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  1. One point which is commonly overlooked is that Jedi are allowed to have sex. (Link as proof needed?) Even Yoda might have had a hanky-panky then. I think with this information given some of you would approve of the Jedi Code... "
  2. A duel between two Jedi/Sith is characterised by precognition and intuitive counter measures. Cheating with the lightsaber during an attack wouldn't give the attacker any advantage over other lightsaber techniques. If the opponent is distracted or overpowered, switching the lightsaber off and on would have the desired success, but otherwise it is an own goal (since just in the moment of the switch-off the opponent's lightsaber already cuts through his body).
  3. "Curious about how Henchmen work? bla blah..." Hell, no, we are curious about the release date of the KotOR2 patch! <_<
  4. I like this idea... but only with the slight modification that - with the exception of the first transition - this gradient is anything but steep. "
  5. Incomplete? It reminds me of KotOR2... BTW do you actually know or do you suppose that all of these scenes have been filmed?
  6. "These distinctions attempt to differentiate science fiction from fantasy, using science as the demarcation point. It can also be argued that science fiction is simply a modern form of fantasy, which developed alongside of the rise of science and technology as driving factors in modern society. In this view, the elements that would previously have been presented as fantasy (magic, transformations, divination, mind-reading, fabulous beasts, new civilizations, higher beings, etc.) are rationalized or supported through scientific or quasiscientific rationales (psychic abilities such as telekinesis and precognition, aliens and their civilizations, etc.). This definition also has the benefit of avoiding semantic traps over science fiction which is overtaken by events, such as the science in the story is disproven or events predicted in the story do not happen or happen in radically different ways. It also reflects the substantial overlap between the audiences of science fiction and fantasy literature, the fact that many (if not most) science fiction authors have also written works of fantasy, and that many fantasy novels have won Hugo and Nebula awards." I think the above quote from Wikipedia explains my opinion better. Yes, if a scientist is mistaken he's just wrong, but a fiction author is a "fantasist" in any case. Not more, but it's a great deal. Ok, it's just a film - 3D holograms are just given, and some plot points aren't made as clear as in the respective novel (where is also no sound in space). For my part, I really like the compromise: Replacing "science fiction" and "science fantasy" with another term. "Speculative fiction" would be a term used to refer to both science fiction and fantasy together. It can also include literary fiction that uses science fictional or fantastic elements.
  7. I remember Kyp Durron cheating with his lightsaber in a similar way in a match against Luke Skywalker. But Skywalker foresaw the attack through the force and parried without much trouble.
  8. The people at Wikipedia wrote: "Writers are actually as likely to write of a future that they hope will not happen." In my opinion science fiction mostly has a "pessimistic" undertone. The discussion began with my statement that "realistic" and "sci-fi" is a contradiction in terms. I've been aware of this definition of science fiction, but I don't fully agree with the "hardliner" definition of it. Yes, they are mainly concerned about the technology itself, but why do they arrogantly claim the term "realistic" for themselves and only leave "fantasy" to the others? Certainly, hard science fiction writers are trying to separate themselves from other forms in this genre. Hard science fiction often has become fantasy faster than the writer could imagine (some examples for this are given at wikipedia). Regarding the issue whether SW is science fiction or not, I agree with you that Star Wars is fantasy, but in my opinion, as well, a sort of science fiction. "There are, additionally, numerous works falling into neither of the above categories, but instead telling more conventional stories in a futuristic or technologically advanced setting; this category, space opera, which includes Star Wars, arguably Star Trek, and most other works that come to mind when one refers to "science fiction," is considered to be a variety of fantasy by some science-fiction diehards. The general public, of course, doesn't make such a distinction, and places Star Wars and the like in the category of SF."(quote from wikipedia.com) IMO the main core of Star Wars is that it is a galactic adventure in a technologically advanced society *with* space ships and droids (R2D2,C3PO). What would be Star Wars and Star Trek without futuristic technologies? Middle Earth Wars and Hobbit Trek?
  9. Games and films only, please. Ok, no EU. But the point remains: KotOR and films are contradictory. Maybe it was intended as you said but since they used this stuff excessively in nearly all of the series and movies it became more of an inconsistency than a homage. I remember an older film in which american bomber squadrons fly through a valley to make several attack runs on a dam. That was exactly what we can see in "A New Hope". Not at all. You are referring to science fantasy. Science Fiction, the best imo, and the realistic stuff, is generally political plots based on slight futuristic environments or askew historical scenarios ... The science fiction genre, as it is very pessimistic, (almost) always failed to foresee future technologies and their use (independently of whether the writers actually tried to, or not). Reality came different and disabused everybody (in analogy to science fantasy regarding the discrepancy with reality). Ironically, nowadays science fiction literature even has the problem that it lags behind the real scientific world. This is the reason why I generally don't see an important difference between science fiction and science fantasy.
  10. That is the point. Many things in KotOR1/2 are contrary to what is shown and told in the movies and the expanded universe(EU). For example, the game suggest that there are personal Stealth Field Generators, that every melee weapon is indestructible by a lightsaber or that a scout/soldier/scoundrel can even resist the force push of a Dark Jedi Master. These "inaccuracies" are only tolerated due to the support of common RPG concepts (and fun). For further discussion we should decide whether we talk about the SW universe in general or specifically about the game. Huh? Most of the enemies in Episode I-III are computer brains and their individual physical appearances. Missiles find their target autonomously. Starfighters are controlled and/or navigated by computers/droids. Civilian droids think, repair, assist and communicate. Don't you remember R2D2? What is missing in your opinion, a "self aiming" flying blaster pistol? BTW Star Trek remains a mystery to me, as they have a total of one single robot(it's a shame, they don't know how to create another one), but on the other hand they have a holodeck full of thinking computer simulated characters. The attack on the first Death Star (1977) based upon a WWII film with similar action scenes. I've watched this film some years ago, but forgot the name. "realistic" sci fi stuff? - That is a contradiction in terms anyway.
  11. The Jedi's trick is to have the hands up *before* the shot is fired. BTW the cheesy hand waving is there to help the audience realizing what's going on.
  12. Gone crazy on one of your missions? You are one of the few who can silently kill with a sheet of paper, right?
  13. I don't know much about LA's project management, but wasn't Gallo the responsible producer for Kotor2?
  14. I think the case isn't closed yet. The question remains why droidekas from the PT, as they have personal shielding, aren't fought by vibroblades.
  15. I wanted to say it, too, but I didn't had the heart to do it and I got stuck for the right word. Thank you! :'( I feel a lot better now.
  16. To be honest, leanest Portman is the greenest, so we'll attest Amy is the best.
  17. Yes go fight for american oil rights. I am sure Bush will commend you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> For the love of... can we please keep politics off this board. This guy is doing a brave and patriotic thing and he does not need to hear you denigrating him because you do not like the current administration. If you want to talk politics go to freerepublic.com or democratunderground.com. People come here to get away from that crap. 11XHooah, thank you, good luck, and godspeed. BTW, I was in the Marines, 1989-94. It paid for my BSEE. It's a tremendous opportunity and a good thing to do for your fellow citizens, even ungrateful ones like Flyboi. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> YES! What a glorious thing to kill and enslave other nations in order to exploit them later by US corporations. Nazi soldiers had the same imperial way of thinking. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, and the same with the USMC, Napoleon, the Communists, Great Alexander and McDonalds, the Hutus and the Iraqis, etc... I love those discussions.
  18. At that time the world was flat and very small...
  19. The answer is quite sobering. There is no reason other than for gameplay sake.
  20. I would have better let the "true" Sith rest in peace in KotOR2.
  21. Yes, of course, it isn't true. But looking at the 0,001% women I think they are still quite under-represented. For a change there should be a feminist who demonstrates their potential for a Stalina or Hitla somtime...
  22. Yes. *Contemplative thoughts* Deep dive into Meta-ethics! I like the sound of Moral Universalism, but, truthfully I hadn't thought about this aspect before. I guess I would subscribe generally to moral anti-realism, and specifically I am a Moral Skeptic. This means that I think there are absolute moral essential values, just we don't know what they are and can't determine them. By "absolute moral essential values" do you mean something like a devine truth or a law of nature? Yes, I agree. A deontological hardliner would definitely make a very lousy policeman. I've found a definition of moral universalism on the web. It seems to be a compromise between moral absolutism and moral relativism. And is more secular. Yes.
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