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Found 2 results

  1. i know large ground mounts wont be that usable because there's no roads and that a lot of people want things to ride so they're mainly going to be smaller mounts or air/water mounts 1. Gerridae also known as water skimmers : could be used/tamed on the pond area and used like jet skis to get across the pond quickly with the ability to jump and glide out of the water considering some species can fly and some can't so its an equal balance of both and not so overpowered by being able to fully fly as well, there could also be an area near the pond where there's oil on the surface what they could skim across which is slower to swim through and harder to get air if u go beneath with a dark underwater area underneath that leads to a new late game area with better resources and maybe a boss fight like cave dwellers such as tailless whip scorpions. They could be tamed by feeding them certain insect parts that you have obtained with the harder items to obtain being the ones that fill up its taming bar the quickest like ant eggs or spider parts and the more easier insect parts taking longer like having to use 50 gnats or mites instead of like 10/15 spider parts on the other hand they could also be killed and farmed for resources 2. fruit flies : these could be used as a more early game way of transportation being worn like a backpack and just having the ability to rise up into the air and glide back down kind of like a jetpack and just make the fly look like its tired out from carrying you as a reasoning to why it cant just constantly fly around like a regular fly they're also considerably small flies so the scaling to the player shouldn't be bad. They could either be found ; near the bushes (rotting berries), near the garbage heap ( rotting food/ fruit), or in a location with a grow bed with vegetables like tomato plants on the decaying fallen fruit. 3. dragonflies : they could be spotted near the pond are and could be a more aggressive tame where you have to bola its wings or knock it out to be able to tame with the ability to break out of bolas so it could be a more tanky/ boss like insect where it could be fought and killed to be obtained to make dragonfly armour that has wings so you can glide without a mount when you have the full set and the goggles could be used to give you better accuracy when above an enemy. they could also have a fuel system where you have to keep putting insect parts on a rope that's dangling in front of it that's attached to the saddle to keep it in flight 4. tadpoles/frogs : i know they're already in the game but they could be used as a quicker way to get around under the water kind of like a little underwater propeller. They could also develop into different stages of a tadpoles lifecycle developing different things such as ; developing back legs after being fed a certain amount and having the ability to swim a bit faster, developing both sets of legs so it can go on land for a small period of time before having to go back in the water and fully developing into a frog that gives it the ability to fully go on land and jump from place to place like a 10/15 meter jump or cm in game with a tongue that does a small amount of damage and can pull items/ insects closer with the ability to go fully underwater as well. with a small amount of health compared to the other creatures 5. praying mantis : this could be an insect that is located inside the house in a terrarium that's kept as a pet that can be fought as a boss and obtain items like its front legs that could be used to craft a scythe that could be used to chop resources faster or a katana that does good cutting damage and strikes fast with armour that looks kind of like a samurai with a praying mantis Hannya mask to fit the praying mantis' origins that does increased striking speed when paired with the katana and full set of armour. The mantis could also be used as a good tame to gather resources like grass and weeds with and clear out areas of grass more efficiently with decent damage against other mobs like spiders with its front arms and the ability to pick up and bite/carry other smaller insects like ants. 6. Pholcidae also known as daddy long legs: this could tame that could be worn like a backpack like the fruit fly but instead its arms attach to the walls of main structures like the house walls the oak trees trunk, the branches inside the bush area, the bench etc. kind of like doctor octopus from spiderman but it tires out after a small amount of time with the ability to upgrade its stamina so you can climb bigger surfaces this would give you the ability to get up to the areas like the upper floor of the house so you can enter through a window and the canopy of the oak tree. it would be found either crawling around the garden on its own or on a hive somewhere. 7. jumping spider : these are necessarily small spiders so they could be used as a tame that you wear on your wrist or back more like a grappling hook that you can swing with than an actual rideable creature they could also be fed string to actually be able to use considering most actual spiders eat there own webs to make them again anyway. they could be found hopping around in the garden mainly higher up on the grass or walls tho 8. bullet ant : these could be an aggressive tame that does large amounts of damage to players and other insects that can be tamed after killing the queen located in an artificial ant farm inside the house. There could also be other variants of them like fire ants that do less damage but leave a burn affect and live in a more hostile area or normal ants that just do a standard amount of damage with the ability to carry materials. all of them being mainly PvE mounts to attack other insects 9. remote control helicopter / car : these could be found inside the house and used to get around on the inside quicker without the ability to bring them outside because of the size and inside would have a lot more flat areas for them to be able to work correctly there could even be a small sub or scuba toy that u can use in the drains of the baths, sinks and toilets to move around quicker and discover other areas or secret areas 10. this one isn't a build just a suggestion for an insect : this could be a mutant/ hybrid insect found in a lab inside a room of the house where all of the other insects and areas are kept inside all of there terrariums used by the scientist who shrunk everyone. this could have the abilities of other insects so it can jump like a frog, chop and grab with its arms like a mantis, sting with its tail like a scorpion or just with a stinger like a bee and a bite attack like a spider this could be a very very end game boss that comes just before completion
  2. Ok, so before anything else, loving the game so far. I've spent a majority of my in-game time building and testing the mechanics/physics of the game. Although I have enjoyed the story and game as a whole too, I think its far more important at the early stages of development to do this in any game where the developers have asked for our input (Thanks). I know a lot of people may have already made these suggestions (I've seen some mentioned) but its worth saying again anyway even if its just to give another thumbs up to the idea. This post may be a little long as its my first real one (culmination of a few weeks of ideas). Anyway, it would be nice to hear what the community itself thinks of the following: First, I have a few suggestions for building components or actions which are currently unavailable: 1) Building component orientations - Building components that currently only have 4 orientations should be changed to 8 (triangle walls, floors, doors, stairs, scaffolds, roof sections). For example, its annoying to not be able to put a door on a diagonally placed wall/opening (or even place two inverted triangle walls as a door alternative). It is this same mechanic which hinders any attempt to build entire structures that are orientated diagonally. On this note - I would also like to see an angled scaffold , shaped like the roof section or stairs ( / ), so you can support platforms, like balconies, to buildings without having to build straight down. Or support a platform to the tree/ rock. Its more about the aesthetics and making something look genuinely supported, rather than having floating floors or messy scaffolding (You could also use them to neaten up any existing scaffolding). 2) Half walls - When snapping a wall onto a floor, it can be snapped along the edge of a square or, can be snapped halfway across to span half of two squares. The issue is that if you incorporate both methods into a build, you can never get the walls to connect/ build how you envisioned. The introduction of half walls would solve this and allow you to build more elaborately. You would also need a half roof section though (this could get problematic to implement if you consider 8 possible orientations or having half corner roof sections etc, unless they just altered their size like the wall sections do when snapped diagonally). 3) Bounce Web Trajectories - I personally hate having long or bulky staircases so tend to create bounce web elevator systems to get up to any platform that I make. I successfully made an automated version (27 webs) where you only had to jump on the first one and the physics would take you to the top of the tower. However, apart from 3 occasions, my path was interrupted by a floor/wall, getting caught on the next bounce web too early (way up), or just the slightest deviation in how you have placed or jumped on the previous webs. Therefore, elevators can actually be really difficult to use. I would love to see the bounce webs have the option to set a trajectory. That way, no matter how or where you jump on a bounce web (or what direction you are facing), you will always travel on the same path and will always land in the same place. I have fallen to my death so many times from unintentional bounces that lead to, well...anywhere but a safe landing zone . I still think this should only be optional. it just makes bouncing on them more efficient. I also believe that the bounce web should be resized so it can fit within 1 square. 4) A pulley elevator - Bounce web elevator systems (and stairs) can take up a lot of space and resources depending on how you build them. As an alternative, I think you should be able to build a very simple pulley elevator. The basket itself could be made out of acorn tops/shells, with weed stems and woven fibre for the basket support. (maybe have bee fuzz or something inside for comfort). The idea is that you set up a pulley at ceiling height (made from animal parts - I don't know) with no floor below, and attach a rope made out of spider silk to the basket (1/2 spider silk for each level to the ground). You get in and can lower/raise the basket by pulling on the silk by directionally holding up or down. As it would only need to take up 1 square section, 1 or even 4 lifts wouldn't be problematic. Its a space-saving and resource-saving way of getting back down to the floor from a pre-existing platform. You could even add a skip action to this so you are just getting out of the basket at the end. 2 minute stair climbs are rarely fun. 5) Palisade and Palisade gate height customisation - As someone with experience building on uneven ground (such as across/over a rock), palisades are a particular annoyance to me. I love the artwork of the palisade itself but you can't always stack them. (even when you can they look ghastly .) When placing on uneven ground they look messy and can actually just be impractical (i jumped over my single height palisade from the panel beside it because of the height difference). If you could independently alter the size of the left or right palisade post (extending the artwork) then you could match the height of the palisade either side of it, regardless of their ground positioning. Would look more like an effective defensive wall in my opinion. 6) Potted plants and wall planter decorations - As a scientist, I can say that some of the most impressive and beautiful structures in the microscopic world are those of fungi. Obviously with the concept of you being small, it doesn't leave a lot of scope for plants and potted versions due to a scarcity of tiny flora in the natural world (unless we could somehow take a cutting of the different flowers that currently exist in game for novel mini versions). You can get around this problem with fungi. The variety, colour and shape of fungi could become great ways to implement new decorations and could also be used as ingredients for smoothies (basically just a content update to the simple mushroom). Even adding 4 extra mushroom types or something and allowing us to grow them in the mushroom gardens would be cool. 7) A Raft/ Boat/ Canoe and paddle - This one is a little self-explanatory. Some sort of weed stem raft or something that you can control/move and haul objects across the top of water. Could also be an interesting way of attracting fish or pond creatures (dropping bits of food into the water from the boat). Secondly, I am experiencing issues with the following: - Triangle floors blocking ascent on staircases (if they are orientated a certain way). This is the same issue as when walls behind staircases would block you from walking up. I still try to avoid placing walls behind stairs though (even though it looks better) because you essentially jump over it and the action isn't smooth. - When you recycle zip line anchors, the zip line itself is not deleted and floats in the air. You are unable to click on it or perform any actions/are forced to reload a previous save. - I have broken the game again since the 26th August update in terms of building capacity and loading big builds (sorry!), I had nearly finished my creative build but it was taking 10 -15 seconds to place any panel and now I'm back to 1 - 2 hour unsuccessful load times (oops ). Finally, just two last points on what I think could be good considerations for future content or updates that have already been hinted at. Tames (Bees in particular)- There seems to be a big debate about tames, particularly bees and riding them. Even as someone who likes to take the long route for experience (run through the grass) and not have a fast track flight from the shed to the berry bush, I can see the appeal. I would be interested to be able to ride a bee the way only a grounded player could, however, I'm really struggling to see a need for other tames in the game at all (even ladybug haulers etc). Bees are something that could easily be implemented (such as having a flight bar that you recharge with nectar which has been mentioned). There is a problem with this. If the stuffed bee is anything to go by, they are way too small (proportionally the size of the stuffed ants), to ride, or just to BEE a BEElievable-sized BEE (sorry, couldn't help myself). I think they should be scaled up to around bombardier size. Basically, I only think there is use in the bee but the way to get a bee tame should be difficult. For example, Have to gather level 3 resources to make a harness. That way, you at least have to spend a lot of time running through the grass and experiencing the game as it should be played before you upgrade to a bee to avoid the monotony of running the same routes everyday later in the game. (the bee is therefore more of a reward for putting a lot of time and effort into the game). Weather - This is an absolute must for me and it opens up so many possibilities for new landscapes/environments, crafting materials/ weapons, and additions to the storyline. I think the weather should be randomised so, for example, there is a 1% chance of snow (which would remain on the ground for a few days and slowly melt away) 4% chance of lightning and a 20% chance of rain on any given day. Wind could be constant but alter in its strength. This give a huge element of surprise (unless we have a weather detector) and makes each player's experience unique. For lightning in particular, I thought that maybe there could be a toy or something in the sandbox which has been modified (by a previous explorer or scientist) so that every time that there is a lightning storm lightning strikes the sand and creates glass shards. Glass shards could be used to create panes for windows (or new types of window and doors), could create glass floors so that you could watch the bugs running around under your base. Glass could be also be used for decoration such as mirrors, advanced cutting tools, or burn traps (like we see with the magnifying glass). I'm excited to see what they do with weather but I hope they make a spectacle and a storyline of certain aspects. (First time you get to the sandbox, you get a cutscene with a brewing lightning storm and a side quest to visit the sandbox lab). That's all I have for suggestions right now, but thanks for reading
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