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  1. I posted on the blog post - but realized that maybe this is the better place: Edit to my post: Since it was not clear until going through the whole process, after you register without the Steam version, you get this message: > It seems like you don't yet own the Pathfinder Adventures game on Steam. Don't worry, whenever you get the game the above-mentioned items will be available to you! So I guess, yes, it works even if you don't own the game yet. I was able to activate the 10% off without needing to use it. So is there an expiration date to do this? For those of us
  2. So is there an expiration date to do this - for those of us who decided to not buy into the Steam version at this time? it would seem that this process requires you to actually HAVE the Steam version at this time to take advantage of it. (it was posted elsewhere they would not be an expiration on this, but I was also under the assumption I was getting a download key, something similar to humble bundles, etc.)
  3. It's not a good discount any way you slice it. It is only a little bit of good will to lesson the sting for people who supported the mobile app. The people getting the best value are the people who are new, just buying in now. They get the game, with less bugs, with more stuff, complete in a package for the same amount people who paid on day one on mobile are. This is especially considering that most of the content (alt packs, treasure cards, gold, runes, charms pack, legendary items, etc are all fluff. It's only valuable to those who really want it. The only actual decent
  4. So far I've voted with my wallet so I'm right there with you. I own 781 games on steam (I just checked) and many more on GOG and other platforms, and Pathfinder Adventures is a game that I both want to be playing (and streaming) right now, but I must resist because I have not been happy with their decisions for a lot of things for a long while. I say this to show how much other "options" i have personally, and how much in perspective I wanted to be happy with this game. I still maintain they handled this wrong. They could have given everyone who paid $25 or more an 80% off coupon, or
  5. I respectfully disagree and think that the new Salvage system is better. I do however think their choice of how many cards per type was wrong and where the problem lies. The cap for 1 Legendary is a wrong choice. You should have the same probability of finding one just like any other card. The fact it's legendary was from it's probability of dropping from a Treasure Chest, but it shouldn't be it's probability from dropping inside the Campaign... since the Campaign is still a fixed number of scenarios. That's the whole point of Pathfinder the card game. The Adventure Decks al
  6. Definitely not - the new system of just capping the cards is better IMO since we'll never get anything like the original "box" system to manually dilute cards through play anyway, at least this new system it limits everything without any extra work. The only argument I can see is for min-maxers who might want to just salvage away completely useless cards and only keep a pool of overpowered cards, but at that point, why have the Treasure Chest Card System at all?
  7. Not really directly related, but i saw a few people posting how unfair and hard the game is, and how they feel it's the type of game you are supposed to spend resources (real and fake money) to use the charms just to beat an adventure and overcome RNG and how not fun that the game was designed that way, and instead, should be balanced without the need for these things. People did chime in to explain how you don't need to use it, but it was funny. The Stash just adds to that while making people who just want the pure experience have to jump through hoops (again) to deal with it. I
  8. Because they are a business. The concept of mobile games has existed for years. None of this matters as a consumer. They could have developed any game, but they chose to take an established IP, and thus, there is some responsibility that comes with that and it's fanbase. Heck, I would argue that some large percentage of the people who payed attention to this game only did so because they are familiar with the IP and/or the board game. This is the whole crux of the argument. New Steam customers don't get screwed. That's great. That should have been the business
  9. @Yewstance - you definitely aren't alone. I too so far have resisted supporting the Steam version. My frustration mostly comes from seeing all this coming from day one. There are just too many obvious decisions that could have gone differently that would have made the whole journey up until now better, including this Steam Launch. The "stash" and "pay to win" features just annoy me more as it ruins the spirit of what this is... I mean, sure, you could add a "pay 50 gold to get a second free turn in Chess" but that really only serves to undermine the spirit of that game. I can't wait f
  10. If it works like this - great. It would be nice if they would explicitly confirm this without any doubt, hence the question. There is evidence and contradiction both ways depending on how you take words as written and their approach to the ambassador pack. If they confirm this, then all is slightly better in the Pathfinder World.
  11. I've been saying this since day 1, as the other F2P model vs the pace of content should never and could never have coexisted. The F2P model only works when you can get new content every month few months to outpace the free players even, which the devs never could push out that content for better or worst. That said... between conversations on reddit, here, and elsewhere, I feel like I am taking crazy pills in that I am the only person interpreting the above statements to mean that: All future content will money transactions (sure - that's fine with me) Future paid content - IE - the DLC
  12. Since I am somehow the one misinterpreting things based on the way people keep talking about these changes, i need more clarification: Question: If in the future, you offer a DLC pack - let's pretend it's a Character Class Pack (Example: Magus Class) for DLC. Or we can pretend it's Adventure Path 2 Adventure Deck 1. Something along those lines that is actual CORE GAME content. And I purchase it on Steam. Will it unlock via IOS/Android? Question: Same situation - but vice versa? I want to fully understand, because this line has thrown me off Seem to contradict this:
  13. Does this expire? I don't think I want to be a day one supporter of the Steam version despite being a day 1 supporter of the mobile app + board game susbscriber. I still feel too burned over the last year by many of the decisions made. However, I need to understand if by waiting... will I get burned even more despite fitting into the "Ambassador" Description? I have no issue waiting until more content is added to the game or the eventual humble sale or both. I've already invested enough of my money into the economy at this point for the luxury of playing it on the platf
  14. Day one all-in purchaser here and man, this app is going more and more in a direction i would not want it to. Best of luck, but I'm probably out with this one. I just wanted the board game in app form, and instead we are getting p2w mechanics, more p2w mechanics layered on unneeded freemium mechanics, and ultimately everything but what is actually needed - content. Literally 20+ extra classes, 3 other sets, or the custom made content to choose from and you decide on a stash and charms/runes. This update is better than playing as a Ranger, Alchemist, Bard, Inquisitor or any of the
  15. Well. I can't say I didn't expect disappointment, but there is is. A card stash - really? Now they are creating a mechanism to circumvent the actual game's rules and to make an already easy game easier? Is this something that was actually requested? All I wanted out of the app was the ability to play the board games 1:1 digitally solo. Unique adventures are great... , which, as I've voiced many times before, Adventures and Characters is ALL this app ever needed for an additional revenue stream. This game has 3 things: A Ruleset Adventures and Stories Characters That is what dis
  16. It's all certainly up for debate. You certainly can do the same thing with Augury, which is why it's one of the best cards in the game. However, any character can take that card and it doesn't define a character at all. Plus, in addition, it's: A card that you don't consistently have in your hand A card that takes up a card slot Is like scouting that requires taking an action to do (play a card) You can just easily waste an Augury by revealing cards of no interest/value... But evasion you can never waste! The reason why Evasion is stronger than people think it is - is that
  17. And then they went and created a character like Adowyn who is arguably even more OP, because thanks to her cohort she has a scout ahead power like Seelah/Harsk, only on steroids because she's neither limited on how often nor at what point during her turn she can use it. Basically, she will know what's next in the location deck any time and as often as she wants to, as long as she has her wolf companion (who is trivially easy to keep around due to her powers) and a card to recharge. And scouting it is even more powerful than evasion because it works even on banes that can't be evaded. My gu
  18. Another way of thinking: All characters can fight things decently well in Pathfinder. When ALL characters can do a thing well, it doesn't really matter anymore who is the best at that thing. Instead the weight of value falls to what makes the character unique from the other characters, including, how efficient their uniqueness works in the scope of action conservation, because the only real enemy in Pathfinder is the Blessing Deck. Seelah is all about efficiency. Free examines every turn BEFORE moving which means she can easily make choices for her free explore each turn, such
  19. As other's have said, immediately moving to another location and hunting down henchmen + villain's is your only play if it's early and you don't have any method of adding magic to a check. You can still win the check without defeating that monster to cause the location to shuffle - then move and hope that later you can get the villain into this location. +1 to the bafflement of this as well. I don't even have a comment for this lol. Unless by terrible, you meant not terrible.
  20. Games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, you can jump from Ipad to Android - your currency (gems and coins) go with you. So it's 100% doable. This is just a decision from that developer specifically.
  21. The reason why Merisiel is god tier is because of her Evasion. IMO, the only two god characters are Seelah and Merisiel. They are the only two with abilities that are just consistently strong or have a high ceiling for situational investment. I've posted this before but evasion is really strong in Pathfinder. Arguably the strongest utility action you can do. Rivaled only by scouting or free explore mechanisms, or a few fringe case of future characters that are just nutty. Being able to reliably set up situations with zero downside is strong. Here is a list of why she is god tie
  22. Is PC going to be before cross platform? I started my digital Pathfinder life on iOS and regret it. I've paid for all of the content, but really would prefer playing on Android or PC. Please tell me that at the very least, if PC is the next big ticket... that we'll be able to transfer our content soon too.
  23. Thanks, I never saw it because it's pinned. I would never look there, I only look at the newest threads that show up, like the most recent blog posts thread of upcoming cards. I guess I'll have to keep an eye out on both places now. Regardless, I hope that they do a better job at highlighting promo stuff, because impossible to get stuff once it's gone is no fun once you've missed it. I'll suppose I'll support it in hopes that one day, my content is transferable, since I made the mistake of starting on IOS.
  24. Can someone detail exactly what is available / when the offer expires? Having not loaded up the game myself (still waiting for the ability to transfer accounts to either Android / Steam) - are these things you can't ever get elsewhere, like Treasure Chests? Would be nice if these things were advertised elsewhere and clearly so I don't end up missing out on content while waiting for a bug-free/full-content experience... I also think it's really a bad idea to offer money only timed exclusives without any real promise/commitment that our content will transfer over to other platforms
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