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  1. I'm just happy i was there in the 90s playing all the games, especially from 1994 onward. Age doesn't matter, nostalgia does. :D And i could never really decide which year had the best releases, since we got greatness each year.
  2. I have 293 games on steam, 242 on GOG, some on Origin and other platforms, a few on Xbox, plenty on PSN thought i haven't played many psn+ games recently and now 3 games on Switch ( soon to be more, but i need a SD card first). Altogether i have about 50 games installed on my devices. No screenshots, because i'm lazy.
  3. And some of those weirdos will even find their way into this little haven here in Computer and Console. And ROFL, i started PoE2 chose the "wrong" option when presented with one and BOOM! a CTD. With all that bugs in Battletech and it hadn't happened there. xD
  4. Not just you. SO Poe2 release is not small thing then. :D
  5. Yeah, that's not really "blonde" hair, though. Light brown under good lighting. I don't know about any conspiracies but in the current climate it was rather... harebrained of them to leave that out, while very carefully adding the option to play as blue haired female black Fu Manchu or whatever. In all likelihood there is no malice, no hidden agenda behind what is simply a crappy character generator. Anyway, quota fulfilled, moving on. Turns out if that you eject a merc that has the Ace Pilot talent, the game gets stuck and you can't progress. Yay for QA and ****. I'm starting to get real tired of games being released systematically in what amounts to a beta state. I have no one to blame but myself, I guess. If I did as Gromnir and waited at least a year before purchase, I would get games at half the price and in a decently polished state. **** this ****, I'm out. See y'all in six months. Oh come on. Just by being a member of this forum you acknowledge that you like and WILL play unfinished, buggy etc game releases.
  6. The event editor was there from the start ...
  7. We should get David Cage to make a game about this.
  8. I've got a Debug Widget that you might find useful, at least if you have the Steam version. :D download a file from one of the links and replace it in \BATTLETECH\BattleTech_Data\Managed folder (backup of course), run the game, load a game in orbit and press minus key ( - ). You can add any mech you want and more. Just don't press the F keys because they're all active not just F6. :D https://www58.zippyshare.com/v/jqFjWx7r/file.html https://openload.co/f/Jb4ciTEXZws/Gxp7befVTwCxdfO.rar https://filescdn.com/df444m1z1cr6
  9. Very nice. Does that doc include everything?
  10. Finally got to try it out myself. Nice. I can see myself enjoying this a lot, if time allows it.
  11. Lol i like Gundam Wing for the same reason.
  12. Finally pulled my switch out of the box and i'm playing the only game i have for it , for now, Mario+Rabbids and it's as fun as i had hoped it would be. Should last for a while until i figure out if i want Zelda or Odyssey first, or even Bayonetta. Hopefully i'll decide before Tropical Freeze for switch arrives and changes my mind. :S Also played some Far Cry 5 , seems ok though i don't think i'll play it all that much.Can't really explain why. Still MHW as well, just not any more than i used too, even when i have more time. :S But it's a SP game so i'm not missing all that much by taking it very slow. Other than special events of course, but as long as those aren't DMC or something else i really want to have i'm not all that upset.
  13. I hope i'll have as much if not more fun than i did with their Shadowrun games. And of course it should be successful enough to enable them to make sequels.
  14. Finally caved in and bought Nintendo Switch ... i don't dare to unpack it though. :D Playing Dead Cells, having a blast. I'm not progressing far so i should start getting better not getting hit. Maybe playing on the controller will help.
  15. On the other hand Keyrock stay away from that boss ... not because it's so difficult but as i've just experienced, it's got so much HP it takes forever. Especially if you fail ...
  16. Nah just go kill it so you can levle to hunter rank 40+ and then continue. The last quest you get is for hunter rank 100. :D
  17. Good for you. I have 2 lances, which might turn out to be my primary weapon type for afterstory grinding, i also have a few Longswordsm which was my original weapon type, dual blades, because they're fun, the Ice hammer because it's the best looking weapon in the game i also wanted so use a hammer at some point. Then there's Switch axes that compete with the lances for favorite weapon right now. There's also a Charge blade that i upgraded but i just can't get used to. And for last there's a few greats sword that might be stuck at low upgrade level but when i have the mats i'll probably upgrade again. Oh i've also got a Lightbowgun because i wanted to try that slicing ammo thing that every was talking about but i don't like the gameplay. It's still good for taking out bugs i want to skin though. and last there's the gun lance. Probably the weapon i'm most sorry that i wasted mats on a irreversible upgrade. i did try the bow and the sword and the shield but neither is for me. So from weapon types that are left he glaive looks the most promising even though the horn is great for coop i hear. Maybe you should give it a try since it's a hammer of sorts .
  18. I'll try to do better right now. Maybe even learn some of their patterns. ... That's i wish at least. What will actually happen is i'll throw away mats to try out the insect glaive and i'll have knowledge about another weapon instead of mastering a single one first. hehe
  19. Greed in MHW is my biggest weakness. I just can't wait for proper opportunities to attack instead i spam damage whenever i can. I probably could have learned not to do that but i only play every other day and i keep forgetting. :D
  20. Finally had some hours to put into MHW. Managed to slay Nergigante after weeks of rust gathering on my skills.
  21. Yeah Keyrock i just got to the aforementioned Rathian version and it's kicking my ass all over Coral land. And a legiana seems to wait for the most inopportune moment to fall down on me. Maybe i should upgrade my armor a little. :D
  22. And then you'll "have to" play until you reach HR 100 when you get the last quest. And after that you'll grind for the best builds etc. I hope i will to. I can barely played 30-45 every few days ;_; Also i've bought and tried Into the breach. It's been fun so far. I will have to reserve some time to play that because i think i'll like it very much.
  23. ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUDNiyOf92o The first five and a half minutes of Half-Life, the only thing you could do was walk around a bit in your train cabin. And it was the best thing ever. 1998 was an incredible year for gaming. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Half-Life, Fallout 2, Baldur's Gate, StarCraft, Pokemon, Grim Fandango, Thief: The Dark Project, Banjo-Kazooie, Unreal... Actually it might just have been the best year in gaming of all time. Yeah, there was a great game released in every genre i played that year. Even NFS was still great fun back then. :D And even Ja2 was supposed to be released that year. Good thing it wasn't though. :D
  24. Whoever wrote the entry for Dark Souls should be shot in the leg.
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