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  1. the discussion is nonesense. Fact is, that George Lucas had to make clear who the bad guys are for the needs of the average (stupid?) viewer at cinema. For that what is simpler than using sterotypes? The helmet of Vader has contributed to that, of course! PS: we totally forgot "Darth" Stalin in our dictator list
  2. Nevertheless I am curious how they made up the story (hoping the best).
  3. its just a coincidence. first because if u look closely at the wallpaper the masked sith has big hands especially bigger than atris. this somewhat says hey im a dude. and second why would she need a mask. She wears a mask after becoming evil because of your bad company (as your apprentice?). And the ugly hands? Because of the irritation among the kotor fans. Remember this is only art work. And it works best...
  4. The reason why Chris Avellone paid his attention to this thread is because it wasn't as wrong as supposed. The wallpaper at lucasarts.com appeared shortly after. That's why I arrive at the conclusion that Atris and the masked Sith are identical.
  5. The discussion leads to the wrong direction. Read the last part of the top
  6. Orthodox calendar? - This was a rhetoric joke of a Lucasarts spokesman. They took 'winter' avoiding to get concrete... Astronomically winter spans from mid-december till mid-march (for the northern hemisphere)
  7. The phrase "last known jedi" definitely implies that someone counted up the killed jedi vs. the jedi known so far. To pack one's bags and leave Coruscant isn't meant by this, I think!
  8. I think it is very unlikely that in the story of Kotor2 there should be only one jedi left who survived the struggle with the sith. What could have happened to the jedi temple on Coruscant? Another "Dantooine desaster" would definitely suck. The task of rebuilding the jedi order from the beginning of... destroying most of the Sith empire - Could one lonely jedi's action actually have an effect of this scale? Truly this burden would be enormous... It sounds more probable that there is an hidden reunited jedi force waiting for their final strike. Somewhere in the official sources it is mentioned that the republic gathers their forces in the core worlds with the result of being unable to defend the outer rim anymore. What do you think?
  9. It's an longest known bug! Sometimes IE changes 5 in 5.6666666 and 6 in 6.6666666. It's amazing :D
  10. I'm sorry, but this is the only way getting the attention of C.A. & co PS: @Maria Caliban: Very HOT avatar! Peace...
  11. Or even better: Kreia could turn to the Dark Side. Wearing a sith mask she would look like the sith on the title at lucasarts.com. Look deep into her old eyes and you will see it!!
  12. because it's said the story is about the master-apprentice relationship I think your PC has been a former apprentice of Revan and the white haired woman (atris?) is your apprentice in the LS case and the (female?) sith lord on the logo is your apprentice in the DS case. You have to kill the other at some point in the game, of course...
  13. Has anybody already catched his/her eye on the kotor2 cover picture at lucasart's webpage? What mystery could be behind the metamorphosis of the white haired jedi becoming a sith? Maybe this is because teaching your own apprentice went wrong. Or am I over-interpreting that issue?
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