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  1. No you’re right, it doesn’t work anymore . I tried to change the difficulty the same way as before but I guess it got changed during the update.
  2. Then yes, this is an idea I would absolutely get behind! There’s so many things they could do with this!
  3. I personally have my canteens first (for easy selection/gathering drops) and then armour, weapons and then food. I would hate having my inventory sorted based on A-Z or what other people prefer. The customisable option could be difficult (unless we can lock in some sort of order during inventory management) but it’s the only way I can see this actually being something everyone could find useful/helpful.
  4. After saving the game in multiplayer, just head back to single player and load it up. I haven’t done it for a while so it may not be totally accurate. But it just requires playing around with save files for a few minutes
  5. There should be an official option but you can just start a multiplayer game and load up the save you want. By opening your single player game in multiplayer. it allows you to change the difficulty. You are also able to change from creative mode to survival by doing this. I have change my saves from mild to medium and taken my creative saves into survival using this method.
  6. For my first save I hit 20 days, then 118 for my second save and I'm at 31 days on my creative save before I broke it. 169 days in total
  7. I too think it expires a little too quickly. Even if it meant the introduction of salt (for preserving the raw food) so you could take them out of salt storage and cook/eat when needed.
  8. I can see room for this being in the same two-handed weapon class as the ant club (tier 3) or even adapted to a cattle prod-like tier 3 spear. I have seen mention of them trying to incorporate power into our bases etc so its definitely a viable option for advanced weapons in later updates. I imagine a weapon like this could warrant a maxed stun . I personally wouldn't like it to cook the meat of smaller creatures though as I prefer to make jerky. However, instead of having to find batteries in order to recharge it, I think they should just be a component to make it. Charging could
  9. I think that's what he's getting at. Not to see it as an actual building structure but landscaping the ground with the dirt foundation. It would be indestructible in the sense that it would act as part of the actual ground, just raising/levelling the land (with a separate animation), and not act as part of your base. Terrain manipulation would be an exciting prospect though, I just worry that it would cause more problems, like bugs getting stuck in terrain, than what it would solve. Would love to build a moat or something around a base though, hadn't thought of that.
  10. Before the update my game would lag when I was walking close to or through my build. It got progressively worse as I added in wall torches and decorated my base but I don't think its was anything specifically to do with the torches themselves and was just to do with how much stuff I had built. I haven't had any lag issues since the update at all outside of building. Since the update i built a huge village and still experienced no lag except from when placing new stuff (up to 10 second freeze). Again, this was purely down to the amount of stuff (walls, floors, torches and everything) that
  11. I can't see many people crafting any type of potion/smoothie with a negative effect that will just require you to drink a health/regeneration potion, or use a bandage to recover health anyway. It sounds a little bit too much like skyrim (consuming feathers) for burn effects etc. I haven't used tons of smoothies but i'm pretty sure they have the same or similar effects anyway. The symbolism of doves also depends on culture. For example, in paganism, the dove is also seen as a symbol of sexuality and war. In a similiar sense, Crows have also been associated with Life, intelligence and luck.
  12. Great suggestion. I love collectibles in games and completing lists like this. I'm all for kids learning about nature and I'm sure it could teach us all something about them, or their behaviours, that we didn't know.
  13. I find them more of a pest than a challenge to actually fight so I can't say that I've noticed the animation too much. (I tend to either kill them before they notice me or just ignore them ). But yes, I am all for additional combat behaviours to all animals, just like with the addition to spiders which makes them unpredictable or challenging in higher game modes. I like the idea of them being able to attack more frequently after a knockback but would like to see an increase in mite numbers too (within their current zones), so its more like you are being swarmed. (not harmful on their own but
  14. I rarely use bows for combat but instant bug recovery is part of the reason for this. The other is that I just prefer to go in to risk a head-on attack. All bugs should recover health slowly regardless of your distance from them (even if it was set at a rate that would fill a full health bar in 5 - 10 minutes, it would give time for people to get back to a fight). I don't really think there's necessary an issue with the combat as it currently is. There is an advantage and disadvantage to both. Either you choose ranged to stay at a safe distance and not risk death but it comes at the d
  15. I do also like your son's idea. Currently, repairing tier 2 is done so infrequently (because of their prolonged usage over tier 1) that I think there is room for repairs to not fully repair. (10% reduction every time) or even 20% - 25% like you have said. The problem with no respawning mints for example (and having this effect) will mean you will eventually be unable to remake a mint hammer (if all 4 players in game had one) once you had exhausted all of your available repairs. I also vote no to mint respawns (would be more realistic to just have another container or a few scattered mints
  16. I also just destroy pebblet axes when they become unusable and craft a new one. I save all quartzite for the higher tier weapons. I've never really seen this as an issue though but it does seem illogical.
  17. What if they had it so if the wall section beside the one being built was taller, it would make the top of that one and the one being built angled to match each other, if they're close enough in height for that. I have a wall built unevenly like this, and some pieces are just shy of matching up, so i think angling those would make it look better. Yes, exactly! I mean, I kind of explained the prehistoric version (manually altering the height rather than it automatically changing the size when snapping) but the end result is exactly the same. As long as you can have a nice looking pa
  18. Ok, so before anything else, loving the game so far. I've spent a majority of my in-game time building and testing the mechanics/physics of the game. Although I have enjoyed the story and game as a whole too, I think its far more important at the early stages of development to do this in any game where the developers have asked for our input (Thanks). I know a lot of people may have already made these suggestions (I've seen some mentioned) but its worth saying again anyway even if its just to give another thumbs up to the idea. This post may be a little long as its my first real one (culminati
  19. just don't let the ants get their hands on it
  20. I like this idea of entertainment/decoration, even if it was just as a pet or as some form of energy generation. 5 aphids running on a wheel with a stuffed spider behind them so they generate electricity.
  21. You could always just have weed stems that act like roll logs..just like Egyptians used to move stone. You could craft a roll log platform that goes into inventory. If you have it equipped then you could move the heavier items such as full chests or water containers. Could even have its own animation where you see them rolling.
  22. I personally disagree with this if the intention is to have talking bugs giving you quests. It would just make the game unrealistic in terms of what you could find in the garden or how you would naturally interact with the bugs. That being said, if it was something like a mouse trying to get to a bit of cheese trapped in a jar like scenario, and you opened the jar with some tier 3 weapon then I think that could be interesting. However it should probably still be given as a BURGL request: (Help the mouse: 500 science points)
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