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  1. I wonder why wouldn't a Jedi simply crush or push Grievous' body with the force. Grivous isn't even a force user. He is only a piece of metal.
  2. Anakin: thinks he is the best of all times. Read the book, he is a victim.
  3. Vaklu's rebellion is a putsch and not a liberation movement. The Sith help him to achieve his aims because their enemy can be weakened by this.
  4. It depends on how you look at it. Why do you think that joining a Sith Empire retains individuality?
  5. Numberman and Nur, what is the reason that you two have become such radical lately? Is it the anger waiting for the patch or what?
  6. Erm, he was stabbed in the back by his Noghri bodyguard because Vader and Thrawn systematically exploited the Noghri race.
  7. Ok, let us take the average of the guesses and meet in the middle: 40.
  8. IIRC Jolee said something about 50 years ago. But better wait for Nur Ab Sal, he'll bring in the exact number.
  9. Admiral Thrawn. He made the best of a bad job with only four Star Destroyers at hand. Even the Emperor appreciated his alien tactical genius.
  10. In defense of Yoda: He is one of the very few in the list who managed to live long enough to die "a natural death". p.s. Palpy is brutally beaten and abused by Mr. Windu in upcoming EIII.
  11. Please don't tell you have your numbers from Supershadow. Did they tell in the movie that Anakin has 20,000 or only that his value goes beyond the scale?
  12. Yes. I can't get why people believe Samurai to be more honorable than other warriors serving their emperor. That is cult, legend, myth.
  13. If someone would be able to bend light back and to create a lightsaber, then you still have the problem to find a Jedi to use it.
  14. In theory it should, but this bombing didn't effect what you said. They didn't hit most of the production centres. Germany's reconstruction mainly was made up of rebuilding the devastated city centers.
  15. The U.S. foreign policy is "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". They supported the Soviet Union massively. They funded them, sold them millions of U.S. Jeeps and even many Soviet tanks had American mounting. Have you never wondered how they could afford this all of a sudden when they were near devastation? After WWII the numbers of civilian casualties at the east front caused by the German attack had been given by the Soviet Union. This have been several million. Later they had to be corrected, because it became clear that many of them died by Stalin's political cleansing. So to say, Soviet's dirty secret.
  16. I think the same like a frontal attack on a Star Destroyer. Approx. 1653:1 ?
  17. Yes, and someone mentioned that this civilized times must have been a long time ago in this region. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, you had better "civilize" them, then. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In the middle ages they have still been an advanced and exemplary tolerant civilization (="civilized"). But today? I wouldn't say so...
  18. A picture tells a thousand words. So, mainboard.bmp
  19. If you want to get into a humanitarian comparison of the German occupation of the Soviet Union (roughly 25 million civilians killed) vs. the American occupation of Iraq (civilian casualties differ by source, but usually between 10,000/15,000), you're going to lose. Be careful with the numbers (25million??? not really...). And the comparison lacks a little bit. " But your point is clear, though.
  20. Yes, and someone mentioned that this civilized times must have been a long time ago in this region.
  21. On supershadow.com the only thing worth seeing is the "Princess Leia Bikini Pictures" section. [Thread pruned for inappropriate language] Edit: What did I say?
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