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  1. Maybe this is a bad idea, but what do people think of the game having a narrator during the descriptive bits of dialogue? In the first game I find it pretty jarring when there is dialogue read aloud that skips the non-dialogue portions. Having a narrator would bypass that. I'm listening to a several fantasy audiobooks ATM and quite enjoy the added flair that a narrator adds to the experience. Anyways, just a thought. Like most here I'd rather the budget be focused on things other than voice acting in general.
  2. As opposed to spells cast "innately". Might be a dumb question but just wanted to be sure.
  3. I got the game when it originally came out but got distracted with other things. Now I'm reinstalling. I know I'm going to get the IE mod so I can nerf the XP table (as supposedly it turns into easy mode late-game if you don't use it), but beyond that I'm not aware of what's out there at all. I have both expansions. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. I'm playing with the IE mod with the square progression for the nerfed XP table (so 1000, 4000, etc...) . Do I still have to be careful about doing too many sidequests to avoid being overeleveled? Or am I good to do whatever I want?
  5. Is there any way to stop it from happening or am I doomed to have it every time after a fight?
  6. I put the game aside after release day as I just did not have time to sit down and play through it thoroughly but I am starting to have that time . Couple quick questions? a) Was Reckless Assault fixed? b) I can no longer craft a low level flame spell in the starting wood area. What's changed? (as a rogue, with level 2 lore) c) Is it my imagination or have animations been added/improved since release?
  7. I'm playing Rogue and yeah I restarted game fresh after a complete wipe and reinstall actually. Anyways I'm restarting as I can't seem to fix it. Here's the save, it repeats every time I rest (I have more endurance after I wake up, over the limit): https://www.dropbox.com/s/gt59tcirq2zeqrh/ed83d789-5ac0-441f-8b14-80e79bd47833%20autosave.savegame?dl=0
  8. So I just restarted the game after the patch. Right after the initial encounter that kills your two starting companions I go to the Valewood and rest. When I wake up, I have 51/38 HP. Bug right? My Con is 3 also which at the beginning had me at 29/29... what's going on here?
  9. I'm not sure I want everything that's in the IE mod, and it seems parts of it are mandatory. Could I get some tips on how much I should reduce it via hex editor? I haven't gotten more than 10% into the game so I really have no clue where to start. I'm not playing solo, full party, and plan on completing most if not all quests.
  10. Seems like it would be relatively simple to do, anyone know if someone's done it yet? I was only a few hours into the game when I decided to stop because I don't want to get over leveled and have an easy end game.
  11. I'm very early in the game still myself (have not had much time to play), I am on hard at the moment. Would restarting on PoTD fix this XP issue? I really don't like the idea of avoiding quests. I usually don't replay games so I want to experience all the content. If not I may wait to continue until there is a fix. So far the game's challenge has been just right, but then again it's supposed to be solid in Act 1 from what I've read.
  12. I play with them on. I'd rather play with them off since it feels less gamey- and more immersive, but there are many instances where I can't tell what the tone of the reply is, so I can't really tell how it's coming across to the NPC. (i.e. sarcasm etc.) That said I only pick choices based on what I feel/roleplaying. In past RPGs I would pick all one sided for the trait I was going for but found myself enjoying the dialogue a lot when I went based on gut/instict instead. EDIT: My bad, I thought this was the option that characterized each response (stoic, passionate etc.). I have the one that shows blocked out dialogue options off. Too gamey.
  13. This has been kind of annoying me lately - I can't seem to find the reason that's causing it. Sometimes after I pause, and then select an active for each party member and left click on a target, it won't trigger. For example, when I want to cast blind with my rogue, usually I have to go it 2 attempts, because it almost never actually does it the first time. The end result is that I end up fighting for a second or two against a non-defuffed enemy. Can be fatal in some circumstances. What's going on here? Obviously I'm missing something games-mechanics wise.
  14. This is maybe a dumb question -- but why would you take a level 1 spell when leveling up if level 2 spells are available? Aren't level 2 spells strictly better generally? Is there any way to exchange the level 1 spells that a char has for other level spells (for example change what Aloth starts with)?
  15. I know it's a pet and an item, what is the item? I don't want to install the DLC if it's something OP that I can't get rid of.
  16. I'm thinking ones that apply extra damage/debuff for every hit and so benefit from high attack speed, especially from a dual wielder. Also please include the ones that are non-class specific if any but available to the rogue. I read the descriptions but sometimes have difficulty totally being sure how they work.
  17. I have a lot of games on GoG but none that were still receiving patches with any frequency when I bought them. How long does it normally take GoG to release their version of the patch?
  18. Someone with some rationalization capabilities help me out here --- the description page says might represents "physical or spiritual strength". A small elf character having a ton of brute force doesn't fit, but maybe I could consider it something else? It might seem a bit silly getting hung up on this, but I don't know, it helps me get into the experience more ya know?
  19. Wait a second -- are all characters with those "soul backgrounds" that you can read backer NPCs? Anyways I've found them very well written so I don't think it detracts. It does confuse though - since they look like someone that will be plot critical.
  20. Can someone explain the change the Chill Fog? I don't get the description of the change.
  21. Is it possible to build a viable dual wielding rogue that doesn't have a ton of might? I'm playing an elven female rogue and for RP purposes I just don't want to get a ton of might. Can I make do with say 13? I was thinking along these lines: Might: 13 Con: 6 Dex: 18 Per: 16 Int: 12 Res: 13 I was thinking that relatively high deflection from Per and Res would balance out low Con. And obviously I'll be putting my tank(s) front and center. I'm barely ~1 hour into the game so I can restart if needed. (already have a few times...) I want a BIT of Int for conversation options also frankly again for RP purposes. I could min-max it but don't want to play a character that's dumb as a rock .
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