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  1. Yeah, I remember reporting this bug myself in beta... among hundreds of other bugs that needed to be fixed urgently. And it was reported along with other game crashing Mac bugs which where pretty hard to differentiate from it. And this is a bug which affects only a subset of a small subset of players. I don't think they knew, and I think it's reasonable for them not to know.
  2. I find this is the case with EVERY game on more than one MacBook that I've played with. These little guys really aren't meant for gaming.
  3. Some of use playing on Mac's find the game freezes upon going into character creation. Could somebody please post a savegame just past character creation so I could start playing? There's some other players who could use the help as well. I was planning on playing a goody goody wizard/monk, but literally any character from any backstory would be fine.
  4. I suspect that this is the same bug which prevented character creation in the Backer Beta from running on a Mac. This bug has been known about for months, now. Still not fixed for release. (AGGRAVATION INTENSIFYING)
  5. The game freezes in a black screen after the initial bit in the In-between. I've tried to upload the player.log file, but the forum software refuses to upload that "type of file". Edit: Here's my player.log file copied to pastebin: https://pastebin.com/sKuxpJ24
  6. I've seen the opposite complaint: why would you play a single-class caster when dual class casters get so much more flexibility? Power level is essential to avoid making single-class characters underpowered. Another advantage: it's not only flexibility, but the total number of spells you can cast during combat. The 2-casts-per-level restriction on Druids, Wizards and Priests means they run out of spells in any lengthy combat. Dual casters cast more spells per combat.
  7. I thought cold and necromancy were associated because freezing and death are both types of entropy...?
  8. I understood Josh to say that they're planning on implementing the ship and ship battles in the beta (but NOT this coming update). Cool beans.
  9. Would you get a one-handed bonus for the weapon you're using? Because if you don't, then it'll feel like you're being pretty strongly penalized for doing the cool swashbuckler sword-and-pistol thing.
  10. Well, soon we'll be able to pick talents such as "weapon & shield style" and "two-handed style" on the same chart as weapon proficiencies, which complement weapon proficiencies. With that, there's at least a two step evolution.
  11. Grazes are coming back for all attacks.
  12. Those low level summons were powerful because it IS really useful to have extra bodies on the field, soaking up blows. I found they didn't always FEEL powerful, though.
  13. Alright, but following that logic you should be able to loot clothes he wore and other miscellaneous items he undoubtedly had on his person. Not every creature needs to drop loot, gathering it is pretty much busy work (and as mentioned above, ignoring it can be difficult, especially if it clutters the whole room). Gathering all the loot it takes a couple of clicks, and selling it all is pretty fast. I've never felt cluttered by the loot in PoE, personally.
  14. I feel that both abilities are wrong as racial ones, since they're completely unnecessary with so many character builds. It gives a real bad feeling to people who want to play the "incorrect" class with that race.
  15. I think the system would function fine internally, but it may be a muddy system that's difficult for players to understand in practice.
  16. You're idea is great on its own, but problematic in the context of a game that's already VERY complicated. When there's a lot of modifiers on a stat, it becomes difficult to know exactly why the stat is the number it is, and each individual modifier feels less significant to the overall stat. I love this idea, and I really hope they put it in.
  17. I'd agree some (maybe most) of the modals need tuning. However, the Hunting bow has -15 deflection from the sceptre, which means that it'll miss roughly 1/7th of the time compared to the sceptre. That doesn't seem like a bad price at all to pay for -50% action time, since you'll be attacking at a fast enough rate to make up for your misses and then some. It's only bad in comparison with the sceptre, and the dual wielding bonus, which currently seems overpowered.
  18. Playing single class characters means that you gain abilities several levels later than single class characters. It's hard to appreciate until you play, but this is a really annoying downside. If you enjoy the Ranger ability tree, you'll feel bad multi-classing. Although I really like the ability tree, some people currently find the current ranger ability tree a little lackluster. If you do as well, play mutliclass. The Ranger abilities tree has a lot of stuff like evasive roll, concussive shot & takedown, which are more oriented towards battlefield control than pure damage de
  19. Yeah, iirc, they said about a month ago that Tyranny wrapped up after Bastard's Wound.
  20. Josh on the Nov 30 twitch stream said they were reducing the casting times of some spells for the next beta.
  21. Transcendent suffering is only meant to make fists, normally a terrible weapon, on par with other types of melee weapons. If it doesn't stack with other weapons, I don't see why it would stack with shapeshifter strikes. There's a TON of synergy between monks and druids.
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