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  1. As much as I want steam personally, they need to tackle the following to maximize success with it: Account Data Sharing between devices Content Bugs Achievements multiplayer Achievements are not important to all, but they are important to a lot of Steam people, so would be silly to not have all that in place. Lack of multiplayer, even though I don't personally think it's AS needed as much with a co-op game of this style, users will give the game negative reviews if it's missing. Multiplayer enhances competitive games with crappy AI, but luckily, co-ops play well with 1 or more. S
  2. It's a product, that was released, and they are charging money. It's not a beta, a prototype, or a magical unicorn just because you want it to be. It's a framework for a game, that is currently incomplete. Will it be complete one day? Maybe. Will it be bug free one day? Maybe. Will it be too late for some one day? Maybe! And for umpteenth time on this forum - I don't expect anything. Stop asserting that I've asserted that. The devs can run the game however they want. It's their game. It's their risk, not mine. However, I don't have to like/agree with their sub-optimal roll-
  3. There exists cards in the game that are not great, but are situational. One frequent situation is: "When you find this card, it's good until the end of the scenario" then pitch it. This is potentially one of those cards. If you find it in a scenario... getting guaranteed +X on an important check is always good... and it just has a large discard cost for it's usage, so you'd probably only want to use it on big bad guys, like Villians or last ditch efforts. It's also magic, which has it's specific uses too. You might not want to keep it though depending on your views of card efficiency
  4. You aren't alone OP. MOST people would want to play the game from Adventure B - Adventure 6. Then decide which other characters to replay the game with, and/or if it is even worth doing so. SOME people might try different characters in different modes. SOME people might try different characters to see if they like them, and maybe switch if they find they don't like the gameplay. However, the notion that this game was designed from the ground up for constant repeated play on only a few Adventures/Scenarios is silly. It wasn't. It was designed for CHARACTER PROGRESSION,
  5. The adventure paths are also released once a month in the physical game. They actually are pretty much games in and of themselves since they all have some interesting twist on the "corner the villian" formula. As you progress, different mechanics pop up. It's completely logical that those AP's are being developed along the way. Look. Don't blame them for this, they said up front the APs were going to be released over months of time. They were completely up front about it, and it mirrors nearly exactly how the physical board game that won numerous awards and has throngs of fans worldwide. A
  6. Just curious - have you tried this variant in later adventure paths, like Skulls and Shackles or Wrath of the Righteous? I played with a group in the real world who originally read the rules wrong and thought blessings could only be used in the same location... and they had a hard time but enjoyed the challenge. They often replayed the same scenarios over and over. However, that was for Rise of the Runelords only. Once i corrected the rules for them, they had a much easier time with the game to say the least.
  7. All of my complaints are constructive criticism. I've paid for the content available. I'm familiar with the actual game (I own all 3 adventure paths, add-on decks, and many extras). I am entitled to a particular view on it. I am 100% part who this app is designed for, and regardless, any app designer hopes to appeal to as many people as possible. When they are losing my attention...someone who wanted an app before they started coding an app... IMO... they are doing something wrong. I am not hooked because of so little of what is available. I am less excited because of how
  8. "Then maybe this game isn't for you" == Then maybe this game isn't for most people then. Not every game has to completely keep you hooked to it for 100% of your gaming time... and that is one of the better things about board games, shorter sessions. The majority of people will want to play through a full story adventure once or twice. (worth $25 alone) Then hardcore people will want to play replay with different characters and combinations for a while, and explore the meat of the game Then ultra hardcore people will want to replay and min/max completely, farming for items, and really brea
  9. People have every right to complain. If Obsidian wants to take advantage of the marketing and allure of announcing content coming soon by stating deadlines to get it's userbase excited, and overall, spending time/money in their app, then they also have to accept the negatives when they don't meet those promises... for any reason, good or bad, big or small. They could have just had the game say - "coming soon" or "coming summer" or "coming 3Q", or maybe put a countdown in when they have an exact date to build the excitement. Anything that couldn't be 100% wrong and lead to disappointm
  10. It's a disappointment! And to be clear, being disappointed is not negative. I'm not bashing anyone's efforts. I'm applying logical feedback on what I think will/would make this game successful. If they ever can figure out how to release content with less bugs... maybe through better framework building for the game (similar to Hearthstone), then at some point, the development time should be faster... and should the choice come of... spend 100 hours building mulitplayer, or 100 hours releasing more content... I hope they smartly decide more content first! And I did stop playing. Afte
  11. My whole point is that it may very well can't be fixed. But if it was my game, I would do whatever I could to speed up the production/release of content in parallel to bug-fixing... which may be happening, but we have not seen net results of that beyond delays. I 100% would NOT be designing new cards, fiddling with modes like Multiplayer, or breaking the system that the physical board game uses. (which they did). I also didn't say it WAS doomed, I said I am afraid from the evidence that we do have that it might not be successful, at least in comparison to what it could have been.
  12. Everyone is allowed their opinions here. Don't force others to take YOUR stance either. It is possible to LIKE the game, and still be disappointed in it. It is possible to look at how companies are doing it RIGHT, and then look at this and see how Obsidian might be doing it WRONG It is possible to predict, or at least, be fearful of the success in something based on the evidence we have (time delays, bugs, number of google/apple reviews, etc) The longer the game exists, with bugs, and missing content, the longer people will walk away from it. Period. Most of the people here, concern
  13. There is a lot I disagree with on this list. I disagree even more because of the title - "The unofficial, authoritative list!" I find it deceptive. Would love to see it changed to something else since I feel like it actually hurts new players than helps them, especially if you are giving ratings that are (1) only based on the current content and (2) personalized to your playstyle. For instance, it doesn't take much effort to look at the role cards and figure out which characters will be better in the long run. This should be considered. I also disagree with the use of "F
  14. I too am in the same boat. Just waiting for all the content to binge, also waiting for the bugs to be worked out. I personally think they are just shooting themselves in the foot for just not focusing on all the existing content at a faster pace. There is so much content... that the bugs and extra features are slowing down the potential of this app to such a slow crawl, that I forsee people losing interest fast. Which is weird for a game that already exists. I think the extra content would have actually helped spread the word of this game around, and having a fullly fledged campaign
  15. I think that everyone immediately giving the advice to reorganize the decks is NOT the best advice here. It may make things easier, but they should be able to beat brigadoom! without these immediate changes. i will admit though, it will help them get gold faster to unlock other characters. Some advice for starting out: I would advise playing with 3 or 4 characters - if possible - and making sure one of them either a CURE or a healing ability to help you along in the beginning. This helps with characters running out of health. If you are starting with the 2 only available characters
  16. I think the shovel is the funniest and literal interpretation of a card this game has seen.
  17. I really hope not. This game needs less multiplayer focus IMO, and less game breaking features that involve stuff that has nothing to do with the board game. It needs more single player focus, and needs to fix the stuff that's broken, and needs to speed up it's content schedule.
  18. IMO, the only way for this to compete and grow would be: If they upped the frequency of content If they had a Steam Release of the game Fixed the bugs, and/or had a smoother release I love the Pathfinder Card game and even I am bored with the app for the most part, and have just decided to just wait for everything to be released. When I want to play games, I generally want to play all of the game. That said, Pathfinder The Card Game is a Niche of a Niche...so the size of the user base that woudl instantly be attracted to this game is already small It has a weird intersection of Board
  19. When you play a weapon ( [ x ] or armor), you may recharge it instead of discarding it. This power feat simply turns all instances of "discard" on armor (both light and heavy and shields and helmets) to recharge instead. Magical Half Plate does not have any discard component to it. The card already has baked in the ability to recharge combat damage. It's second condition simply a Banish/Bury situation. So yes, not applicable. This is generally by design, because you need mechanics to make later game items stronger and better, and those will start having discard on them instead of Bur
  20. No, it has a box for every PARTY. Or said even simpler, it has exactly as many save games as you have different parties started. The party you select after hitting the story mode button determines the box of cards you have. What characters you then remove or add from that party doesn't matter at all. I believe this is true. edited my post because I thought something else was being said.
  21. They as in Obsidian, not They as in Paizo. Obsidian should have left that mechanic out if it was going to alter the base game. Or even better, do it like the physical card game does... and track the box to the campaign. If you bring over a character, and they have cards they shouldn't have (say, from a future adventure pack), or cards that are unique, then you replace those cards with whatever is left in the box, because you literally don't even have extra copies of it. IMO, it's something the digital version should do BETTER than the physical card game, because it could bring up
  22. My point was not to say you do not know math. Please read the context over. IMO, the biggest issue is that the Obsidian decided at some point to do more than what the board game offers, which one paper, is great! But in doing so, breaks the board game experience, which is all I wanted out of the app. It can not be any more simple than that. I own all 3 real life board games, i own the minis for the game, i basically am the "whale" these companies dream of when it comes to foolishly parting with money from my wallet for a hobby, and I expected to be able to play all 3 games in t
  23. This exists as a promo card already, introduced for Wrath of the Righteous, so we will probably get it eventually if they do get that far in content. I think there exists another card too, but the name of it is escaping me.
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