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  1. Yep, I love me some cloaks. And from what I remember ToEE did them really well. BTW which thief is that concept art from?
  2. Tera is so ridiculous looking Anyways, ya I agree with going a more realistic route please. Still I hope we see lots of variety and named weapons. Just having a +1 iron longsword is a bit boring. (of course you should have those too) For the named stuff I hope we can get stuff more original than just "Sneakthief's Cloak of Resilience"
  3. I'd like to see a temporal school of magic that revolves around the manipulation of time.
  4. Haha ya seriously I hope they aren't paying too much attention to the fans and just do something that makes sense in the context of the game they want to make.
  5. I dunno I'm kind of tired of the old "oppression"/racism theme. I dunno feels played out or something.
  6. I'd rather have a horde of beautifully drawn portraits than customized character creation tbh. I find portraits are way way way more engrossing. Just look at these, I mean cmon they just ooze atmosphere (from ToEE): No facial structure generator can even compare.
  7. Ya I hate the mechanic that makes you sleep loads of times when going through an area. Totally breaks immersion.
  8. I like this. Even if they don't go in that exact direction that's the kind of variation on a theme I'd like to see.
  9. Did DA:O really subvert the tropes though? Making them slaves to the humans or whatever isn't that big a change. I like elves personally, but I think Obsidian could come up with a better subverted form of them than that... Really though what matters it the quality of the story and characters themselves. Anyways I trust the devs.
  10. I hope we get some unique classes in the game, more than just the "rogue, mage, warrior" deal. Not that there's anything wrong with those, but it would be cool if it could be diversified maybe by having "sub classes". I think Obsidian should take a look at the classes in the roguelike Tales of Maj'Eyal for inspiration... I stumbled on this game a few weeks ago and frankly the amount of variety and originality in their classes is stunning, just off the top of my head, a few of the more unique ones are the solipsist and the temporal warden. I'm playing a Solipsist now and it's a really unique experience. Solipsism is the philosophical belief that only the self exists , that only you are "real" and that everything else is a reflection of your thoughts basically. So the idea with the class is that the character has managed to master this concept so well that they can manipulate reality through "dreaming". So to give an example, one of the solipsist's abilities involves invading an enemy's thoughts (after you cast a sleeping spell) to attack his subconscious. It's really cool stuff. Another really cool class the game has is the temporal warden, which is basically a time-travelling melee-ranged hybrid. Basically most of their spells revolve around the manipulation of the time-space continuum. One of the more basic but useful abilities the class has is "premonition" which lets you basically "see into the future". The way this plays out is you get for 6-7 turns (or whatever you've bumped that skill up to) you can do anything you want to "test" it out. If you die or the timer runs out it just shoots you back to the present. Another one lets you open up a wormhole and jump to a different spot on the map but creatures can follow you through it for a few turns before it collapses. The paradox mage class (another time related class) actually has an ability that lets you split the space-time contiuum into 3 strands, play them all out, and then choose one to make it "reality". The danger with all these spells though is that while they are powerful they can trigger backfires if your "paradox" is too high (it gets bumped up by casting spells), which can result in various destructive (often hilarious) anomalies showing up. Even the game's more basic classes, like the shadow blade (a subset of the rogue metaclass) are pretty cool. Basically it's a rogue with magic abilities, which involve stuff like casting a spell that lets your "shadow" become alive and go nuts for a few turns, or also a variety of spells that drastically increase your speed, which lets you dodge arrows by moving out of the way (I'm not talking about just making it "miss" automatically but that time "slows" so that you are able to move around to avoid attacks, since you get more like 2-3 turns for every turn an enemy gets, it's neat stuff) Anyways, I'm not suggesting Obsidian use these kinds of classes specifically, just that I would love to see this kind of originality in the game's classes.
  11. I'm pretty sure Sawyer said at SA that he would be posting more information on the game on his blog today.
  12. Don't think there's anything wrong with the traditional races, if they put a seriously different slant on them. I think in some ways that could be more refreshing than just having some totally alien race. Taking something you think you "know" and twisting it in fiction usually has more of an impact than something that is completely unknown to you. That would be my preference, along with a few completely unique races.
  13. Yes this is one of the best things to make a world come alive to me. However, I dislike how games like Mass Effect do it (i.e. something triggers and then you see "Codex Updated" flash) I would prefer instead to stumble across some bloodied scrap of writing on goat skin near a fire. (generic sounding but just trying to give an example ) I really enjoyed how the roguelike TOME handled this... I remember fighting my way through this range of mountains in-game and finding traces of a doomed expedition that went before me through left behind journal notes. That's the way to do it. Added immensely to the tension and I knew something bad was waiting for me at the end of it all... Ideally, and I don't know how feasible this is, I'd like for it to pop up Myst style for me to decipher. EDIT: Ok now I actually bothered to read the thread a bit, this guy is saying what I wanted to but more coherently :
  14. Ya I have to agree with this. Even though I prefer TB, I would rather them choose one or the other than try to do both. It is true that RTwp does have the advantage of being able to rush through encounter with low level monsters, but other than that I still prefer TB. The game will be great either way though I'm sure.
  15. +1 to that. Honestly I hope they can avoid the whole "carrying loads of loot around to sell" paradigm entirely.
  16. My biggest concern is avoiding Bioware style morality choices, where you're usually presented with save the orphanage vs. slaughter kittens type choices. Give us a bit of grayness please. Also like others in the thread I'd want it to be an "invisible" system. BTW, Tamerlane what's your avatar? I recognize it but I can't place it.
  17. I think it being PC only is probably a big draw really. People are tired of seeing their RPGs be limited by inherent console restrictions (see Skyrim which I heard a lot about with regard to interface etc)
  18. I dunno but I've always felt pure turn based (like ToEE, or my personal favorite, Silent Storm) is just superior. Pausable real time seemed like a concession to publishers (though I could be wrong maybe others prefer it). Especially with Xcom coming back and showing that people still have interest in purely turn based combat, I have some small hope PE could follow that trend .
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