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  1. The Silent Enforcer card is (still) being listed as an Item instead of an Ally. It has the ally symbol in the upper left of the card, but it says Item in the lower left and the game tries to count it as an item.
  2. Thanks. I think you have the right idea, at least until we hear otherwise.
  3. I've been enjoying this great version of the physical game a lot, so I threw some money Obsidians way and bought some treasure and chests. Should I wait until the rest of the RotR adventures have been released to open these chests so I can get those adventure's special cards, or should I just open them all now? Also, are more of these special cards going to be added to the game periodically? I know they added one for GenCon recently, though that one needs a code you got from actual card they gave out and is not going to be part of the treasure chests.
  4. So these cards aren't marked as unique, it's just that you can't have more in your party than you have in your vault, correct? Or do special unique cards also exist?
  5. Several friends and I would also like to know this. Are you waiting until all the RotR adventures are done, or maybe for Multiplayer to be implemented?
  6. It might be that the roll of 18 you made was for the pre-battle difficulty check. With the Bunyip you first need to make a Wisdom 9 check which if you fail makes the difficulty of the Bunyip 1 higher, or a 10. So you could have rolled really well on that, and then failed your subsequent combat die roll.
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