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  1. I've posted this before, but I still think that this would fix a lot of the issues with how leveling works in quest mode: XP Level Rewards should be Card Feats, Power Feats, Skill Feats, and maybe Loot Cards (only) - Basically unique things not found in locations The basic idea of making levels be super meaningful, and let people grow characters through finding loot, like the game generally intends you to do anyway. Full details on my thoughts on it here - link
  2. Easy solution for devs to make money: Release content. See here.
  3. Everyone is overcomplicating everything. (IMO). No, we don't need a new currency. They misjudged how they wanted to implement F2P, implemented weird aspects of it, without understanding what drives F2P to begin with and what kind of economy works for it. The only way to combat the F2P issue is to release content faster and smoother, and it isn't happening. They are having issues even communicating what could be coming. That doesn't mean the future of this project is over, nor does it mean we are screwed, it just means that whatever momentum they had, they are losing, and
  4. There are a ton of things wrong with the system on a lot of levels. However, I think the only way to really not have them losing money to just have more gold sinks and content faster, and we don't see that happening. The real enemy is not the pricing, but the fact that there isn't enough choice forced on F2P players to spend some money and the extremely long amounts of time between content to spend gold on. Also, there also is no real value for purchasing with cash either other than saving some time. If a new character class was released tomorrow, and locked in as cash only for
  5. Unlocked vs Your leveled up characters are two completely things. You should be able to take any unlocked character into any adventure path, including add-on characters. Some just won't be as strong as others. And technically, you can also take your leveled up character further in the board game. The official, from Paizo, Adventure Path 7 is taking your leveled up characters from Rise/Skulls and taking them into Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path 4+5+6, and playing without the mythic paths you get from that game. Source. Regardless, hopefully both the App and Steam keep the ec
  6. If they make it separate, that is probably where I'd lose interest. It doesn't need to be it's own thing, especially with how much they've made the game repeatable and farmable. It should be tt's own adventure path, but in the same app. They might as well respect the option to choose characters from sets and use them in other Adventure Paths... and for Quest mode, the possibilities are fairly endless. Quest mode has lots of opportunity outside of the treasure chest as well... such as S&S or even a card add-on packs. It just doesn't have to be a random collect-a-thon wrappe
  7. Since the framework is there, you should release it for free and sync content. I would not have said this though if Pandora's box wasn't already opened. It should have been a paid game from the start, but I think reversing it at this point would do more harm than good, but it might be possible. Your enemy against F2P bad reviews are: your glacial pace of content (and miscommunication of said content) bugs, bugs, and more bugs Luckily, a Steam release would ideally be where all of this is fixed and done, and thus, you will probably be in a good place for a F2P steam release by then. Ne
  8. I just saw this and wanted to post a response to this as well. Paizo does not know this, because this number is greatly variable and gameable. I've played games where we could win a scenario with 15 blessings left, but instead spent turns purposely encountering 10-15 extra explores just to remove basic/elites. In skulls and shackles there is a character (the Oracle) who can often do this in a single turn! It's part of a press your luck component that is removed from the app, replaced with endless and safer, and sometimes mindless, farming.
  9. That is exactly the point of this thread. The problem, that according to you was a problem for some in the board game is even a bigger problem in quest mode, hence the original posters thread. lol. Which is why saying "it's fine" and "it's tradition" really isn't super constructive to begin with, and to say the rewards are meaningless in story, especially physical, is mathematically untrue when you factor in culling. It only takes one upgrade in this game for it to be meaningful, especially since 90% of the card pool in general is meaningless to an individual character. Which
  10. Actually, this isn't true. If you play the game naturally, IE, progress from scenario to scenario, without farming things or replaying things like you do in the app (typically how the board game experience goes - win then move on), then these rewards actually become a lot more meaningful. You don't encounter as many cards as you do in quest mode or from replaying the same scenarios The way box culling works, you generally dilute the pool of cards to higher probability of getting something your party actually wants By Adventure 5, if you've been aggressively been culling basic/elite ca
  11. In My Opinion: I am fine with "junk cards" if there was a faster way to discard them and go through the animations for each one. It's just too slow. So in addition to 90% of the time me not getting something I need/want, having to go through the animations/discarding/etc is a chore. If they addressed that, then I actually would prefer this system: XP Level Rewards should be Card Feats, Power Feats, Skill Feats, and maybe Loot Cards (only) - Basically unique things not found in locations XP grind would be slower, with less levels, more xp between levels, but every level's rewar
  12. Prepare to be partially bummed. Skulls & Shackles and Wrath of the Righteous are their own Adventures, balanced and designed by starting over, and even have their own characters designed for each one. You would be super overpowered early on using your leveled heroes on those and would run out of things to unlock really quickly. (Although you can use any characters from any set for these if you really wanted to). That isn't to say you couldn't, nor is it to say that they won't design the app to let you should you want to. (Although IMO, it's less fun than it sounds.) That said.
  13. I do agree, beating all of Rise of the Runelords should be possible with any composition. It might take some work. It might take some shuffling of needed cards and grinding for specific allies, spells, and items just to pass certain bottlenecks, but it should all be doable with enough grit and luck.
  14. I agree that this daily quest feature is small and most likely not a huge priority (which I have stated multiple times). However, in the grand scheme of things, this is, in my opinion, another small thing that can be improved upon, and thus, should not be swept under the rug as it all adds up. This thread got so long, because as usual, certain members of this forum think it's ok to trivialize other's opinions if their opinions are negative, vs just letting people post their opinions and be done with it. Either way, the devs have said they are looking into it, and there have been mos
  15. The misreading continues. I might need a potion of healing soon if this keeps up. I'm familiar with gold farmers. Daily gold is capped. You can't farm more in a daily system. The challenges are the same. if I am able to do do a challenge on Monday, I'm most likely also able to do it on Tuesday. The gold I get between days isn't what is going to make this "exploitable" (even though it's not even exploitable) You keep stressing these extreme examples as if I have a choice what challenges I get, how hard they are, and how much they pay out, and how much they synergize with each other. F
  16. Well, it seems we are at an impasse. You misread almost every point, and came to your own conclusions that are in no way what I am saying. So I'll save my time and just argue in bullet points: Exploit - it's not Encourages it's player to log in less - it's doesn't Translates bad - it doesn't Daily Quests aren't even the best way to get gold, so not relevant even as an argument Temptation comes from rewarding content and things to unlock (see: every popular game ever + psychology) Buying gold is always an option in all aspects of the app, not relevant to daily quests Revenue is hurt
  17. Hearthstone has a more successful business model because the IP is larger, and there is a competitive scene built around it, which provides a hook for needing/wanting/getting more cards. But they also offer similar gold sinks as well. I can't stress that there are many more games with similar systems, who have learned that respecting a users time is pretty important to both avoid burn-out and to give realistic expectations to free time. However, Obsidian decided to copy the F2P aspects of similar systems instead of just charging for content, so they should copy the best parts of those
  18. I have answered WHY 20 different ways. Just read, and reread what is being written. It doesn't make getting gold any easier, because Obsidian controls how much gold gets released anyway. The point of DAILY challenges is to get people back into the app frequently, if I had to guess. That is Obisidians main reasoning for doing it, while also offering new ways to deliver unique content. The reward for people who do so, and completing the challenge is gold. But the CAP on gold is the same in both systems - At Max, it's 365 days x Daily Reward. That's true if it's 24 hours, 48 hours, or
  19. Nice try... a failed one but still nice. Yes, DAILY crosswords/Sudoku don't disappear the next day and you can still solve them but if they are also tied to some reward you MUST complete them that same day or you're not eligible for reward. Also, we're talking about Daily CHALLENGE... with challenge being completing the task inside 24 hours. With that being said, none of the challenges given out so far take longer than 30 minutes to complete if you meet the prerequisite for it (unlocked character/scenario). Hell, the last one, evading banes could be done in under 5 minutes!
  20. It's called "Daily Challenge"... how long do you expect it to be available for completion? A week? Or maybe even longer? As red said, the "DAILY" part has to do with when it's given out, not how long it takes. Just like the DAILY news, DAILY crosswords, DAILY Sudoku, DAILY Quests (hearthstone), DAILY Chest (Clash Royale), etc. These are all things I can get only the day of, but I can take a bit time to complete on my own if needed. The DAILY crosswords does not disappear or become irrelevant or easier if i take an extra day(s) to do it. The challenges difficulty thems
  21. No one is saying to change the challenges themselves. We of course want them to be challenging. People are suggesting to change the delivery mechanism of the challenges to accommodate real life. The mere fact a challenge exists for 24 hours doesn't make it difficult, it makes it inaccessible. Me being unable to even attempt a challenge on Friday, 8/19 because of real life commitments has nothing to do with how difficult the actual challenge is. Having a reasonable and slightly looser delivery mechanism that still requires commitment of the player base to return to the app
  22. I'm a customer. I'm allowed to apply feedback and want things. This is how capitalism and being a consumer works. The game would be better if they implemented this.
  23. Once again, people on this forum defending something because Or build a daily challenge system that's been proven to work for people with varying schedules and flexibility to keep the interest of the majority rather than the minority. If you have the time to play every day, then it doesn't change your situation at all.
  24. This is just another thing that didn't need to be reinvented. Just adopt a daily challenge system like popular games like Hearthstone. You get a new daily challenge daily. You can store up to 3 of them for as long as you want. As long as all slots are filled, you get no new ones. You can choose to drop a challenge you have no interest in doing, and let a new one pop up on the daily timer. Problem solved.
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