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  1. Bleak Walker's Junk: The Envoy of Mortality Cipher's Dhow: Seven Days Dreaming Chanter's Galleon: The Two Drink Minimum
  2. I couldn't agree more with this, and I think the principle should expand to not just romances but all companions. As your relationship builds with them and their approval/disapproval grows it should open up a lot more options for conversation topics. I hate that after spending a few minutes talking to someone immediately after we met they never really have anything else to say to me for the next however-many-months we spend on this boat together.
  3. I just want to journey across all of Eora with my favourite drugged up grandpa Zahua, everyone else can rot.
  4. I really would like there to be more companion interactions, particularly I would like it if some new dialogue options opened up as the game progressed through key moments or especially as companions approval rises or falls. All this hype for the companion relationship system and I barely even noticed it was there at all, yet to me this would be the most meaningful way of making it relevant.
  5. I can not speak for your characters motivations, but I can look at this situation from my own character's point of view: As a Bleak Walker, I have killed hundreds, maybe even thousands of kith. Most of them probably had families, loved ones, children, they were all just trying to get by and make a living for themselves. I killed all these men and women because it served a greater purpose, because it is my duty to right the wrongs that plague this world and to do that, I must have power. Now, why would I think twice about killing some old man who has already accepted his own death and has no mortal ties to the world, heck Zahua would probably jump at the opportunity to sacrifice himself for some greater purpose, he may even see it as a form of atonement. He failed his people in life, with the power granted me through his death I will save the world.
  6. What's his sword? Duskfall, it has -15% Recovery time and several enchants that give things like extra accuracy/dmg on first attack of fight or extra deflection for first 15 sec of fight, etc. Makes a great Rogue weapon, especially for Assassin subclass He'll also give you the sword if you side with him and kill the Bardattos.
  7. So I just finished the game with a Bleak Walker paladin, 19 Resolve and 10 Constitution base and honestly I feel like I could have dumped Constitution to minimum because by about halfway through the game my armor rating and defenses were so high that literally the only damage I ever took was from Voidwheel and Sacred Immolation.
  8. I gave Concelhaut's phylactery to Llengrath in POE for the stat buff but I did not get it back in Deadfire, even after Eothas let me take my soul back, though Llengrath did say nice things about me during the archmage meeting.
  9. Yeah, Maia is good to bring along for this reason. She had 22 perception at one point in my playthrough and would literally detect some traps beyond the fog of war.
  10. I liked the zombie pirate island and the post-heist stuff with Arkemyr, getting to sit in on the archmage gathering was really neat and I found the Concelhaut and Fampyr fights to be the only challenging ones in the game.
  11. Junk with double bronzers on one side, long guns on the other, 2 broadsides from either or one from each will sink anything in the deadfire.
  12. Agreed, I think my biggest issue with the ship combat system (and some other areas of gameplay) is the lack of transparency. Even after plenty of messing about it's still unclear exactly how some things are effected.
  13. I actually had this thought pop into my head a few days ago. I think Chanter/Wizard would work pretty well, but my personal build would probably be Chanter/Druid, focusing on Decay spells (I hope Rot Skulls makes a comeback). Also with Druid you could spin rejuvenation magic as a form of necromancy as it artificially prolongs a creature's life. Priest of Berath doesn't really fit thematically as Berath prefers to keep dead things dead as I see it, undeath really messes with the whole cycle thing he's got going on.
  14. It's there... could be a little more intuitive though, having to navigate several menus just to see everything each subclass gets is pretty tedious.
  15. Really liking the Eothas, Skaen and Magran weapons... hoping Berath's is just a placeholder...
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