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  1. What did they change? Nothing major i think, they just made small improvements i liked. Like no insta heal in combat and combat flows better to. The added specialist weapons that are fun to use. Exploration feels more rewarding so pretty much wandered around the map doing side stuff instead of just focusing on missions. And mostly their plan for endgame seems to be better thought out. 3 dark zones and only one meant for PVP, so no more insta gank when you arrive somehwere,... and the whole city going to level 32,... To me it's enough but you'll see plenty of people who don't see anything different other than the setting, so the see it more as another DLC than a "real" sequel.
  2. Division 2 private beta. Now this is( will be... at least it looks so from the beta) a game where the devs learned the right lessons and used them in the sequel. Ubisoft might even convince to buy the Ultimate edition.
  3. How would it come back thought? They messed it up pretty bad with NG3. Another reboot? Set when and where? Can't really imagine it would work well in feudal japan setting. The made Nioh for that.
  4. I don't know. BLOP4 with their polished attempt rattled them pretty well, so if other keep polishing their ideas they'll earn more than enough. And Kathphood that's what you get for living under a rock ... sand? dune? or something. Maybe you should have fun for once while playing a game.
  5. I do? Where? When? Tell me since you apparently know things that never happened.
  6. Anthem on consoles was fun to play but yeah bulletsponges galore ( i even played a mission on hard and with the gear i had i almost went insane), no shoulder switch camera ( and the reason for that from lead producer is bad), and worst of all crashes, blue screens of death, disconnects,... plenty of crap to drive players from the game. I think i'll wait for DIvision 2. The managed to fix that pretty well in the end, so i have hope endgame will be good from the start this time. And no a year later. :D
  7. Why do you keep posting **** videos from this moron? He's almost on SM117 level
  8. Anthem VIP demo. Hmm not sure what to think just yet.
  9. Why believe that the demo is the review copy?? It makes no sense whatsoever. Everyone will be able to play that demo by February 1st.
  10. Why wouldn't they? I'd expect a demo to be representative of the final product. If it's not then a demo is simply useless, or worse, deceptive, as you can't base a buying decision on it. Especially for this game, which is a looter shooter after all, messing with the balance and economy is a pretty big deal being that's what those games are built around. But why should the balance and economy matter in the demo? That's the least important thing. Gameplay and presentation matter nothing else. Hell Destiny beta , Division beta had different economy than retail,... and yet both convinced people based on that, why can't Anthem be given that chance?
  11. What? Why would anyone sane believe that the demo has the same "balance and economy" as the review copies?
  12. Turn based pillars, i may actually have to play the game now
  13. reinstalling Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne so i can get in the mood before Sekiro hits in March. Bayme i'll even go back to Dark Souls 3, i've never finished the Scholar of the First Sin version of the game.
  14. Nice. Will replay it as soon as a find a few hours just to hear the dev commentary. :D
  15. I think i'll buy it as well, just so don't have to put the disc in ever again.
  16. I changed the HDD to SSD just a few weeks ago. It's very simple. Plenty of youtube guides too. Just be careful to download the correct update file from Sony.
  17. played some rdr2, it's gonna take me some time to get used back to rockstar character movement and controls,everything else is superb so far.
  18. Who says it's not compressed as much as it could be? hehe edit: i better preload overnight. :D
  19. BLOPS 4. Having a blast with friends in Blackout.
  20. The moment at 2:10 is the best part. :D
  21. Even if it happens. nothing will change. Forums will stay.
  22. Ghostofanakin if anyone is being an idiot here , that would be you. Too much jumping to conclusions with very limited knowledge.
  23. GOG is 10 already? Damn... so that means Fallout 2 was 20 yesterday
  24. damn you rockstar ,you already have my money. Give the game already. :S
  25. Just in time for the Forsaken expansion. :D
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