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  1. Apparently your internet **** isn't big enough so you must DEBUNK ALL APRIL FOOLZ JOKEZZ. OMGZ!
  2. well, it seems odd putting 3 after fallout, but it seems the time is finally here. How do you guys feel about bethesda actually developing fo3 instead of you. I know alot of the employees of obs are former BIS people. Are you slightly bitter that you don't get to?
  3. I find it funny that there are 5 pages of posts and 2 dev responses... Mayhaps this is a hint?
  4. Lets not forget a little title peter molyulalalala (something) is putting out for console pretty soon. (project ego)Fable 'Nuff said.
  5. The problem is not with wanting it bad enough. I would love something where I can throw myself into programming. The problem is age and location. I can't do anything till I get out of highschool, and when I do, I can't just up and go to California. I live in TX and not near any big metro area, so its nigh impossible to find any "coffe boy" job.
  6. Very interesting stuff. I wonder whats neccessary to get into QA. I'm a high school student in Lubbock, and unless their hiding very carefully there are no dev or publishing company's here. I'm going to major in computer science, and I know C++ and some JAVA, so how do I find somewhere that will give me a good shot at a QA job straight outta HS or college?
  7. Yes, and moonshine. LOTS of moonshine.
  8. Wow, found a post by atoga that illustrates what i'm talking about exactly. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=71&st=135
  9. Should you stop making random polls? YES! Please though. It's getting rather annoying.
  10. Actually, most are originally from V13, and then from DAC.
  11. How about we... You know what? This thread isn't going to do anything. People like pyro and exitium and atoga are just going to f*** it up again, with flames and "haha goatse" b*******. I just think that a little less random flaming and a little more "nice" behaviour is in order. it may not be "leet" or anything, but maybe it will be a little more civil.
  12. Wow, all the flames for trying to do something helpful... and also when did I insult the intelligence of someone here?
  13. Heh, its nice to know that no matter where I go, the same old people are there to flame me.
  14. Goddamn if Iolo is SP... nip
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