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  1. Great update! Art looks amazing. Man I wish I wasn't broke I want to donate so bad right now Will we be able to send Obs money through paypal after the KS has ended?
  2. No. I haven't though a tremendous amount about healing points, but that brings up an interesting parallel resource management behavior in RPGs. I've seen (and talked to) innumerable gamers who say they end games with inventories full of consumables: potions, wands, scrolls, etc. The most commonly cited reason they give is that they don't know when is/isn't a good time to use them. Also, because they often have no idea when they might get more, they don't want to run out. It's sort of the inverse problem of rest spamming. Permadeath solves that one quite elegantly . (people are quick to use potions)
  3. I don't find nothing much interesting in simply going back to camp, it is true. But what I would find interesting, and I still have a little hope might see its way into this game, at least in some form, is that, now, a whole day has passed. This can mean a lot of things! Examples could include: 1d4 of the kidnapped villagers you are trying to rescue die of exhaustion at the feet of the orcs who plan to sell the toughest ones as slaves. The three escaping goblins flee to the underground, retell about your party's attack, and this results in a new, tougher patrol in the upper floor and making it impossible to get the orcs by surprise now. The warlock in the underground finishes a serum that more than doubles the strength of a goblinoid who drinks it, but turns him into an homicidal maniac (well, even more than they normally are). From now on, a couple of this enemy type will appear in random fights. The sleeping dragon in the bottom of the cave stirs and detect your presence. Fortunately, he goes almost right back to sleep, but not before taking one of the most comely villagers as a tribute from the orcs. Another group of adventurers goes through the cave, picking up some of the magic items for themselves and taking a few of the monsters and traps down. A traveling group of performers comes to the inn. Their play, should the party watch it, contains subtle clues about the dungeon and its politics. The orc warchief might decide to move out and go back to the great underground. If the PCs can't save the villagers before they reach that, the quest is failed. Then again, maybe some of the villagers might appear later in the game as slaves to the monstrosities the orcs sold them to. The orcs could find the wooden cart full of booze the PCs left nearby. If they come back at night, the orcs will be drunk and partying. If they come back during the morning, patrols will be weakened and with a headache. Basically, there is room here to put lots of interesting consequences. Which is why I like the basics of the vancian system so much. Wow what a great post. THAT is the kind of solution to resting abuse I'd like to see, rather than cooldowns
  4. Personally I think Obsidian should just come up with a clever way to fix resting abuse rather than going with cooldowns. I am a newbie to the IE games, but what I like about the system is the tactical options it gives. Being able to spam 4 magic missiles in a row if I feel like it is nice, but it comes at the cost of not having something I might need for another encounter elsewhere. That's a fun strategic choice. I get what Sawyer's saying though about the whole "reload" problem, but I think they can find a better solution to that. Take randomized enemies for instance. If you re-load, any enemy not yet "discovered" is slightly different in abilities etc. That avoids the cheese of just re-loading and setting up your party perfectly to handle the upcoming situation. Except for maybe the big bosses. Those should probably be set in stone. The roguelike genre is pretty good with this kind of thing.
  5. Where did they say level scaling is in? I see it mentioned in this thread.
  6. Ya I share the sentiments of those who are sick of Epictm choirs. Slow melancholy stuff though can be amazing. Just no O Fortuna type stuff please. Justin, are you familiar with Arvo Part? Now that's the kind of choral music I could get behind Here's an example, has a nice mystical vibe to it that I really really dig : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdoafPTSQpE
  7. Pretty much this. He covered it all I don't agree with the documentary though, I'd rather all funding go straight into the game. I strongly agree though that Obsidian need to add some high levels stretch goals very soon. Right now the goals get put up too close in proximity to where current funding is at, so people feel little urge to contribute to help reach them. I would definitely put mod tools as one of the bigger stretch goals, since it could bring in a load of cash, and from what Obsidian has said sounded like it would take extra effort/work. I hope for a Vance Kovaks/Justin Sweet stretch goal too (not that the dwarf ranger art didn't look great btw)
  8. I like the Vancian system but only if they can make a rest system that can't be endlessly abused. Really though they should just do whatever I trust them.
  9. What's up with the comments on the youtube video? It's completely infested with hate spewing. I don't keep up with Reddit or 4chan but it looks like they're using the video for some kind of flame war :/ Obsidian should just disable the comments. Anyways, I don't understand the animosity, but I for one appreciated Tim doing this. I never use Reddit but I registered just to ask a question/vote up others.
  10. Ya I gotta agree with this. I much prefer characters being sarcastic with me constantly or making snide remarks. Much more fun.
  11. Vance Kovacs has some wonderful stuff to. He would be another great addition. He's made a lot of amazing art for MTG Speaking of which, I'm having trouble showing the enlarged versions of his stuff at his gallery. Can anyone else get it to work? When I click on one it doesn't pop up: http://www.vancekovacs.com/
  12. After looking at more of Justin's stuff, I take back my earlier comments. He's great . Entropious pretty much nailed it on the immersion thing. Sooo much better than boring 3d stuff.
  13. Ya I might have overstated it. They're both excellent, though there's something about the slightly more "blurry" look of Manley's style that I really dig. I already mentioned it somewhere in here, but I really enjoyed the portraits in ToEE as well. It has this sparse feel that I really liked.
  14. I prefer this guy's style by a mile. Sweet looks nice but, I dunno, it doesn't do anything for me personally. Manley's stuff seems more unique to me.
  15. This really tells me Justin knows what he's doing. Faaar too many games fall into that trap
  16. Ya go digital, too expensive to get a full orchestra. And they should definitely go in-house, it's cheaper, and Justin's stuff on the KS page sounded good. Don't listen to those saying to ape game A or game B either, go with your own thing I think Battlestar Galactica is a good example of something that goes outside normal genre conventions for its music. Bear McCreary went with themes that sound almost tribal sometimes and he pulled it off really well. That and a lot of Philip Glass type influence. Anyways, it was pretty unusual music for a "space opera". That's what I'd hope for for PE (something unique that fits, but is not necessarily typical fantasy music) One thing I hope we don't get is O Fortuna #2456
  17. I hope we get a permadeath option. Getting into roguelikes has made me appreciate how much it ups the experience by leaps and bounds.
  18. Yep I like it when all classes have abilities. Autoattack is so boring. TOME4 (roguelike RPG) has a really good system for this. Warriors have abilities that revolve around stuff like stunning an enemy, rushing to an enemy from a short distance away, spinning attacks to hit multiple foes etc Rogues have stuff that lets them go invisible for short periods, absorb damage and reflect it to an enemy unit, magic shields etc.
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