template and compose new music and mod the hell out of it. I will even request mods for it. I want something someone else wants something not all of us can be satisfied with something. Most want the same thing that has already been developed. What's the point in that? Your looking to create a new game experience not rehash completely and totally old ideas.
  11. Where would huge budget Project help with the music. I mean big big budget. Well....That would be with the real orchestra and time. Yea time is everything. Thanks to these silly Unions Time is everything. How good is the conductor how well does he communicate to the musicians. Are the Musicians into it or is this just another day on the job. God how many breaks do musicians need. All of that factors in to how well your score will be played. Then there is the Sound of the Orchestra. What Concert hall are the stems going to a pro mixer to add his own Reverb? Yea that would help with Huge Budget Project. If you wanted the Film Sound and were using A real orchestra then you would need a huge budget unless you are having it recorded in Budapest or something. Or some Smaller European Orchestra. Ok that's all got later.
  12. And I am expressing how the composers quality has nothing to do with the monetary of a project it's all hocus pocus. I could explain this and go on and on about music and composing for media but it would pretty over the top. Truly a projects funding has nothing to do with how much quality a composer can bring verses the money. If the composer can't bring it on a low budget game then they need to study up. A composer can't pick the project there composing for a lot of time there lucky to get something cool. If you have experience in composing for a such and such game and delivered then the company would hire you and expect as much from you for there project. Since I am talking about games. Indie Game, AAA game, the music should be no different unless, unless live solo musicians are hired. Now a days we can totally handle the orchestra and fool you:P Throw a singer on top with some Celtic , Welsh singing and we can totally FOOL YOU.
  13. Composers only compose what the Directors and producers have in mind for the music. The Composer and Orchestra has nothing to do wtih Epic. A composer can put on the producer hat over dub the orchestra tracks and create Epic no sweat. Throw on a better Reverb over the whole thing (every track) and you can make it sound like the best Orchestra/Concert Hall in the world! Epic to bring in emotion and bla bla bla is just Romantic Style of Symphonic Composition. pp to FF and FFF. Throw Choirs in there as Stabs or playing on top of the Brass. Super Epic, throw Timpini or Taiko Drums under that on FFF and FF for super super epic! In other words Epic is just an arrangement of the music and bringing out emotion through dynamics the same Techniques as the Compositions of the Romantic Style Symphonic Works. The Theme of Music in a game that sets the over all mood or is the theme track or title track or whatever can be orchestrated and arranged for Epic^_- Maybe there will be some Epic music in PoE for you! Who knows.
  14. This is the first Beta. Before GamesCon even. meaning they only had so much time to even get a Beta out to be at Gamescon. All the issues and everything written about don't matter to much yet.(Helpful of course) Most of them they probably know already. Wait till were on Beta three or two then you can't start seeing major improvements to the game. I won't bring up to much till about month into the Betas.
  15. I love to give an impression but I think everyone else has done enough where I don't have to say much. Unfortunately when it comes to a Beta the first thing we do is comment with something Negitive. I am no different. My List would exceed everyones! Instead I'll wait and see what they can do in a week. Maybe a lot of things addressed will be fixed and changed. I see a lot of things that need to changed really there poor designs with good intentions. I don't think you can just crank out a new Beta every month and satisfy everyone. I would try and do it weekly. Carry on!
  16. You started out somewhat reasonable and then went full retard. How many people do you think work on this game, how much time and money do they have? Getting so tired of all these backseat developers... Let me show you the reality of the game industry. So that you may understand which you do not. http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/31/5949433/the-cost-of-a-game-studio Now a beta should be used to try and break the game, find bugs, and give advise on how to improve something. There is probably a list that Obsidian has of things they wish were in the game but won't be when it's released, but might be after it is released. Patch number....adds such and such fixes such and such. Josh said this is a dark and gritty game so I gave some advice which they probably already know about, "the dungeons and creatures and such. " The idea it to try and make it as detailed and realstic as possible by adding in as much detail as possible in there time frame before release. I am not a game developer I am composer and I have no wish at this time to be part of the game industry. I would litterly stand in front of the Conductor, stop the Orchestra, and Scream you guys aren't playing with enough passion! That's a slur over those phrases I want you string players to feel till it hurts!!! But I am not in the industry right now so it's all cool.
  17. There are way to many details that need to added before this game is released. I can not believe it will make it by Dec for a ful release? As a beta it looks really good and this is the first beta. But it needs tons and tons of details to impress. Just that Battle with the spiders or Orge Guy shows how much is missing. Also your characters look really blury and out of place in the town, your models? They don't look defined at all. The Dungeons look way to happy and bright is this game for teens? Is this... what do they call it, High Fantasy? The Fonts color doesn't blend in on the screen well as it is. The UI I am sure you are already working on really needs help. It needs more atmosphere. Cut the lights a bit get out a torch to add more atmosphere in Dungeons and caves. Spiders should have webs and get up on there legs when they attack using the body to knock you down as well as attacking webs, poison etc. When they die they should have blood. When you walk into a Cave you should trigger Spiders attacking by touching a web on the floor or making sound. There shouldn't just be some Random spider hanging out that's silly. Spiders are cunning Hunters. Characters should say something about all the bones in the Orge's Cave. The battle with the Orge's, the Club should knock Characters Flat and Stun them, Knock them in the air and stun them, break bones(since you have this in there) Even your reflex shouldn't prevent all of that from happening in battle. If you have a windmill running and looking beautfiul with the water then why can't you have some signs move in the wind, or some Grass, or some tress, then have leaves fall. It looks like your trying to add as much in the wild? But I think some more animated nature would work wonders for your world. I could write a ton more. Over all it looks like what everyone was hoping for . Me I hope you can make it better. Way Way better. Details Gents. Look forward to Seeing People Playing your Beta on youtube. Great Job so far.
  18. Looks good for Beta. Sounds pretty good for a Beta. I am looking forward to seeing what you do to make into the polished, finished work. I am sure there will be a lot of betas.
  19. are you guys nutz? you comparing a 100 million dollar game to a game that has 4 million dollars and is supposed to be isometric rpg in homage to the IE games of old. Not only that there won't be or is any game that can compare to Witcher 3 for graphics. Take chill pill come back to reality. Remember the video that has been displayed is Alpha. Who knows what will be fine tuned in the Beta to the final version.
  20. Hey art if fantastic! One of my cousins is a colorist and concept artist and I used to keep in touch with a few in the film biz from time to time. Massive Black I believe, CGI Society. Keep it up! Great work! Did see the Squidder Kick Starter by 44Flood?
  21. How do you heads look like in Battle? Because you need to fine tune those battles.
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