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  1. No idea but in my game it seems to work like that. Also does it with the blackened plate healing them. Must be a bug but works very nice.
  2. I like the idea if the Megabosses being more quest driven and like Eothos, threaten civilisation obviously to a lesser extent. The quests should work towards build a weapon to exploit a weakness or finding knowledge regarding how to exploit their weaknesses if any. Without context, they are pretty boring.
  3. I went to import all the unique weapons and couldn't afford from the begining of the game. Would have cost 170k.
  4. Thanks, I can appreciate that but the seems to be zero increase from the level up of the character either though so the spells feel weak.
  5. I have rolled an Ancient Druid Blood Mage. I have the spine of the thicket green as weapon with the +3 beast and plant power levels. When I look at the various spells I would expect the plague of insects spell to benefit from +15 damage from weapon. Plus 5 from ancient and then a further increase due to power levels increasing due to levelling. It is only showing 15%. All the spells have a different amount ranging from 15% to 35% which are coded beast or plant. Thanks,
  6. Jungle Book Beastmaster build:Mowgli got lost in the dead fire but managed to bring his friends a long with him for the "bear" necessities." Shapeshifter turn into a cat for bageara Stalker Ranger Pet Wolf: Akela Pet bear cub: Baloo
  7. Hi, every time I try and equip deltros cage the game crashes. The screen will become unresponsive but can still hear movement in the background.
  8. I tried a Rogue Assassin and Fighter Devoted with spears and really enjoy it. One spear has dual damage type too. Extra accuracy, raw damage, flank damage etc. Mask of the Grotto for stealth raw damage and the new boot that provide invisibility with a crit. Extra accuracy and crit damage while stealthed once per encounter. Insane damage with cleaving stance once you have clustered the enemies together with sparkle crackers.
  9. I rolled a chanter priest support with low perception focussing on sumons and buffs. Worked really well.
  10. I really like the idea of eating critical kills faster as they are pieces plus a small status point upgrade would be nice too.
  11. Engoliero do Espirs. I love the ghost blades on kill plus the sated blade +3 might dexerity and constitution. Just wish it was a great sword for my devoted builds.
  12. Great build, i did the hell walker version which was great. Some tweaks based on my experience would be Whitewitch mask. Plus 1 power level in illusion as well as access to ryngrims terror per rest. When blooded activates too https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Ryngrim%27s_Enervating_Terror Went with high arcana and used pull eora and ray of fire on a centre target. Deals lots os damage. Anyone coming out after spell end swift flurry. Swift flurry works well with riposte for chance of full attack again and synergises well with gaze of the adragan. I put less points into dexerity due to being missed a lot and auto attacks. I put both moddels on for unarmed 2 penetration bonus and shield accuracy bonus is missed of 15 on your next attack. Crits often and with swift flurry does even further damage. May try druggie monk but was scared of the dampner putting me into negative state. Great build though.
  13. Best way to do it is open up the console, iroll20s then get the item code from the wiki and type in giveitem (copy paste code). Then add in the console free recipes toggle and then enchant the item. Then load your old game with new knowledge.
  14. From what i have read so far, how can we be complaining this is a bug. Far from it. To be honest, it is quite good to be able to get some good gear early. You end up getting the best gear at the end of the game with nobody to kill and use it. It distorts build options limiting food item access. I would prefer more to be available early even if it is cheesing skills to the max. Rules are there to be broken hence this intense min/maxing.
  15. Will have a look at both paladin and ranger. Never choose paladin due to 1.2 zeal nerf and ranger will explore that one.
  16. Will have to test that as i have the seen dancing with death count on some of my attacks.
  17. I was experimenting with a helwalker monk and trickster rogue when i noticed this. Tuotilo's Palm is a small shield and when the modal is active with this small shield it gives +25 recovery time penalty. This us negated if you select the unarmed model giving you +50% recovery penalty. With very high deflection through the shield other items and mirror image, enemies miss often. When missed, you riposte but with small shield modal on you hit back with +15 accuracy often causing a critical. With swift flurry procs large damage. Been a fun build so far.
  18. If you went with a wizard you can use the snakes skin grimoire which has a spell at level 10 turning your fists into cobra strikes which scale with level. Very powerful with other poison items already mentioned and high alchemy. It also has malignant cloud and noxious burst which scale too.
  19. I recall Baldurs Gate when you were charmed and the last person then the game would end. Mad you think hard about dealing with Sirens.
  20. I went for the frost warbow on my assassin sharpshooter. Amazing damage when combined with driving flight. 3 projectiles all then flying through to the next opponent and aoe effect kills them from long range. There is an item which stuns on crit damage which hits multiple times. There is an interesting talent from the ranger talents allowing you to get nimble and move out of range of oncoming charges. When they get too close i had another item which cause my character to be paralysed and heal but take little damage. There is an item that heals on kill which makes this the most fun build i have done so far.
  21. I was getting 83 with high intelligence. Thought my Paladin would steam roller everything until i died very quickly after activating it.
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