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  1. Personally I always prefer stories that are tragedies. My life is pretty boring so its nice to play games that infuse strong emotions into it.
  2. I agree with the sentiment of this thread, I want to play something that is unique and surprising, not play a game that is just the average of everybody's different and conflicting ideas, there are already plenty of games like that, they just feel like a huge compromise.
  3. My problem with class based systems is that you have to make all the choices about your character before you have even played the game yet. I also have a problem with the ability scores from games like Baldur's Gate because I feel like if I don't min/max then I am making an inferior character. I would appreciate a system that let's me roleplay the kind of character I want to play without punishing me for creating a poorly designed character.
  4. I wanted to get people's thoughts on a morality mechanic for Eternity and share some of my own, hopefully we can get a good discussion going. Although I enjoy playing Bioware games, I really don't like the morality system in their games. When playing Mass Effect, for example, if you play a neutral character you are punished because you won't be able to use high level persuasion, in KOTOR you won't get dark/light mastery bonus. In Dragon Age instead of a morality mechanic dictating your actions you have to answer to your party members for the things you do, unfortunately this has problems too. When conversing with Morrigan, for example, I often found myself redoing conversations with her so that i could get the highest influence possible. I would rather play a game where I can say what I want without being punished. My idea is to not have a morality or influence system, but I am interested in other people's solutions to these problems as well.
  5. Interesting idea giving bonuses for romance, I wonder though if this could cheapen the romance a bit, it could lead to players thinking, "i will romance everybody for the attack bonus!" haha, I don't know if people would really think that, but it's a possibility.
  6. I like romance if it can be done in a subtle realistic way. For example, if you meet a character and are just constantly hitting on them from when you first meet, that probably won't lead to a healthy relationship. I'm also interested in a game where I don't get punished for being mean to my party members, sometimes I argue with my friends but that doesn't mean I lose respect for them, what I mean is let me tease and argue with my companions without punishing me. In other words don't have a influence mechanic, or if you have one keep it hidden in the background, an influence mechanic actually cheapens conversations where instead of having a natural conversation you are just trying to get influence points (Obviously I'm talking about Dragon Age which did this poorly in my opinion) I am also opposed to a morality systems for similar reason, it limits my choices if I'm thinking, "I need renegade points so i have to be rude even though I would rather not". I don't want to end up grinding morality like xp.
  7. I don't really like systems that involve a lot of randomness, especially for things like persuasion attempts, but even for combat its nicer if a weapon does a specific amount of damage (taking into account damage reduction, armor piercing, etc.) I hate seeing the amazing weapon I just purchased deal like, 3 damage in one hit and then 50 in another. It also makes it so that you could do the same thing over and over without changing anything until you rolled a higher number, rather than needing to use tactics to get through a battle.
  8. I really like the idea of having ingame explanations for the game mechanics, it makes it easier to get absorbed into the world.
  9. I just wanted to say that when y is used at the end of a word it is a vowel not a consonant, but that could be a mistake on Obsidian's part.
  10. I also think it might be wheel of time, the symbol on the countdown looks like a snake biting its own tail, which is a symbol from the Wheel of Time books.
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