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  1. A saber made of Dark Matter/Energy would be less devastating than a vibroblade.
  2. Seriously, does anybody at this forum have sufficient knowledge of physics? (I don't think so... )
  3. Obi-Wan-style, master of defense. (The color doesn't matter)
  4. What is your conclusion? Firstly he didn't really turn to the Dark Side. And even if he did, why shouldn't he be better than his father nonetheless? Luke is the winner of their final duel although his father has already been a master of the Dark Side for about twenty years. Very good point. That's why a ranking isn't possible and why everybody favours another duelist.
  5. Where did you get this information from? Soylent Green are pure algae. I eat it for lunch every weekend. Man, if I wouldn't know better you'd just have spoiled my appetite... :ph34r:
  6. And the amount of energy which has to be transfered is also unimaginable huge, even for a single person.
  7. Probably there are so few of them because they got a very bad brain disease (similar to the Mad Cow Disease) by doing this.
  8. Don't say you are a racist like these Jedi scum... Terentateks may have some strange eating habits, but that must not be a justification to outlaw them! :D
  9. I've found some understandable NASA articles about this topic.
  10. I'm curious, when did the "accelerating expansion" theory fall and what observation led to this shift of opinion?
  11. Isn't it the other way round? The current state of knowledge is that the universe is expanding with increasing speed and that there is not enough mass (Dark Matter included) to slow down this process. The existence of Dark Matter would explain some gravitational effects on galaxies however.
  12. Did I get that right, in your opinion somebody is a racist simply because his arch-enemy belongs to a different species?
  13. KotOR2 didn't "suck", but there are a few aspects which might need some polish. IMO one major problem (from a PC user's point of view) is that KotOR2 was primarily developed for a console. Two other "blemishes" are the sometimes tangled dialogues and the too abrupt ending.
  14. The shocking truth about Tulak H.: He fought like General Grievous did in Ep3.
  15. And what is the error message you get?
  16. Wow, it's amazing to learn that all of my opinions actually have a name. Edit: I really don't know - both could be true. From what is told in some novels even the Jedi don't have a clue about the phenomena. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's just a cop out: what do you think the Force is? :cool: After thinking for a while: More likely it is a phenomena devoid of emotion.
  17. We assume that other species don't feel love, hate, or other emotions; but I think we have to acknowledge that it is an assumption. Dolphins seek revenge, and are the only other species besides us that will fornicate for pleasure rather than solely for reproduction. I know my dog feels, as crazy as it sounds... She reacts badly when there's argument, she's content when she recieves affection, and she guards our children as if they were her puppies. Yes, indeed, some mammals... but they are, in fact, only a tiny group of lifeforms. I was looking at it more universally (like metadigital). Our nature is well known for the rule "eat or be eaten" and that has nothing to do with our understanding of "love". And the relationship between the mother animal and her child is mostly extremely cruel or impassive at least. Often the offspring is chased away and attacked whenever they meet again. Social behaviour of animals is very diverse, but THE human "love" can't be found there. Thus my point: Why should it be a pre-condition for "life"? I really don't know - both could be true. From what is told in some novels even the Jedi don't have a clue about the phenomena.
  18. Hmm, there are many other settings missing. You could give this settings file a try (but backup your old swkotor2.ini file fist!): swkotor2.ini.txt
  19. Take a look into the file "swkotor2.ini" which can be found in the Kotor2 main directory. You can insert the resolution settings there if they are missing, and try again without using the Configuration Utility. Example: [Display Options] ... Width=1280 Height=1024 BitsPerPixels=32 RefreshRate=60 [Graphics Options] ... RefreshRate=60 Width=1280 Height=1024 ...
  20. Kreia makes a good point: love (more than anything in our universe, and arguably just as much as -- if not identical to -- The Force) is life. Life as in the verdant growth of Spring, the young growing f
  21. You're right, a Sith Lord's opinion is always very appropriate to a discussion about the Jedi. Wait a moment, I'll try to find a quote from Palpatine about the Jedi and love... *goes to the bookshelf*
  22. Disagree......here's the link of the scene anatomy of ep2 by George H. Sirois where he explains very well the reasons of Anakin's feelings towards Padme: http://www.411mania.com/movies/columns/art...columns_id=3883 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There are several reasons for Anakin's fall but Padme's well-being is definitely the main motive. You don't have seen Ep3 yet, don't you? p.s. Who is this George H. Sirois and what importance does his personal opinion have to disprove edu11's statement?
  23. In my opinion we discuss this "forbidden love" issue in a wrong context. Only members of the Jedi Order aren't allowed to have possessive relationships. Thus this rule only applies to an absolute minority of elite peacekeepers who can be easily overwelmed by their emotions (which can turn them into homicidal maniacs). For everybody else in the SW universe these rules don't apply. In real life there is no "Force", neither a light nor a dark side. So, of course, outside of the SW fiction the forbiddance of love doesn't make any sense. For the Jedi Order these rules may be arguable, but at least have a clear motivation.
  24. I'd like to have Handmaiden as a love interest. Sadly, she became peeved and refused to talk to my character for the rest of the game. But it wasn't my fault...
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