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  1. I'm doing fine, and you? It's good to see more familiar names appearing. I'm actually sending some stuff to Tess right now, I'll tell her you said hi. And Bregan. Too bad he doesn't hang out much anymore. And Chair, a big hug to you.
  2. Re-watching Survivorman. Sat and watched the whole first disc of season 1 last night. Sure makes me appreciate all the wonderful conveniences of having a roof over my head and food, water, toilet and bed readily available.
  3. Nah, I don't think these guys, especially the first one, is so attractive. Almost the opposite.
  4. Had some friends over that never saw What's Eating Gilbert Grape (unbelievable!!!) so we sat and watched that for the umpteenth time.
  5. I came here because of a few friends from way back and hoping in some small way to hang on to the good ol' days of bis. And maybe make some new friends along the way. Who knows?
  6. Omg you're here! I missed you! I still keep in contact with Tess via email, and Bregan too.
  7. Never tried the Mu Shu Pork, but been tempted. The Szechuan Beef is the same as our crispy beef, I just couldn't remember how it was spelled. But it was also spicy. Had the pork fried rice though instead of steamed this time. I tend to switch back and forth on that.
  8. Excellent pictures. I've always wanted to tour Europe, mainly because of the castles. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Okay, here's a question and I hope no one will laugh at me but.... How do I post a video without the video commercial? Most of the videos I have on youtube have stupid ads before you can listen to the song or whatever. So maybe some kind soul will walk me through it? *hopes*
  10. Oh gosh, we shoulda got together and shared. I had chicken lo mein, crispy beef and the rest of my hot and sour soup. There's still some left.
  11. Just got home from a 2 week road trip yesterday. Traveled in 8 states here in the west, including our own home state of Washington. Spent most of our time down in Tucson where I used to live and in Ace's hometown of Sierra Vista, which is an hours drive from Tucson. Not a single day went by where it didn't get past a 100 degrees F. Soooo, today it is loads of laundry and putting stuff away. As much fun as we had, I'm happy to be home. Well wth, I put this in the wrong thread. I meant it for the what did you do today thread. Bear with me you all, please.... I guess I'm still in travel mode. So I'll just say what I had for dinner and this post will be somewhat right. Leftover chinese take-out!
  12. OMG!!! I love this!! This should be on youtube.... or something! I wanna save this and try it out.
  13. The auction would be part of the 3rd stage of grief? But of that list, for me the denial part was something that sort of remained even through to the acceptance part. Like, you know the person is gone, you know you'll never see that person again, yet it is still hard to believe, especially if you find yourself in a place that in the past you always saw that person. Don't really remember getting angry so much, just downright sad.
  14. Just watched Chasing Mavericks tonight. I was okay, not one I'd ever watch again. Apparently it's a true story, which is something I didn't know until it was over.
  15. I had carne asada! With black beans and homemade salsa and lots of guacamole.
  16. I actually have this game. Never played it though. In fact I forgot all about it until I saw you mention it. Is it any fun?
  17. I think you handled it beautifully, with grace. That speaks volumes for your character. I also lost my grandma this year and know that we each have our own way to grieve. But I'm extremely sentimental anyway... (I still miss my old dog, and he's been gone for nearly 5 years now. ) I'd give you a hug if I could.
  18. Finally saw The Mortal Instruments City of Bones. A bit disappointing really. Probably because I read the books. I know it's impossible to cram a whole book into 2 hours, but heck, there wasn't much of a story at all between all the fight scenes.
  19. How do you do your cream sauce? Tonight we had enchiladas. I did the roast beef yesterday, in my dutch oven with onions and jalepenos from the garden, and montreal steak seasoning... I love that stuff. Then today I shredded the beef and did everything else. Topped it all with sour cream. Ooooo, yum!
  20. Oh gosh wasn't that awful? I almost hated to check out anything because it would probably be some stupid torn pants or such. Surely that won't happen in PE....
  21. Hmmm.... they look a little zombified to me.
  22. In other rpg's I always regretted having to sell certain rare gems and wish I could have them set into rings or onto a pendant by some skilled jeweler. Have your own 'magical' rings etc created, depending on the type and quality of the gem, as well as the quality of the metal used for the ring or pendant. Maybe they could also be put on belts, along with runes that you find.
  23. I have a lighter in my backpack, but I'd never go without my trusty old military-grade magnesium stick. Its like a sparkler, and with some fuzzy old birchbark I have a fire in no time at all. I have one of those too. Plus one of my brothers made up some waterproof matches and gave me a small box full. Not sure how he did it but they work. I thought about storing some dryer lint in a bag for fire starting too. Heard that worked very well.
  24. I'm right with you Sargy. After meeting in person 2 people from BIS and 1 from another board you realize that we are all regular people with our own unique personalities. We love, and like and need just like everyone else. Some of you have been my friends for a long time, and mean more to me now than ever.
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