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  1. I don't know, but it seems it is the same for most celeb-types, plain ol' ignorant! But I agree with you, there should be screening, especially if these girls are supposed to be a representative of sorts for a country or even an event.
  2. I always knew you two kids would get hitched. You're a lucky man Ace. WE DEMAND WEDDING PICS! And I would have won the Miss America but I screwed up the Q&A. Oh lol! That's hilarious! I'm almost embarrassed for her. Yeah well there is a wedding pic floating around somewhere, heck if I know where it got to now.
  3. Strider is on Facebook, doesn't post much but we have chatted now and then. He's ok And Onkel is in IRC still. weekends, mostly! I'll try and see if I can get him to sign up on here. So is Jaesun, technically, but he never talks. I don't think he actually looks at IRC. You can tell Onkel I still have his 'special' song that I created for him years ago. If he shows up I'll post it for him.
  4. Yeah seems kind of odd that someone took your old name then never even used it. What were they thinking?
  5. Reminds me, I'll have to dig out the last post counts and share them.... Another thing, remember those stupid popularity threads? All the nominees pm'ing everyone to vote for him or her. I must have sent DOZENS of pm's promising special favors if they'd vote for me. LOL!
  6. Speaking of such, there is one here who was definitely part of BIS but has yet to join in. *casts suspicious glances at Fionavar*
  7. I love these people, even the ones I don't!!! I don't think I've ever told you this but you have to be one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeitng on the internet. You just made my day all the brighter. That has got to be among the best compliments I've ever had! *blows a kiss to Adam*
  8. All of the above! But in their proper forums for the most part. I must be honest and say that I tended to hang out in wwot 95% of the time, and TMC (toms music corner). Fun and games. LOL. We had your typical topics and questionaires... but we also had several inns and a psych ward (Dalla's psychward iirc) and some rps going on. We had our battles, but you're right, we ARE fond of each other. I think what it comes down to is we are family. Each and every one. I love these people, even the ones I don't!!! Someone else could probably tell you more about the other forums though.
  9. I always pictured Mystique as some little sulking kid sitting against a wall for some odd reason. As soon as you mentioned him that image popped into my head again.
  10. Aww!! I thinks you need a big huggy! (((HUGGY)))
  11. Oh hey, I have something for you, if I can ever get it to working right. I'm going to try and post it this week. Might wanna check back...
  12. Geez the last time I talked to you was when you were still in China! So much changed when Missy closed down her boards. Weirdly, I can't actually remember what was going on around the time that the Lair closed. I've got a feeling that life was a little tricky for a while, and something had to give, I'm really sorry about that. Seeing so many familiar names now is awesome. It occurred to me, much too late, that I should've held those boards for you! I would have done it too, in a heartbeat if I had thought of it before the end. But you're here now, and more friends are showing up, and that's all good.
  13. Seeing you Adam I'm suddenly reminded of the hot tub... :D
  14. Geez the last time I talked to you was when you were still in China! So much changed when Missy closed down her boards.
  15. Same here. Really don't think it's for me.
  16. Don't think us plebs would have had the privilege of custom avatars. Unfortunately my only pictorial evidence of the BIS forum just missed it, but it does quote your crimes for posterity. (For context, this was from the time the IPLY forums had already gone up and most of the BIS forums were already locked, we were probably only able to post in WOT or somesuch) EDIT: This was posted a year ago or so, the last time we had a old timey time nostalgia session. Specifically recalling the Lord Jim incident. P.S. Thought I saw Caelis on the Whirlpool forums a couple years ago, but I may have been imagining things. Ok crikey! *cringe* You skanky harlot!
  17. Talking about Aussie's, anyone know what happened to Charcoal? Probably passed out in some pub no doubt.
  18. Oh that one! Yeah, hardly anyone ever joined redux. Thanks Hiro... Found my old avatar too. I don't even know who it is, lol, since I never played IWD.
  19. I remember you sweetie! From both places. And that's gotta be Kate right? Where have you been? Hiro, what member list? I wanna see it.
  20. Thank you! I do remember you now!
  21. Hey Tess and Missy! Yay! Not sure who Synaesthesia is/was at bis, but don't mind me, I'm sure I don't recall even half the old gang. I'm getting excited, and finding some of the old stuff I saved onto cd's from the blackisle days to post at the reunion. If anyone else has stuff saved back maybe they can dig it out to share. I have the last postcounts... since I inherited the job from Sir Bully not too long before the boards closed down, and a bit from the RLD. Plus we have an artist among us whose work I have kept over the years. I'll share that too.
  22. Are those any good? I've never had one. Guess I'm not a big mint fan but I don't hate it. One of the things we do with our best friends is our own beer tasting. When they visit us they'll bring along a bottle of 4 different beers none of us have tried. They're concealed in paper bags, we'll choose one, divide it up and 'test' it. We do the same when we go over to their house. We've got a huge list of all the beers we've tried and our individual ratings. Now I'm not really a big beer drinker but I've found I love the Iron horse brewery beers! I also recently discovered Aspall's draft cyder. And I do love ciders!!
  23. I think I remember you.... vaguely.
  24. I have a feeling that there will be non-bis folk showing up. I think we call them 'guests'. And we treat guests pretty good. Btw, I think your sigs are awesome. Especially like the last one. Humanoid, all old blackislers tickets are guaranteed.
  25. It should be fun. I only know where a few of the old members are. And since I don't do facebook we'd need someone willing to help spread the word there. As time goes on, or as interest dictates, we'll be able to add more details. Right now it is just a hope. A good hope! Of course we really do need to use our old names as well. Tigranes, I remember roshan. If he's the same guy that hung out at bis.
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