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  1. Ah yes, I didn't realise up until you mentioned, but this was something else that bothered me. Making the ship rock (even just a bit) in the water and having the sails react to the wind would go a long way towards making it feel more natural.
  2. No worries, we passed 4 mil and thereby the new ship types stretch goal.
  3. I just hope it rocks a bit in the water. Like the little barge in the gif on the main page. In the update video the ship looks so unnatural in the sea.
  4. Then don't use them? Pretty sure they're optional, and I'm still sure we're getting that 8th companion stretch goal. Yeah sure, but I'd prefer Obsidian to put the time and effort into the companions. Doesn't even have to be an 8th.
  5. I have no issue with the 5 member limit (thanks in good part to the new multiclassing), but the sidekicks I'm just not feeling.
  6. I'll take 5 levels with a good story (like Durlag's Tower) over 15 levels of grinding (like Caed Nua...).
  7. I'm thinking it is the Moon Godlike. It's a good class/race combo too. I'm not convinced he's a Moon Godlike. I still think he's a (Sea) Godlike Aumaua. The fins are not the only hint. In update 13, the last Valentine card says "I Huana be with you". Isn't Huana an Aumaua culture?
  8. In update 13 I noticed a blue-skinned companion that (afaik) hadn't been mentioned before and who, judging from his appearance, appears to be a godlike aumaua? Having the godlike be a subrace to all other races was something I recall being suggested for PoE1. After all, there's no reason the other kith races shouldn't be god-touched. The only problem I foresee with this would be when importing a godlike character from PoE1. But this could be solved by simply changing those characters' races to human godlike. Or I might be completely wrong and the new companion is just a coastal aumaua... or a fish godlike... Or godlike non-human subraces are reserved for NPC's.
  9. This game is actually starting to sound like it has potential. I especially like the idea that it'll be shorter with lots more replay value. I only managed to play PoE once because of the length and am not prepared to sink another 100ish hours into it just to see some small variations in the quests.
  10. I actually prefer PoE's companions over BG's, even BG2's, although I'd certainly welcome more banter (who wouldn't?). I'll take an Edér or Durance over a Minsc or Jaheira any day. I will agree that I likely won't remember any of the PoE loot, whereas with BG2 I can just keep naming them (Celestial Fury still stands as my favorite RPG weapon ever). I don't feel like enchanting is the problem however. On the contrary, being able to upgrade weapons to Fine/Exceptional/Superb allows you to prevent your favorite weapons from becoming underpowered. I liked much of the non-enchantable properties, but felt that none of the unique items had any combination of those that made them memorable (as with the aforementioned Celestial Fury, whose combination of lightning damage and stun just screamed coolness).
  11. Another enchanting-related gripe to report! Say I have an Exceptional weapon, with 8/12 enchantment slots. For some reason I can't upgrade it to Superb, since this requires 6 free slots. Which isn't exactly fair because by upgrading from Exceptional to Superb, I should be losing the 4 slots taken by Exceptional. EDIT: never mind I was wrong! Seems like the lvl 12 requirement was the issue! So ignore this post! My initial post still stands though.
  12. 70 views, 0 replies... Really, I'm the only one annoyed by this?
  13. I haven't completed the game yet and there's a bunch of suggestions I'll be posting once I finish, but there's one thing that bothers me enough right now to kindly request a change in an upcoming patch. First of all let me start by saying I love the enchantment mechanic. I rarely ever use this in RPG's, but in PoE I'm enchanting almost every item I can. This being said... It does not make any sense to me that I can upgrade the Quality enchantments (such as from Fine to Exceptional) but not the Attribute Bonuses (such as from Might 1 to Might 2). Early in the game, the ingredients needed to imbue items with the higher tier Attribute Bonuses are rare to nonexistent, so is it really necessary to make us choose between going for a weaker enchantment early on but being stuck with it, vs. waiting for the rarer ingredients but having to go with a weaker item until then? You could argue that by the time the rarer ingredients become available, there's already better gear to enchant, and while that's certainly true to an extent, there are some items that I want to keep till the very end (most notably the companions' personal gear, such as Edér's armor). I'd also like to request the ability to overwrite the Secondary Damage enchantment. I'm not even asking for a refund of the ingredients used in the first enchantment. The sole reason I'm asking is because some enchantments are prettier with some armors than others. I just like my characters stylish is all! While we're at it, why not just make all enchantments overwritable?
  14. I loved IWD, but the only way I'd pay for it again is if it were 3E like IWD2.
  15. Man, you realy get super excited about the most random things. I hate Robben, and by extension everything Dutch. I think it's how he runs falls. And all the smiling. fixed
  16. Yeah, that's pretty much my problem as well. Same here. On one hand, out of the 4 remaining coutries, the Netherlands gave us imo the most entertaining match (vs Spain). On the other, if they ever become World Champion, we'll never hear the end of it... I have a camping trip planned right after the World Cup, which in south Europe inevitably means lots of Dutchies, and let's just say they can be loud enough as it is. I can't imagine how in-your-face they'll be once their country just won the World Cup.
  17. Brazil is only a ghost of its former self, even more so with Neymar out. Seriously doubt they'll make it past Germany. Hoping for a GER-NL final now. With Germany coming out on top
  18. Yeah I feel some serious manlove for David Luiz.
  19. Poor Neymar. He's had a lot to endure in these latest matches.
  20. Those faces at 6:02 tell me otherwise. Priceless
  21. That's our coach right there at 4:48 I like this one better though
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