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  1. Hello, One of the things that has been bothering me with POE1 and Tyranny is the limited amount of voice acting. I really enjoyed this in baldursgate 2 for instance, where even alot of side-quests have voice acting at least on the most important lines. Having more voice acting really makes the world and the persons come alive, i think this is one of the main things i would want see improved with poe2. For instance: in admeth's den when you meet the giantslayers, stuff gets all theatrical with them being the tough guys of the town. For me that experience gets cut half because it has no voice acting. that is imo a waste of potential. it's these kind of situations that need more attention, to get more out of the game. Hope you guys will impove on this in POE2! Cheers, Giliam
  2. worked for me. I had a savegame outside of the keep. If you know how to do the keep, you can do it in a couple of minutes. So I reset my savegame and did the whole keep again. Worked perfectly for me. Ok i have a different problem, my save games are not stored in this save games folder, my saved games/pillarsofeternity .... there was some sort of savegame in there though, this might have been from the beta period.. any idea where my save games could be if theire not stored in this folder?
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