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    BIS postcounts

    It was I. Finland is well represented on that list. Ahab, Mystique and Ankara Halla are all finnish. Seriously? Someone(I don
  2. That's odd, beer settles my stomach, I often use it as a cure. Hard liquor gives me the runs, well, maybe that's because I only drink it in copious amounts or not at all. Perhaps you're used to it? My mom used to give us kids 7-up for upset stomachs. Needless to say we often felt 'sick'. Anyway, I've just never developed a taste for beer or champagne. Bubbly alcohol = nausea for me.
  3. Aww, what a sweet thing to say, thank you so much.

  4. You're the nicest person I know!

  5. I can have a couple mixed drinks and be just fine. Give me a beer... which I rarely Rarely! drink and I'm usually sick to my stomach. But in any case, I do not drive if I've drank. So I'll not be adding to any percentage.
  6. 'GM'

    BIS postcounts

    Yeah, Sir Buliwyf started keeping track after our postcounts were taken away. He started it at the 2500 mark. I think the majority were lower, which meant more typing for him, LOL! And then I inherited the job when he left. Look who's postcount is 2nd highest.
  7. Very informative. I did a search for stores near me and came up with 3 more. Thanks!
  8. I found it on an old cd. But I had to piece it together. I don't know what happened to it, and it's possible some of it is missing. The postcounts between 7000 up to 10000 seem a bit sketchy to me. Blackisle studio postcounts 15000 posts Xandar Dae
  9. I just checked out a couple stores today, looking in the phonebook. Turns out there is one not too far from us that carries a lot of the dnd stuff. I guess I can at least get an idea of what is involved, including expense.
  10. That's terrible Shryke. Gotta be a very hard thing to deal with. My day so far has been so-so. Refinishing our antique coffee table which would've been done long before now if not for all the intricate carvings in the woodwork. And thinking of yet another use for zucchini squash which our garden decided was the crop of the season. Recipes welcome.
  11. 'GM'

    Whale wars.

    'Profit' comes under many titles. Scientific research is just one of them. I'm with Gorgon on this one, at least where the whales and dolphins are concerned. Reminds me of a few years back when seals were being shot just because they were eating too many salmon, supposedly hurting the commercial fishing industry.
  12. Not at BIS. The GM is just my initials. I'm not very original I'm afraid. It's my Simmy me, made by me in Sims 2. Want me to make a simmy you? But there is always hope. LOL, at least YOU haven't changed, thank goodness for that. I think.....
  13. Charm spells are absolutely horrible in BG1 because there isn't much that you can use to counter them that I can recall. In vanilla BG1 there is a single Helmet of Charm Protection and with TotSC you get the Greenstone Amulet, but that's it. That only covers two characters, which should be enough for your big fighters, but sometimes you get unlucky and they target someone who isn't immune and the only way around it is dispel magic which tends to remove all of your buffs as well. As a bonus, if they do manage to get someone other than the big fighters, it's almost always the only character that has dispel magic anyway. There is only one pair of Boots of Speed in BG1 and they are found about half way through the game at the Cloakwood mines. Doesn't do much for running away, but it gives you a great distraction character against melee opponents who will never be able to catch him unless hasted, but you can double boost with haste or oils of speed yourself. You can change the voice if you really want to, but it looks like it takes some work editing some of the files. NWN2 forum topic Hey thanks Deraldin, I didn't think it was possible to change the voice. Actually, it doesn't look difficult at all.
  14. Oh man, this is going to take a lot of studying I see. Boggling. This is kind of like living a whole different life nearly full-time, isn't it? Would you actually study all of the contents? That chocobo stuff seems out of place for some reason.
  15. Thanks Di! You were always so nice. I'm glad you're here.
  16. He's busy with real life these days, AFAIK. He still takes the time to check up on Josh's Black Hound project I believe. And hi GM. Took you long enough to migrate eh? Well like I said I'm very shy. I used to look in to see if I knew anyone, but it's hard to tell since some people change their forum names. But I know you and a handful of others here. So I felt brave enough to squeak a hello.
  17. You just need to give everyone a ranged weapon. Ranged combat in BG1 is godlike. Slow walking speed + low hit points + extra attacks per round = lots of dead enemies. When looking at spells, unless you are attacking really high level enemies, don't even bother with direct damage spells. Disablers like Horror are amazing. Heck, when all else fails, you can always run away. There are very few things that actually run faster than you and once you get the Boots of Speed you can run one character into sight range of the enemies and then kite them around while the rest of your group fills them full of arrows. Finally, wands. Wands of sleep, wands of paralyzation and wands of monster summoning. These are your friends. Sleep for the mooks, paralyzation for the big bads and monster summoning for your meat shields. BG1 is tough, but it's not impossible. Unless you are playing a mage with 3 con on Insane. Then it actually is impossible. That 1 damage flame arrow at the start does two damage and a 3 con mage only has 2 HP. I haven't played this in about 3 years. I actually played BG2 first, and when I finally played 1 it was so dang hard! But it has a certain appeal to it. Never got any further than entering Baldurs Gate though. One of the toughest enemies I ran into were those miserable succubuses. As for boots of speed, I had to use gatekeeper... I think that's what it is called, it's been so long. Otherwise isn't there like only one or two pairs in the game? Right now I'm playing NWN2. No eps for it yet. Heck this was just given to me a year ago. Only trouble is, I think I accidentally selected the wrong voice for my barbarian. Big brute of a guy with a sissy voice. I'm so disappointed in that. Almost makes me not want to play but it's too late to change it now. Also I play Sims 2!! Yippeeee!!! I love it. I have every single ep for that. Maybe I'll share some screenshots with you all if any are interested.
  18. Oh LOL! I might get kicked out for posting irrelevant crap in the other forums! Why not just tack on a couple 1000 for me now???
  19. I've always been interested in the pen and paper dnd, but honestly am not sure how to begin. Can just 2 people play? Do I have to buy a lot of stuff or can I d/l it or make it? I'm not the smartest when it comes to the rules... I've been playing BG 1 & 2, and NWN 1 & 2 and still don't really understand all the rules. I just know it is fun and would love to learn the pen and paper version.
  20. Bro? Nooooo I'm not a guy. And yes, I was GM at BIS, in the good old days of petty bickering. Perhaps you remember the glorious Red Light District, or maybe not. Hi Gorgon, so this is where you hang out. kirottu this time next year just pretend I'm still new... If my post count remains at 0 it should be easy. And 'hi' to the rest of you. Oh gosh, I'd give you all big hugs if I could. As long as you don't stink like sweat.
  21. Aww, hi Gfted1, your familiar face warms my heart Well, I guess I should go post somewhere else so that I'm not stuck with a zero forever.
  22. Seems to me most of you are nice enough! :D And Deraldin, political threads are always the worst.... well imo. And thank you Krezack, for that nice video.... hehe.
  23. I think this is numbers' and Oner's way of saying: "Yes we are. We just have a tendency to be shy and deflect our desire to be welcoming by sometimes spilling some sand out of the box." Welcome and do feel free to report the trolls if they make a mess of the sandbox Thank you Fionavar, and actually I do know you from the old BIS boards. I was GM... well, still am at most places. I'm shy too. Define nice? Well, replying to this thread was kind of nice I think.
  24. Since there isn't a 'Hello, I'm new' forum I guess I'm stuck with just plunging in and asking the title question. I only know a very small handful of you, and I know they're nice. Which is why I'm here. Please don't be mean. I like to play too.
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