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  1. Only if Obsidian fix bashing so that the Larder Door isn't objectively worse than a normal large shield. Technically there's no reason why a door wouldn't be worse than a normal shield. I used a (legendary) door all the way through PoE1. I'd love to take it through PoE2 as well. Don't care how bad it is. It's a frickin' door, what do you expect?
  2. There was a bug in this version (fixed in v. I suggest to update the game (GOG version, I assume?) or to read https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/bastards-wound-quest-not-triggering.1043001/ Fixed it by downloading and installing the most recent base game. So upon loading my game I immediately got the Verse and Barik quests. Does Lantry's quest require anything specific?
  3. Hi guys, quick question. How exactly do you reach the Bastard's Wound area? I read somewhere else that I'm supposed to get a missive, but even after doing some quests I still haven't gotten anything. I'm on the Disfavored path and currently in the Stone Sea. This is my first time playing Tyranny so I have no idea when Act 3 starts, but this should still be Act 2 right? Also, even though I definitely installed the expansion, my game still says v1.0.3.0031, while the expansion .exe says Help?
  4. My wishlist: 1. Some kind of Wild West RPG, with any/all of the following characteristics: - fantasy (dwarven cowboys!) - no magic - steampunk - post-apoc Bingo! 2. A New Orleans-based RPG, preferably first-person to fully enjoy the atmosphere. Either Fallout or Vampire.
  5. Colonial conflicts? Hmmm… I didn’t really feel this so much in PoE1, past the villagers bullying Aloth for being from Aedyr. If there was a political faction blaming Aedyr for all the troubles in Dyrwood, that would feel much more post-colonial I think this theme will be a lot more present in the upcoming Deadfire. I must agree with this. While I certainly love the idea of a colonial setting, I feel this was sadly underutilized and hope PoE2 will rectify this (the factions certainly seem to indicate so).
  6. This is all you need to know. Honestly, I think the main problems I have with him is the lack of information we have on him, the first time I saw him was in the Valentine pictures, and an immediate disliking to him I seem to have that stems from a feeling that he is just a 'special snowflake' character based on him being unique Godlike with pretty much nothing else to say about him other than he is a representative of one of the factions. They should have made him an Aumaua if he is supposed to be a representative, they should release more info about him before my mind fills in more unfavourable blanks about him, they should have made him a dwarf.... I still remain convinced he is a Godlike Aumaua. Combined with his Chanter/Druid class and being a Deadfire indigenous (Huana) with an obvious Polynesian inspiration makes him the most intriguing companion to me. I imagine him as some kind of sea shaman, so I'm really hoping for confirmation on this.
  7. Do we know anything about him other than that he'll be a Chanter/Druid? I find it a bit sad that we have more information about a sidekick (Ydwin) than about a full companion. Would be nice if Obsidian formally introduced him in an update.
  8. Thanks man! I don't quite understand how that healing would work though. Edit: never mind, it's Ancient Memory. I'm such a noob at chanters.
  9. Hey Boeroer, could you perhaps advise me on how to spec Kana? Bearing in mind: - I've already finished the main game and therefore will only be taking him through White March which I've yet to tackle. So any chants/invocations only useful at low to mid levels can be ignored. Party is level 12. - I have Edér and Pallegina as frontliners so it shouldn't necessarily be a tank build. But if that were to be the best build then I'll surely go with it.
  10. These factions seem very promising, although I sincerely hope our reputations with them have more impact in PoE2 as opposed to PoE1.
  11. Mine went to Belle Sorciere. If anyone else still has one, Vellius up here is still looking.
  12. I must say, it was a bit weird getting a notification for someone liking a post I made 11 years ago.
  13. I've always wanted a good Pirate rpg. It seems like PoE2 is going in that direction, so that's a good thing I guess, but on the other hand I don't want PoE to go overboard (lol) with the pirate stuff, so it probably won't be the pirate rpg I'm hoping for. Other than that, I'd really love some kind of Wild West / Steampunk / Fantasy (no magic) hybrid. There's something about Orc cowboys that appeals to me for some reason. Would have to be turn-based. Oh yeah, and any kind of rpg set in New Orleans. Preferably a Fallout game (imagine the soundtrack!), failing that a Vampire game. Edit: come to think of it, you asked for isometric rpg's and I think this last one would fit better as first person.
  14. I see no option for confirming my pledge. I suspect my Fig account needs to be linked to my Obsidian account. How do I do this? Edit: never mind, I found it! It was because I had entered a different email-address. Edit2: any way to disable some badges? I can do without the KS and Fig badges, I feel like a christmas tree...
  15. Yes, but even though you could ignore all their stories, alas it was impossible to ignore that half of the population was Godlike.
  16. Definitely hoping for the last option, as it would allow for much greater customizability (and thus replayability).
  17. Excellent points are being made in this thread. I sincerely hope Josh reads them.
  18. Haven't read the entire thread, but I follow OP wholeheartedly. In fact, one of my main gripes with PoE1 was precisely the fact that we could not upgrade Attribute Bonus enchantments (even though we could upgrade Quality enchantments), for the exact reason that this went against the idea of being able to keep using our favorite equipment.
  19. I have but one humble request. Please bring back the Larder Door. Thx.
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