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  1. Yeah that's the sort of "quests" that I'm talking about. Not necessarily talking to the bugs but just helping some out for benefits.
  2. I havent seen many people talk about it but Carnivorous plants could be introduced as a new enemy type! Bug types should be vulnerable to different types of weapons that way some tools would not make others obsolete. Example once we get the Mint Mallet the bug hammer is useless unless you want to use it with a torch. The bug hammer could be perfect for a specific enemy type so it wont be completely replaced by the mint mallet.
  3. I've already fallen in love with this game and I only wish to see it grow. That being said the game should introduce memorable NPC bug characters that can give us quests. (Similar to BURGL)
  4. I love the gas mask that you have to craft in order to get to a certain part of the map. That being said I wish they were more inaccessible places on the backyard that can only be accessed with specific tools or craftable items. Some examples could be high to reach places that require climbing gear (or stairs needed to be built it doesnt have to be tools)
  5. The woah! Difficulty is no joke I die constantly but the problem is not death, it's the lack of serious consequences. So far I noticed that when I die I dont really lose anything just my pride and a little bit of time. It would be important to have some sort of repercussion to death. Maybe phobias can be added (like on The Outer Worlds) Death could be tied in with the repairing tools mechanic. For instance if you die to spiders all your tools will be covered in spider web and you wont be able to use them unless they are fixed. The tools could be covered in acid/poison which could ruin your foo
  6. I domt agree with the minimap being a must. There is so much fun about going out and using landmarks like the rotten apple, or certain juice boxes to guide your way.
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