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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys, you've given me lots to think about! I hadn't considered Beguiler before, but it looks good, as does the regular cipher. I don't think that I'd enjoy the nature of Psion. What do you guys think about Soul Blade? I know that it's not a natural fit for a ranged char but I'm wondering if the discount on shred powers and having Soul Annihilation as a last resort should he get cornered seems like it might be worth considering.
  2. I agree about the Hunting Rifle. I haven't had any issues with other weapons but I snipe a fair bit and it feels like I'm repairing the HR all the time.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I'm planning on playing on console once it's eventually released so I won't have access to the community patch. Is Arcane archer still competitive against a crit focused ranger/ascendant using St Omaku's Mercy without the community patch?
  4. Hello all. I backed the game but have only dabbled in it, I'm yet to complete a playthrough. I'm waiting on the Ultimate edition being available on consoles, quite fancy it on the Switch if they manage to do a decent port. Anyway, in the meantime I'd like to do some theorycrafting. Ranger is my favourite class, I really like having the animal companion. I loved playing a ranger in Pillars 1. However, from what I've seen of high level ranger abilities, it looks like more fun and more effective to multiclass rather than go single class. The fact that high level abilities eat up the s
  5. Thanks Boeroer. The thread about multi-classing with paladin is indeed interesting, bleak walker wouldn't suit the particular character that I have in mind, but another order could work. Do you know if there are many cipher-only dialogue interactions in Deadfire? From what little I played as a mindstalker there didn't seem to be that much, certainly not to the extent that I'd feel like I was missing out on something significant, unlike Nano in Numenera! Also, out of interest, how do you think that a properly scaling imbue missiles would compare to twinned shots for a single class arcane archer
  6. Hello guys. I backed Deadfire and so got a PC copy at release, and I played a bit with a few different characters before deciding to wait for the console release to properly play through the game (I love the idea of having portable Deadfire on the Switch). However, as the console release appears to be taking forever and the Switch version may not even be this year (Versus Evil's 2019 line-up specifically mentions Deadfire on PlayStation and Xbox and Pillars 1 on Switch, but no mention of Deadfire on Switch), I've had enough of waiting and really want to get back into Deadfire! My favourite
  7. Is nerfing the Ranger's Evasive Fire really warranted? The ability was good, it could hit hard and it let you kite, but it was only really powerful against one enemy or a small number, given that you can't aim the attack. Seeing as rangers are still consistently seen as one of the weakest classes (if not the weakest) I don't understand the reasoning behind nerfing one of their stronger abilities...
  8. I've gone to Dunnage really early (just after getting Serafen) on 2 in progress playthroughs and in both Ragged Cerrow is available right away through the supply tab.
  9. It's not a working game as there are many, many people who cant play it. That doesn't mean that it's broken for you personally, but as a whole, the game is broken. Do you realise that some people experiencing bugs that prevent them from playing doesn't make it broken for everyone? It's not a single exclusive state. Plenty of people have finished the game and the sidequest. They couldn't have done that if it was inherently broken. The game is buggy and needs work, aye. But that doesn't make it broken. And labelling people who disagree with you 'fanboys' comes across as very childish and tryin
  10. Learn some context. #35 out of thousands of games (over 15k as of January last year) is a pretty good point two-three weeks after release, as is the fact that it has yet to drop out of the top 100 games played on Steam. We're talking about an isometric cRPG with RTWP combat, a niche game ever since its inception. We're also discussing whether the game is a success not even a month after release. To quote a certain captain, context is for kings. And getting your **** together before you start proclaiming something a failure is too. learn some business sense 35 aint good mate St
  11. One thing to take into calculation is that multi-class gets a PL every 3 levels, not 2. If we don't just skip right to max level, we can probably see why solo-ranger actually has a way better time than Scout throughout the game. Here's the skill order for single class and compared to multi class on the ranger side Lv 1 - Mark + Wounding shot / Wounding shot + The other class Lv 2 - Vicious Companion / Mark Lv 3 - Gunner, marksman / Any lv 4 - 2-handed weapon / Marksman + The other class Lv 5 - Marked for hunt + AWS / Gunner
  12. The Sharpshooter also suffers -10 deflection as well, which is fairly steep considering that the bonuses he gains are somewhat diminished in terms of overall dps by the recovery penalty (unless like you say you're using a gun).
  13. If you shoot out their sails, then board you get decent xp and more loot. You definitely get more loot boarding though Also, a Dhow with full speed upgrades will be in boarding range after 2-4 full sails. That's my goto at this point, ship combat does nothing for more me after the first playthrough. If you want proof, my first playthrough I sank Bounty - Biakara and missed out on this item, which did not drop: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Lance_of_the_Midwood_Stag In a subsequent playthrough I boarded that bounty and looted the unique pike. I have that Pike and have
  14. No sub class spec (none of them are really that good as they control your playstyle and ranger are best when they are versatile.) I play with 4 con 4 resolve. Max Might, Dex and Per. The rest into int. Both Con and Resolve are kinda trash especially on ranged char. The only time you will ever receive burst damage on the range char are in ship battles and even if you have 10 cons, without armor rating, you will die anyway. If needed, just have Druid or Cipher give you Robust buff to deal with the initial burst. For skills, you don't need to spec into pets at all. They scale poorly so yo
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