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  1. You should finish the story just to get a high level Exotic Engram. :D
  2. Yeah, chaos in MHW is awesome. I'm still not as far in the game as i'd like due ot lack to playing time but chaotic scenes really do make my day every time. Like this one. Looks harmless to experienced players but i'm not there just yet. And i was laughing like mad while trying to fight them. I was hunting Tobi-Kadachi btw.
  3. i tried to do that at my low level with Anjanath .... wasted 5 traps and 20 tranq bombs :S
  4. Do tell if it's as good as internetz sez.
  5. Playing some MHW. Have some trouble getting used to combat, i'm missing a lot because of bad positions and timing. But i've made it far enough that i can capture monsters instead of killing them... which i guess should give me (or at least a higher chance) better loot for crafting stuff. Also i saw some interesting "indie" games released not so long ago. BUt i can't decide which one i should try first if any. Iconoclasts or Celeste. hmm
  6. I'm still not expecting RDR2 in 2018 so i'll be overjoyed if it does get released, even if it's on december 31st :D
  7. All i have time to play is some hardcore DM in COD WW2... i wish i'll have some time soon for Monster Hunter. It's installed , i've made my character and Palico and i've arrived in the New World and heard Matt Mercer ( i think, it's not Nolan could be Troy but it sounds much more like Matt )
  8. If it has shoulder switch camera i might budge. Nothing else matters
  9. DK Tropical Freeze coming to Switch and DK is also a DLC character in the Mario+Rabbids DLC ... sheesh. I'll have to stop fantacizing about Switch and just buy it already before what i want to play combines into €1000+.
  10. Too bad we don't have similar lists from ye olde days. First BIS forums then IPLY forums and then 2004 community.
  11. This looks awesome. If i buy Switch before this is release i may even have to double dip.
  12. It's not their fault people can't do 2 actions in sync to perform a kick It's like jumping. Normal players jump only when they really have to, if they can manage to pull it off. xD And you cannot be a pyromancer withouth being a sorcerer and a cleric as well, at least your won't be any good. And then you're basically Dark user as well, throwing around Bleed miracles, raping bosses left and right. Besides you really should be playing Bloodborne instead. ( If you're on PC then who cares about you. )
  13. But DS 2 also has that crappy expansion and most of all Indira get your facts straight ... DS2 is from 2005!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Fun time for everyone! I was hopin i could avoid Home Alone movies this year ... but nope. Still fun, still scary what we laughed at at that age and never stopped. :D
  15. I went to see the new Star Wars movie. Haven't been in the local cinema since the last one... and while cinema still help up good enough the movie was CRAP.
  16. Oh look, lootboxes ... i mean stars :D I wonder if i can keep away from those instead of just buying the games i want. :S
  17. I think the teaser shows a trick weapon, filled in blood and "Shadows Die twice" may be a reference to the Moon Presence. Only fools and crazy fanboys actually believe that Bloodborne 2 is in the making. This surely isn't
  18. So since Shadow Tactics disappeared so fast... is it any good? As good as Commandos, Desperados ,Robin Hood back in the late 90's early 2000s?
  19. I suppose I could try Destiny 2. I bought it when it was on sale for Black Friday, but haven't had the inclination yet to play it. Yes, Destiny 2 is a good enough time waster that you can put down at any time if you find something better to do.
  20. Find an indie or start some time consuming MP.
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