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  1. 1. Grim Dawn 2. Witcher 3. DA Origins Probably in that order
  2. Hey I actually felt this way about the stronghold. After all the money spent fixing it up I thought there would suddenly be people showing up. Maybe using the forum, or wandering around the library or visiting the flower gardens. Something. Even the barracks are always empty, at least the times I checked on it. Yes, there's the occasional visitor, but they are always in the same exact spot doing the same exact thing each time they appear. Somebody mentioned once that Eder and Aloth (I think it was those 2) had some sort of interaction in their room when left at the stronghold. I thought that was cool and was nearly tempted to try it out. I understand what the OP is talking about. A month, a year, places do have life returning or just passing through. Probably take too much to script in though. Other than that this game is very good. I have enjoyed it thoroughly.
  3. I didn't know that either. I think the first level is where the prison cells are. I did have one prisoner and went to visit him. If I remember correctly I did have Kana with me.
  4. That is great news! I mentioned something about adding that feature back some time a go in this thread http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77215-books-organize-in-inventory-or-stronghold-library/ Was it patched in recently or had this already been there and I didn't realize it. I was finding new books before I downloaded any of the patches.
  5. Thanks Nakia. Apparently never read all the character discriptions when creating mine.
  6. I dub thee luzaria. Hmmm, are you making fun of me or am I just imagining that?
  7. Okay maybe I'm missing something, but what's a moonlike? Please don't laugh, I really don't know. I just thought with pupils i could use one of the portraits for my druid ... or maybe another character.
  8. Oh that's disheartening! So, prestige and security doesn't seem to influence how the auto resolve turns out. Tigranes, thank you for answering my question.
  9. Just taken a look at that page, those are awesome!!!! Can you make her with pupils? She'd be perfect for a druid I have in mind.
  10. Ahh, I don't get that luxury. I can only play for so long. But one good thing about that is if I'm close to a level up then I have that to look forward to the next time I get to play.
  11. To be fair, Edér is a pretty solid choice. It's worse for men, who could only choose between a married dwarf girl that has five kids, a bird-woman who probably doesn't even have humanoid genitals and a weird mind-control woman who rarely talks and tricks everyone around her into not being aware of her presence. Eder is definitely a solid choice. The only choice imo. If PoE did have romances I would hope that we could gracefully avert any advances without losing status with the character, like in DA2.
  12. Grieving mother gets to wear that lovely hat with the giant feather in my party! Stands out very nicely.
  13. They all do nothing. They add to security and prestige, but don't let them autresolve attacks. You'll lose quite a few of them and some buildings on the side. Always take matters into your own hands if an atack is immanent. Well that's good to know, about the auto resolving. Haven't done it yet and won't. So what good is prestige anyway? How does it affect the game or decisions or whatever?
  14. You'll romance Durance, and you'll like it. And if I hear any complaining, you'll get downgraded to Anomen. That is a fate worse than death. All I ever wanted to do with him was kill him. I couldn't even stand him long enough to make a fallen paladin out of him. Yeah I kicked him out of my party after awhile. I much preferred just about everyone else to him. Not to romance though. Blah, there was never any good romance choices in BG2 anymore than there is in PoE.
  15. You'll romance Durance, and you'll like it. And if I hear any complaining, you'll get downgraded to Anomen. Well that figures! I get the choice between the old guy or the whiner. Thanks a lot perilisk. I might have to stabs him.
  16. Of course not....I'm not going to give you a guilty conciense about all the people you didn't have to kill Aww you're thoughtful! I think it would be a bit difficult to not kill those that are attacking you anyway. They never even asked me why I was there in the first place. Rude.
  17. I have the same issue, but also, I recently hired that Aedyran noble lady for 200 a day. Not once have I paid her, yet she's still there. Other than prestige she really doesn't do anything that I can tell.
  18. I haven't read this whole thread, but I am glad glad GLAD!!! there aren't romances in PoE. Not only do they side-track you from your intent, but who the sam-hell would girl players romance beside Eder? Aloth? Nope. Durance? Double nope. Kana? hahahaha, and that little dude (I forget his name) is way too short.
  19. Exploring is one of the main reasons I play rpgs! It's like Christmas, you never know what's waiting for you.
  20. I get really keyed up before major battles. I'll actually get up from my computer, go get a cup of coffee, or whatever the hell is convenient, pace the room a bit; pet one of the dogs; all the while thinking about the battle to come. Then I'll sit down, buff up my little people, reminding myself that it's just a game, I won't really die! In the end I always win. Even the dragon died.
  21. I haven't dismissed Eder or Durance for that matter. Without them, the whole party would fall to pieces, since I'm neither into playing fighter or priest and I see no reason to replace them with self made bots. Neither have I. I did however, dismiss Kana once, only to eventually go back and get him. He seems to shrug off a lot of damage.
  22. I figured I was near the end after doing the favors for a couple gods, so I figured that was the call to go finish everything else I hadn't done up to that point. Has anyone prayed to all the gods? I don't care at all for Skaen and won't pray to that one for anything.
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