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  1. Most. Annoying. Thing. They seem to really ignore the tank and just melee-rush the spellcasters... FUN TIMES!
  2. It is true about the range I noticed that after enemy ships fired cannons and hit at me at ranges that where nor "ideal" for the guns used. Also, actually since you technically want to "hold" before firing off a cannon volley the Dhow 2 turn jibe is ideal for 8 turns double bronzer reload. At a three turn jibe you would I think be losing a turn per shot volley. here is sequence: Side A 1 Fire Volley 2 Jibe 3 Jibe complete Now on Side B 4 Hold 5 Fire Volley 6 Jibe 7 Jibe Complete (Now on side A again) 8 Hold 9 (1) repeat Anyways when I tried that on A Dhow with Double Bronzers jibing on both sides I never had a delay due to reload. Yeah you lose 1 turn on the Junk, due to the 3 turns Jibe. But you also have 5 (x2) double bronzers as opposed to 4 (x2). Considering the AI will often move randomly, giving you Raking damage, that 1 extra cannon matters and you can get lucky and sink the enemy in 1 round of fire . Edit: Well 1 turn for each side, so for a full set of firing you lose 2 rounds on the Junk.
  3. They added the Dancer outfit to the game, which shockingly doesn't discriminate against male characters (which is VERY rare in gaming) and then... they don't add a "glamour"/"fashion slot"/whatever type of function to the game so you can use it... Very dissapointing. I still finished my first playthrough in the dancer outfit anyway... but yeah PS: The 2 dancer outfits have mismatched icons and appearance. The leather pants one uses the skimpy one's icon and vice versa.
  4. I might consider keeping the sword as is if the voice wouldn't be so obnoxious and irritating. As it stands, I always release the soul and keep the sword. Works great for a tank with the immunity it provides and I almost always roleplay good characters so it's perfect.
  5. I'll put this in spoiler tags since it concerns stuff near end game so might as well: Thanks!
  6. From the beta 2.0 patch notes: Wizard Subclass locked spell restrictions no longer apply to variants of wizard spells (such as Trickster, Priest subclass, and item granted spells).What does "item granted spells" mean? Because it does not include grimmoire spells, and those are "item granted spells". If it's only referring to single spells/skills given by some items, and doesn't include grimmoires, they need to rephrase.
  7. I think I'm going with Huana as my headcanon pt. Only Maia leaves, and considering how obnoxious she is, good riddance. My reasons for going with them: If you convince the royal family to take care of the Roparu, the Gullet becomes a heaven for them, etc. I like to think of this as starting the slow social revolution of changing the hideous caste system they have. Generally speaking they do seem to be the most screwed over, with all the other factions more or less exploiting, conquering, plundering or outright trying to wipe them out. Even the "no faction" ending exacerbates this to ridiculous extremes. In terms of Adra and Animancy, they seem to be ok with letting people mining and researching, even though they personally are too "muh religion" to try anything. This means the research has more time to discover stuff and mining needs to be done at a slower pace (as opposed to VTC in 2 of the endings which is a more "hulk smash" approach to something not really yet understood scientifically). This is in my opinion the best long term approach to the whole situation, at least until we learn the what/how/why/etc of Adra and Animancy. Huana ending seems to be one of the most peaceful ones. I prefer this and scientific research and progress to constant war and theocracy. Which is a bit ironic, considering the Huana seem to be the most religious faction, but they do seem intelligent enough to be open to change, which is something rare when it comes to religious people. So I'm willing to give them a chance to prove they are intelligent enough to move past the religious crap (which poisons everything, including the caste system, so progress with that will affect everything).
  8. thanks man, i am not multiclassing, I am referring to Priest and Wizard. I have kinda understood how other classes work. Here the image, i have circled in red the numbers i do not understand: https://drive.google.com/open?id=172DuKDUBocY6uBKGX6ytOQI5f2SnAkRl one is under the (feature?) icon, other are the ones under the spells directly The number under the purple icon (which is the same as with the number under each spell level - I, II, III, IV, etc) is the total number of casts available for that level. In your pic you have 1 level III cast available, so you can cast 1 level III spell out of the four level III spells you know. The same number is listed under each spell as well, to indicate how many times you can cast it.
  9. You can't stop her (if you get to that stage of the quest where she leaves the party she will complete her personal assassination mission) and the ending slides are bugged. Even if you botched the assassinations, the ending slides will show success. "Success" meaning the assassinations happen no matter what. Even if you let the guy at Tikawara die, surprise surprise he still manages to kill his target after he dies. Afaik the only way to get around this is to kill her and fail the quest completely. Even then the slides will probably be bugged, since that's how things work apparently.
  10. Oh... you're saying to use a buff to gain the condition for another. Clever! Yeah this is a nice and useful workaround. I can prioritize one and delay the other to get the effect. Cool. Cool. Cheers! PS: Game, just gimme characters selectable by names in scripts!
  11. This mod is a little outdated, that's the point. Not sure, but maybe you can try to remove it temporarily just to check if the bug goes away.. Nature's bounty is also a Druid ability (Lifegiver) i don't know why is showed on you character sheet, i've checked the gamedatabundle of the default game and all seem fine about it. Like I said I got this mod yesterday. I've had those problems since I bought the game, a few days after it launched. So.......
  12. Are you using some mod ? I'm using an armor "looks only" mod. The author specifically says the mod only changes armors from being displayed. These problems were there long before I installed this mod yesterday (29.07.18). I specifically avoid using mods that change stuff in game mechanics, like skills, npcs, scripts, etc. So that's not it either. Besides I always finish the achievements before installing any mod as well, so I "enjoyed" these bugs (or whatever) as I did two full playthroughs of the game, with no mod. The mod is NSFW, even if the pics when you go to the link are blurred:
  13. Thanks for the replies. @zendingo: I avoided mods that change the game mechanics so far (I only installed a "looks only" mod for armors) since I'm worried it would disable achievements. At least the achievements that will come with the dlc since I already finished all the available ones for now. Besides, Steam and games in general seem to classify any and all mods as "cheats" lol, which I find annoying. But eh. In the end I suppose I'll just have to go for that mod for more detailed stuff in the AI scripts. @Franknstein: The problem is if I want to cast a buff at the start of combat for example, the "has inspiration - false" applies to everyone in the party. So the only way to target a specific ally with a priest buff (champion's boon for example, which I use often), is to use a condition and priority that are already there at the start of combat. Lowest health, or defense would seem to work, but very often that fails and the priest targets someone else, even though the character I want has lowest health (as an example of priority). This would be so easily fixed if we could select "target ally - main" or "target ally - X". I'm still amazed how that wasn't in there to begin with. And the thing is even if this (the lowest health priority) would work without glitchiness, it's still problematic in a fight since almost all characters self buff at start of combat. So if my main happens to cast his infuse faster than others before the priest casts his buff, he might get more health, and suddenly he wouldn't be elligible for "lowest health". Which I thought was the problem at first until I tested it and saw that no, this was not the issue.
  14. Oookay. It still seems buggy to me, but at least I suppose it works since it is displayed in some places at some times. So using the boon during combat will list it in effects, will list it when you hover mouse over character, and it lists the perception bonus in total stats, but it does NOT list the might bonus. However, once the combat ends, if the boon still has time left, the might bonus is finally displayed. So what exactly is happening here? Which numbers am I supposed to believe? lol Pic 1 is the stats before using the boon. Might hovered over to show details. Perception at 24. Pic 2 is the window you get when hovering over the character. It's after using the boon. The boon appears in that list. Pic 3 is the character sheet again, after using the boon. Might hovered over for details. Might doesn't show the boon. Perception is indeed at 26 now. Pic 4 is character sheet scrolled down, in the effects list the boon is now displayed there. So basically it's displayed everywhere, except in the total Might stat list. Once the combat ended, it was displayed there, similar to the pics kilay linked above. So is this a case of too many buffs and not displaying them? Doesn't seem like that would be the case since I've seen much longer lists. Is the +2 might still there during the fight if it's not listed in the Might total? I suppose yes since it does appear there after combat ends.
  15. Thanks for the replies. Going back to the game and checking again, maybe I missed those details. I checked the might for example by looking at the final number in character sheet. It was 26 before and after the nature boon. Going to check the listing and see what's going on.
  16. In preparation for the upcoming dlc, I'm fiddling with the scripts trying to make it... useful beyond casting self buffs. Even the self buffs thing is very awkward and unintuitive. We have the posibility to add multiple effects to the effect list, but no way to make the game only cast them once, so you're forced to do this very awkward each buff with its own condition (always true since almost everything else tends to fail randomly) and timed so as to not have the game go crazy and cast all available spells for each one (and then having to happily deal with the nonsense of that timer not resetting between fights). One of the things I'm struggling with is how to cast specific buffs on specific people. After a few months on these forums and playing the game it's clear to me I have to give up the hope the system will be updated to quality levels similar to what DAO had for example (then again very few games ever have that amazing level of customizable ai tactics system in place), so target party members by name is probably never going to happen, among other things. So the problem is how to do it then. I've tried "target ally" with "lowest health". It's unreliable. The Champion's Boon in particular seems VERY unpredictable if I leave the character to autocast it. A few things that can happen, and that do happen so often it's frustrating: even though target has 211 health, and everyone else has 236+, the priest will often cast the spell on himself, even when no constitution buffs are applied even though the target has lowest health, the priest will often cast on someone else, even on the tank who has 328 health this happens even if I stay on the character casting sometimes, though not so often What would be the more or most reliable way to single out a specific target with specific buffs? And no you can't use the "has inspiration NOT" since that doesn't differentiate between party members and the buff ends up being cast even more randomly then before, not to mention spells like Deleterious which say in description they apply "Swift Inspiration" but they don't actually do that so the condition can't be used at all. Cheers.
  17. Can't find anything on the forums so might as well ask here since it's somewhat related (spells and how they work) and it doesn't seem significant enough to make a new thread. Is Nature's Bounty bugged? It says it gives you +2 Might and Perception, but after drinking it if I look in character sheet those bonuses are not applied. Can't check Action Speed bonus since that's nowhere in the character sheet (why?) but I'm wondering if this does anything at all or I should just avoid casting it completely. Same with Deleterious Alacrity of Motion. It says it gives you Swift Inspiration, but it doesn't, it's just the overall "spell name" effect. At least the stride effect is clearly visible so eh.
  18. Afaik Emeini is the only crew member in game with 5 stars, so yeah, it's likely just a bug. I think she's not supposed to have the Deckhand star. And yeah leveling the crew to 4 stars helps a lot. Also making sure they're not injured.
  19. Lol WOW that is lopsided. Care to share your build and how you did so much damage? Top spells? Well in terms of spells, I focused on Fireball, Delayed Fireball, Wilting Wind and Minoletta's Missile Salvo, as they became available on level up. Using Minoletta's lesser spells when I was dealing with mobs immune to fire at lower levels. It was mostly ok as Evoker, though I think I would have had an easier time with Tekehu's Chill Fog (no friendly fire), but eh. And of course always buffed with Infuse and Merciless Gaze and buffs from Xoti and Serafen. I'll edit later with a full build, but generally that was it. I was always trying to kill with my main, mostly so that he would have the "strongest monster killed" lol (I had to load a save at Nemnok since Eder stole the kill -.- ). The only thing that really surprised me though is how low is Aloth, considering I geared him for damage and he even had Ninagauth's Grimoire (I went with the Vaporous one for my main for the extra spells, I felt it was better damage). Apparently his crappy stats (like all companions really) matter more than I thought.
  20. I see most people have quite balanced parties. I'm guessing this is also due to gameplay, right? Because I focused very much on the idea of my main doing all the damage and everyone else being there to provide him with support. The party comp was: Eder - Tank Xoti - Heal / Buff Aloth - Damage / Debuff (though obviously not very successful on the damage part lol) Serafen - Buff / Debuff (this spot I swapped around a lot so not really relevant for any companion) Wizard Evoker - Damage Anyway, I'm curious how the new trial thingies will go though. Not sure if I'll be able to go with wizard again PS: attached files. not sure how that will be displayed. if it's a mess I'll edit the post. Edit: Ok it's looking good. Also I forgot to mention this is right before I went to the endgame part. And POTD. But if I remember correctly even after the game was over the strongest enemy remained Nemnok lol. And I didn't blur this name since it's not a spoiler afaik, just a random sidequest.
  21. It was 1.4 Gb. I'm curious to know what the patch was about too and I can't find anything :D Edit: Nvm they just posted! It's the 2.0 beta!
  22. The narrator is irritating to me. Especially since if you play male (( bla bla spoilers - most people who finished will know what I'm talking about )). The voice itself is grating but meh, that's more personal preference than anything else, but the story/lore issue is irksome. Now the ship combat. Personally I like it, although I do agree it can get boring. The way I see it, once you get how things work it's easy to "outsmart" the AI and that makes fights both very fast and very easy. For example, when using Junk (silly name btw) vs other Junk ships (or Galleons), you can get a full set of double bronzer cannons and basically kill any ship in 5-ish rounds (3 of witch you spend spam-clicking end turn waiting for the Jibe maneuver to end). If you learn how to bait the AI to make the wrong moves at the start of the fight you can be the one firing first which also means you basically take 0 damage (since 1 round of cannon fire will severely damage the enemy ship and almost always cause injuries, fires, etc forcing the enemy to skip their cannon phase in favor of repairs and stuff). In my first pt the fire guys ships were really annoying specifically because they boarded you almost immediately (after firing their super OP cheat cannon -.- ). But even that was irrelevant in my main pt where I would kill all of them with 2 wilting winds (me and Aloth :D ). I did manage to kill one of their ships before they had the chance to board me, but it was such a hassle of multiple load/saves and so dependant on luck that it's not worth it. What worked for me in terms of ship combat was to get money for Junk asap and the 10 double bronzers and then it's fun... Or boringly op I suppose, depends on everyone's ideas of fun gameplay. I think this is why they doubled the prices for Junk and Galleon. It's a bit slower now, but eh. I don't generally like the boarding aspect of the ship combat because of the crew and how I'm always worried they would die permanently. I don't know if that happens, but whatever. If you want to talk about very VERY irritating moments, there's one particular scripted combat that's part of a quest (being vague because of spoilers) where you basically have to go with an empty ship (in terms of crew) or you will almost 100% lose people (at the start of the combat, WHILE THE GAME IS PAUSED, some crew members casually walk over to the enemy ship and camp right in front of all enemy troops... like... what the actual.........). Very frustrating. The food/drink system is cute. Nothing much to say about it really in my opinion. It's not difficult, it's not interesting... it's just there. Eh. My biggest complaint about ships/crew is the fact that there are not enough crew available to cover 2 things: Master crew members for each position on Junk (max crew). There is no Master Surgeon and there are only 3 Master Cannoneers. BOTH male and female versions for each position. Since the sea shanties depend on the crew configuration, you should be able to make an all male and all Master crew and same for female crew. I get that there's a role play benefit to having "randomized" crew members, but personally I find it annoying. I would like to be able to make an all male crew, with all positions Master. And I imagine there are people who would want that with an all female crew. One other thing I would like to see more than possible improvements to ship combat is more details on crew members. What do the personalities affect, clear stats, etc.
  23. The topic was at the top of the feed. I'm not checking the history/data/etc of every post/thread. If mods have a problem with a post they can block, edit, warn, etc. Shocking news, I know. Back to my point since it seems I was misunderstood. The point was that nerfing everything is not the best way of doing things, especially in a single player game. Balance is one thing, but lowering everything to be "equal" makes it bland. As an example, if a class can end up killing almost anything with 1 skill near end of the game, after careful building and gearing the character, and other classes can't, that doesn't seem to me as a problem. To me it brings flavor to the game. The idea was if someone doesn't like it, don't play that class, or don't min max it, instead of spamming devs to get them to nerf that class. And it's always a call for nerfs because a portion of people want things to be super difficult so they will never call for the "underpowered" class to be lifted, they will call for nerfs. And again, my point was that if you want things to be super difficult, go for it, play with no weapons, no gear, blindfolded in real life, etc, whatever gets you going. But to spam the devs to make them make the game into something that is very difficult no matter what just to fit your personal taste is ridiculous.
  24. It always irks me when the "smash head on wall and scream HARDER!" crowd cries for nerfs in single player games. Because ruining the experience of other people is irrelevant as long as you get what you want right? A min maxed wizard gets really strong PAST MID GAME! Alert the presses, this has never happened before. Really though, how about this, instead of stomping your foot and demanding the game be ALTERED TO SUIT YOUR DESIRES, how about don't play that if you don't like it "so easy"? It's that simple. Or play a naked wizard, who doesn't rest and goes at it solo with no weapons. From start to finish. I've expressed much stronger thoughts on this issue (namely people like that and devs that listen to them) on a different game a few years ago. Where a VERY SPECIFIC build on one class was obliterated by the devs simply because a hadnfull of dims called it out as being "OP"... I see how this is irrelevant for this game since that was with a aaa developer who still listened to nonsense, and here we have a small dev who will only listen to the bigger backers so if said backers happen to be that kind of people then everyone else is screwed :D Oh well. Time will tell.
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