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  1. Monster Hunter Rise. Slowly getting soemewhere. But lots and lots of farming stuff still awaits me. hopefully RNG smiles one me someday as well.
  2. monster hunter Rise. I thought i could stay away and wait for a year to get the pc version. I was so wrong. And i'm going to play it a lot based on the first few hours. ( and then again when it's on pc).
  3. I bought Pathfinder:Kingamaker to see what i have (not) been missing out all these years.
  4. That text looks like it was copied straight from the game.
  5. That's pretty much me as well. Although i must say seeing the Cosmodrome brought back some great memories. I was actually overwhelmed when i first landed.
  6. Destiny 2 Beyond Light. No really. September DLC releases are usually real fun . it's those from january to next september that are usualy more lackluster. Cyberpunk. And i want my Demon's souls remake to be great. But i have to get Ps5 for that... which might take a while. I didn't and won't bother with preordering. I'll buy it when i see it in a store. Digital edition of course.
  7. I don't think anyone will hire MCA right now.
  8. I want to play more Wasteland 3 but i can't seem to get interested enough. I want to get back into Destiny before the next Expansion but can't. I've played some MHW Iceborne but the damn tempered super saiyan monkey made me quit in rage and tears, mostly tears. Warzone i still play almost every day. Am not very impressed by Black ops Cold war reveal, hopefully the don't **** up warzone ( more) with it's release. I especially don't want those terrible gun animations and sounds. There is also that game BOTW that i play whenever i pick up the Switch pro controller instead of DS4 by mistake. Maybe i should go defeat that 2nd divine beast some day soon. Desperados 3, C&C remaster, THPS 1+2 will probably reamain on the wishlist for now, probably next year as well. I wonder where BG3 will fit into all of this.
  9. I like Minsc. Edwin is a moron though, even if powerful and useful. But the one i loathe is Anomen. And i think anyone who likes to use Anomen or even ugh likes him, should be forever locked away in solitary cell somewhere.
  10. I'm not much further on my own real playthrough. I just finished what i could in Colorado Springs and left to explore for the first time in the Kodiak.
  11. check this out. https://www.reddit.com/r/Wasteland/comments/ij9zr8/respec_mod_or_edit_save_file/g3d78vf?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 https://fearlessrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13511&start=90 it actually works.
  12. Someone actually figured out a way to add items into savegames, but it's looks like quite a process to set up. I'll try that, if it doesn't work i'll just play on
  13. Playing wasteland 3 as well. No major bugs for me either on Steam version. As for the game itself. It's okay, i'll probably finish it. But i am annoyed they did do something to .xml savegames, so i can't edit those at will now. So hopefully someone figures out that, so i can go play with that once i finish the game.
  14. I only play games i remember good and fondly. New games? ugh.
  15. Man are they effing things up these days. This policy of future games being playable on Xbox One hardware is really messing things up. Even Halo Infinite looked nothing special. and how does Greenberg still have job? ˘˘˘˘˘
  16. My PS4 and ps4 pro are still going strong, the switch is getting a little less use because i'm only using it away from home. And i'm getting PS5 as soon as i can. Will play everything at least 2 hours everyday.
  17. I still haven't bought this game so i guess TB mode might actually convince me to do it.
  18. Oh, grammar. Well you know it's going to end like it did with snuck instead of sneaked, so why bother. Languages are alive and change with times.
  19. No other choice given in that quest. Same with her.
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