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  1. damn monkey, driving me nuts because i forgot to equip Mind's Eye
  2. No Greyhawk? why?????! edit: Oh and i personally liked Darklandss setting the most.
  3. Troika's ToEE has better combat than any IE game.
  4. If uncharted animations are stiff, what are fluid animations then? ANd what is such a better combat in 3rd person shooter that Uncharted combat is stiff and basic? i never understood that complaint about Unacharted combat, and it keeps coming up a lot. In all of the games. especially those that were release around the same time. Anyway. I'm playing Iceborne on pc. Had to start MHW from the beginning but with Defender stuff it was pretty easy getting through the base game into the expansion. There's still a lot of optional stuff that i've skipped so far but i'll get back to that when i've got some Master rank armor and weapons equipped.
  5. My new year gaming resolution included finally starting and completing both Pillars games ... and yet i'm still stuck at choosing a class and getting overwhelmed by everything again. So i played a few round of hardcore matchens in Modern Warfare instead.
  6. Happy and Healthy New Year!
  7. I've relapsed. Going to back into Destiny. Forsaken, annual pass,.. the whole shebang. :S
  8. Oh you have no idea. They used to have 100% accuracy with grenades as well. If you say one flying towards you it was always going to hit.
  9. Cuphead, West of Loathing and Katana ZERO.
  10. Playing West of loathing (finally! ) instead of Cuphead now. Once i get enough of fun i'll play Cuphead again. When i have time for Switch games of course. I wish i was 13 again and have half of each day reserved for playing games.
  11. To play with English VA is blasphemy ;_; And tnx for the trigger tip Majestic. I wonder why it's not there by default.
  12. Cuphead on Switch. It's still in one piece :D
  13. But the atmosphere was the best in the first one.
  14. Depends. Is it really a boss or just a miniboss? :D And what do we even consider to be the first boss? :D
  15. Well i'll keep playing on ps4. And get better until i master it. :D
  16. Yeah, you're right. This is difficult. I think this game might make more people quit in rage than any other i can think of. But then again there already are trainers out for PC version so you might be good to go. :D
  17. At this point it'd be easier to list projects Chris Avellone is not working on. He has Into the Breach in his credits ffs. So? He already worked with them on FTL:Advanced edition.
  18. Division 2. It's everything i hoped it would be. And you can do everything solo and at least i feel much better doing that. Until endgame of course. When i reach that coop is the fun way to go. Sekiro. Holy ****. I got my ass handed to me more times that in all Soulsborne games together if i compare the first few hours. I haven't even beaten more than mobs and 2 minibosses here. XD So much fun. There's isn't enough hours in a day for me to be able to play both these games enough, and still have something resembling a life.
  19. Division 2 and Sekiro. Div2 is already sucking me in so that's good, and when Sekiro is out i'll probably need a vacation to survive.
  20. From Software logo pops up on the screen *Interest intensifies* Activision logo pops up on the screen *nervousness intensifies* They're just publishing the game, don't be such a moron.
  21. No this is something i've never expected to see here again.
  22. wait what? You're in nG+5 and you haven't got a flamberge yet? Drop rate isn't THAT bad for it.
  23. Hopefully your experience isn't so terrible that it'd drive you insane. :D
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