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  1. It seemed rather short and well short. Just go do this, enter this area, there they are kill them, oh it's over. I would think a Bounty Quest could be so much more. Perhaps they ran out of time to make it more. Maybe there are lot of short short quests like that. That's to simple for my tastes.
  2. That second dragon picture is really good, your area has life and the VFX adds a lot to it. One thing i see lacking in a lot of visuals of your game world is little details like wind blowing dirt off a path with VFX or something. But that Second Dragon Picture shows all sorts of great Visuals! Great FX that adds to the area!
  3. I finally got around to watching your Pax presentation. What kind of Quest is take the Tribes guys head. Go to Forest, right away find the Tribes guy, fight kill tribes guy, take head....win quest.... Come on that's lazy! Why didn't you have the characters arive at the forest(the forest is dark filled with trees you could lose your way) the characters go through the forest finally they find some blood and follow that trail of blood to a body that is being eaten by crows. (there is no music) The crows fly off, the characters mention something about the body then they start tracking again. They go through the forest meet some old guy a hermit, he has a quest or story or whatever....about what the characters are searching for. Finally they come apon some ritual in forest clearing with bodies being sacrificed to whatever(A drum pulse starts with slow tempo)...there they see the Tribes guy and A battle ensues. (Boss music, choir chants, brass stabs, etc.) That's just off the top of my head thought of as fast as I can write it. I am sure you guys could have come up with something better then what was shown in the Pax video, and of course better then what I have written here. Good job on your game. I hope it was the Project that you wanted to create, your new dream RPG.
  4. Game looks like it has a lot of promise now. I don't know if I will ever time to play it but I wish your team success, and more games in the future. See ya!
  5. I see in the trailer you do have Bodies hanging from trees very good very good. are they just part of the 2d or are they 3d and swing from the trees. Add atmosphere and all that. Game looks like a dark gritty game after all.
  6. Guyz this is the internet you won't be meeting anyone on this forum you will just be seeing them in cyber space. Time is short to be worry about what other people post and judging them on what they post. There is no rule or law that someone can't reply to post as many times as they want. Chill it down a bit. Devs will be able to fix bugs and polish the game before launch. People will complain about bugs and what is not in the game that's a given but don't let it effect you on an emotional level. Let's get those places living Devs!
  7. I disagree, there are many "modern" games with very good music / songs, at the level of BG1/2 or more. Both the HOM&M and Elder Scrolls Sagas come immediately to my mind, but even the new Dragon Age: Inquisition has some amazing songs. (or if you want other style, Metal Gear: Revengance) The thing that is rare -even in movies- are soundtracks with identity: those that every song, being of tension, action, love or whatever are still is a part of a whole style that fits and complements the feeling of the scene and the theme of the movie/game. (Planescape: T. , Assasins Creed 2, Deus Ex & HR ) Those... are truly rare masterpieces. (in movies examples would be LOTR, Star Wars) that's your personal opinion. And I am glad you have it. People take music for granted. rare masterpieces that cracked up!
  8. that's not enough you city is to clean make it live. Dirty it up add beggers, theives, birds, Minstral at the fountain. I am sure you guys go it.
  9. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that scene was specially scripted for the trailer. We do have weather in the game, but nothing like rain storms that will appear and disappear in an area. It would be cool to something like that for the future, though. what?!??! That must have been something that you couldn't figure out in Unity. Of course that would be cool to have in a game! Damn you guys better make a list for your second game. Huge List.
  10. Yea it will have weather it's demonstrated in the trailer. The same scene as this will blow your mind scene only the characters are running over the pass in the rain. I am sure they will have storms and everything in this game.
  11. Two months of Polishing will add quite a bit to the game as a final product. I don't think anyone has anything to worry about. They will try there best to reach the standards they have always had since starting the development cycle. What I did judege from the live stream which I wachted again, is that, the game will have great pacing and great writing. I think a lot of people will forgive more then few misteps as they lose themselves in there story and world.
  12. The game doesn't need more people it needs an alive world! They need to step and say "yes were going to make out world come alive." They need to add things that you would run into in a town by a Bay. Birds, people sitting down, garbage, dogs, etc. There are three parts to a city: You have the Rich upper Class, Middle Working Class, and the poor beggers, and thieves, the under belly of the city. Then you have the Theme of the City, what is the heart of the City, what is it's story. Every area in the game should have things that make that area come alive. Memory is poor excuse, find away around it. In any event if the game is released as is Modders will create a Mod that will add more to areas like main City.
  13. I didn't forget about this game thanks for the email reminder! Was able to watch your video but had the sound off. I Have to say you need to make your cities come to life. *many have already stated* There are no birds around and it's by a bay. The cities look way to clean. To lifeless. I am sure through your two months of polishing and your professionalsim and experience in the gameing industry you could make the game world more alive. Impress people with the world your company has created. Great job on finishing your game! It's nice to see a project through to it's end!!!
  14. This is really the best I have seen. It's a lot better then what the Devs have produced. Great Job!
  15. Never say your sorry to anyone on the internet everyone is of less importance. Everyone has an opinion and everyone assumes there opinion is the right one. Never get caught up and lose sleep or energy arguing a point, it's waste of time. Don't look for some silly group to get approval from anyone or from a forum either. Most people have no clue it's just there opinion. Honestly everyone is just human and has all the same faults. People on the internet matter as much as some stranger you pass by on the street. Lost touch with your game it's pretty crazy market out there with the AAA Rpg's starting to show up. Looking to see what you present though.
  16. man I don't even know what to say to you silly Rant ....have a good one.
  17. Fiebras it's not about adding more gore to the game it's about story telling and bring up the dark underbelly of that story to create a better story. A lot of story I know.
  18. Alright now you are getting the role playing aspect of the title(I want to see Corpses hanging from trees)
  19. Hanging Corpses from trees is that Evil or is that Good?
  20. I want more atmosphere in your game, it seems so high fantasy is that what you intended? Let's see Corpses hanging from trees before you enter a village(right away you know something is wrong) Perhaps the village is hanging people because they think they have used there souls to cheat death, or perhaps there is something else wrong? When you get to the village not everything is as it seems the people are not right. That could have nothing do with the main quest you just stumbled on this village with a hint about people hanging people. *The music should be dark low atmosphere over minor chords and augmented 9ths) But the Theme still relates to your world and souls even though it's not a main quest of the game. When I look at your 2d art in your beta and your village you have it seems rather flat. It's beautiful but it's not alive enough. There isn't enough thematic Atmosphere to introduce areas. I take it this is because tons of content is cut out of the Beta and it's only used as a test for the game. Still I would like to see you make that village as alive as possible and atmospheric as possible. Same with say a spider cave: You Shouldn't just run into a cave of spiders. There should be webs and corpses of creatures and people in those webs out side the cave, on the tress, all over, damn this is place where these giant Spiders are hanging out. It's amazing what CDproject Red did with "The Witcher". Those guys just set the stage dark gritty rpgs. What is Pillars of Eternity? A dark gritty rpg or a high fantasy style rpg?
  21. Or maybe check out upcoming game projects if you're interested in them. Ahh, the power of "or." Unless you only have one in the water... ... I'm missing something here, o_o... *be's blond* One oar in the water, a couple bubbles off plum, a sandwich or two short of a picnic, a couple bricks short of a load.... One foot on shore one in the sea.
  22. I want to say stuff about music but naa. (I give respect to anyone in the industry) I would like to see better models, more animations, and darker atmosphere, dark and gritty...More adult. Dungeons are scary, it's damn scary to run into some spiders in a dark cave etc! I want to see limbs fly from creatures, more creature animations. I think the UI lacks charm. Your artist could add a lot to it nstead of just having some boxes. Add Charm that is part of the world. Make the world come alive make your villages towns come alive. Make people want to be in the world and lose themselves in it. Foley sounds need be to top notch. Create another stretch goal to add more animations to the 2d art , like tree tops moving in the wind or the grass moving. more detail to your world and vision. Better icons of your weapons, there just to plain looking as they are.
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