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  1. I think armors generally look great! Especially the lower tiers/mundane ones. Kudos to the art team!
  2. I think the voice acting in poe1 was a mixed bag. The accents were many times too exagerated. I didn’t even use the devil and maneha because their voices were so annoying. Sagani was pretto bad too. However i did like durance, thaos and the narrator.
  3. Im ok with that too, although I think the game/lore was a bit unclear about this.
  4. I like the change. I never liked soul power and physical strength being combined into one stat.
  5. I like the removal of grazes. Makes combat clearer and easier to follow with fewer status effects flying around all over the place. Too bad..
  6. I have to say that in general i think combat speed is better than poe1 and combat is more easily readable. Love that you can filter the combat log! I also think that movement speed/running animations makes combat feel chaotic and jittery. Maybe stride needs its own walking animation? *wink wink*
  7. Agree with op. It is very hard to find a fitting portrait that matches with the model or your character concept, especially since there are so few. Backer portraits are unusable to me. They look like LARPers. No offence intended.
  8. Yes please, this is quite annoying. Apart from that I think the beta show great promise. I have a very hard time understanding what’s going on in combat but i’m confident it will be easier once they tweak it and iron out the bugs. Another minor thing: in CC the descriptive text regarding stats don’t really match. For exempel, is 4-8 or 10 average? Flavor is important.
  9. It's probably the hair style. Renaissance hair styles on women are typically more elaborate; hers is modern and functional. But it's a different culture and she's an elf, so historical rules don't really apply. I think it's more the clothes and the glasses. It gives a Victorias vibe, as someone else mentioned.
  10. The portraits are all well drawn and express some form of personality. Nice job. I enjoy ydwins portrait a lot more than her concept art but it still feels too "modern" to me.
  11. Her concept is offputting, really? Is it just because some people thought she was anime kawaii or something? Me, it seems like she's supposed to be a pioneer in forensics science or something, which I think is Well, yes. I think her concept art looks like anime and i don't like it. I don't know what kawaii means.
  12. I really like the idea with sidekicks and i find their backgrounds interesting. However, i found ydwins concept art very off putting. Will have to wait and see with the others.
  13. Agreed. The devil and maneha were so jarring to me i could never stand having them around. Sagani was almost as bad. Didn't like eder that much either. Modern american accents don't feel very "colonial" to me.
  14. My thoughts exactly when I saw her concept art. Her hairdo fills me with rage.
  15. I hope the majority of new portraits won't be backer portraits. I didn't like them in poe1.
  16. Goddamn! Stop whining. I love this guy. Just stick with your romancable tea party and leave this guy to people like me, who honestly NEED him to still enjoy this game. If I ever read the term "immersion breaking" again, I'm going to kill a kitten. Hear hear
  17. Sidekicks sound great! I like some room for imagination. I love bg1's npc's.
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