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  1. They've only been fun to watch their last game. If they can keep up that performance, they have a real good chance at beating Argentina. I very much enjoy watching Messi play as well, but I'd prefer my own country to win. I'll get my Messi fix outside the World Cup. Never before have I seen the Belgian people so universally invested in their national team, and it would be nice to keep this going for a while. Plus we're all just dying for a Belgium vs Netherlands semi-final (especially since we beat their arses last time in a friendly match 2 years ago).
  2. Eat this 'Merkuh. Looking forward to Belgium-Argentina. Messi has never been able to score a goal against Courtois.
  3. If the last 3 days are as good as the first 3 then 800,000 is still within reach.
  4. I really hope this hits at least 800,000
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGuCvFdrWPg Because no Christmas is complete without this song.
  6. Pope


    Seeing the XX live tonight. Big fan, although I liked their debut album more than the second one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTG4pwOlHmg
  7. Oooooh, this would fit nicely with my idea of exploring the spectrum of emotions: Well, maybe the positive emotions should be limited to the (more light-hearted) levels above ground, such as Joy, Love and Hope. The underground levels could then cover the negative emotions, such as: Grief Indifference Disappointment Confusion / Doubt Regret / Remorse / Guilt Embarrassment / Humiliation / Shame Lust Frustration Jealousy / Envy Loathing / Contempt Anger Agony Fear / Panic / Anxiety Sadness / Depression Despair Oh look, that's 15. Isn't that a coincidence.
  8. Now that I think of it, I vaguely remember a sequence with Branwen and Xan in BG2. Was that by any chance the tutorial or am I hallucinating again?
  9. Okay then how about a dungeon that goes through the entire spectrum of emotions. Starting with empathy on the first level... ...all the way down to despair.
  10. Lost is one of those examples where the journey was better than the destination. I loved theorizing with other fans about possible clues and how they all fit together. I even maintain that some of the fan theories were a lot more intriguing than how the writers themselves wrapped it up in the final season. I did love the idea of the alternate timeline, but the execution ended up just horrible, and the resolution of the original timeline was absolutely worthless. To top it off, they completely ruined all the mythology (which imo was the show's main hook) with an utterly uninteresting explanation of what was so special about the island/monster/Jacob. In the end, the entire show was about Seriously. And that's not even mentioning all the threads that were left to hang (Walt being the most blatant one). In retrospect, some subplots just feel like an awful waste of time. What disappointed me most was that the writers clearly didn't have everything planned from the beginning as they claimed. And for a show with so much emphasis on lore and mythology, they should have. I always thought that once the show ended, I'd watch it again from the start to discover new clues and connections, but I haven't felt the urge to go through it all again, and I'm pretty sure I never will.
  11. Pope

    GTA V

    BTW my tag is incorrect. The release date is actually spring 2013.
  12. Pope

    GTA V

    Do not agree that it made for better chases. I found it a lot more satisfying having to get the hang of each car's physics. That matters to people...? What isn't there to like about owning half the city? If anything in the GTA series ever made you feel like you're rising to power it was this.
  13. Pope

    GTA V

    I still have mixed feelings about GTA IV. On one hand, I thought it greatly improved the driving. Realistic physics meant that actual skill was suddenly required, as opposed to the cars in previous installments which were basically glued to the road. On the other, I was quite disappointed by the reduced scale and the lack of fun things to do besides the main storyline. Edit: to be fair, I did find that the Episodes both enhanced the game's quality, especially Gay Tony.
  14. The Good GTA V will cover an area bigger than San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption combined. The Bad There will be no real estate to purchase (a big reason why Vice City is still my fav GTA to date). The Ugly GTA V will feature 3 playable protagonists: not sold on this one yet, will have to see how it is integrated. Latest trailer: http://www.rockstarg...-wednesday.html
  15. There is no lead in The Wire. But yes Lance Reddick has plenty of screentime, and his character is a LOT more interesting than his role in Fringe (what an awful show btw, I just don't get what people like about this).
  16. I shamefully plead guilty to wand-of-cloudkilling Firkraag outside his line of sight in my very first BG2 playthrough. It was cheese of the very highest degree. I actually felt remorse when the poor wyrm came crashing down, never even having noticed my presence, and have since sworn to never lower myself to such cowardly tactics ever again.
  17. I strongly oppose Republican independency, for the sole reason that their ignorance of climate change is a threat to the global population. Someone has to keep their tendency for laissez-faire pollution in check, and that might as well be a Democrat.
  18. I'll just repeat what I've said before: I really really hope the godlike races are themselves subraces of the standard races. It never made sense to me that I couldn't be an aasimar elf or an earth genasi dwarf.
  19. JFSOCC gets it. That should be pretty obvious if you understand evolution. Of course, if you don't believe in evolution then this argument is pretty worthless. But then you're also a retard.
  20. The Wire had the best finale of any series ever.
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