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  1. Rather pointless for me, to be honest. I've pretty much lost what faith I had in this product. And legal action isn't going to get you anywhere, since promises made on a forum really don't count for anything. And the legal text accompanying the purchase of things on mobile does not mention any other version at all.
  2. Short answer: You can't. Long answer: You can't. Play the dead tree card game.
  3. I guess we're not going to get any sort of resolution for this issue. Shame.
  4. That's completely not the point though. What they didn't do is make the Steam client free, so people that already bought the content on mobile could play it on Steam as well (as promised), instead they put a price on the Steam client that includes all that content which people already paid for. The point being: You're basically paying double for the same content, when it was promised you wouldn't have to. And the only way to 'solve' that is to not pay for the Steam version.
  5. The above 2 posts pretty much sum it up for me. With the difference that I won't be buying the Steam release in its current form. I simply don't believe in this digital version anymore. I have all the actual card versions, and the digital version seemed like a nice option without the hassle of setting everything up. What a disappointment that was in the end
  6. Unfortunately that's still missing the point that I'm paying again for the things I already bought. ps. I hope you at least got some sleep!
  7. As John Cleese said it so well: Disappointed. Very. Disappointed..
  8. So I need to be happy I get some extra stuff on Steam that's insanely overpriced on the mobile app? I'm still paying double for the 6 decks that I was promised would transfer from mobile to PC. I'm not interested in all the extra stuff.
  9. And that's the crux of the story. I would *never* have spent money on the mobile version if I wasn't assured that I'd be able to use that on the PC version as well. Which, technically, I am, because I'd pay *again* for it. So F that. The mobile version was nothing more than a way to see what it looked like, and a short hold over that turned into a year hold over. And after they've said that the content will only have to be bought once, they screw us over. I'm fine with paying 3,4,5 or something for the Steam appliation. I'm NOT fine with paying for all the packs again on the St
  10. And that's pretty much what it is.. I paid for the expansions on mobile, figuring that when we get the promised PC version I can play it on there, because that's what they said, after all. Turns out I need to buy the PC version *including* those expansion. So why the F did I even buy them on mobile? I'll have to see if there's any way to get my money back for the mobile version, so I can spend that money on the PC version to get the exact same content back. It's.. Retarded.
  11. So basically, if I want to buy the game on Steam, I'm also paying for content I already paid for on the mobile version (namely the extra adventure packs)... WTF..
  12. I had exactly the same issue And yes, you have to manually drag it to the center play area for it to 'trigger'. I hope they fix that, since having/needing two different ways to initiate an explore isn't very good.
  13. The scenario picked up right where I got stuck, and after some fiddling around I got where to drag it and it let me proceed. Thanks for the answers!
  14. Thanks for the answer. I will have to try this next time I run into the same situation. It was making me sad, since I got a healing potion in that specific scenario as well. Oh well.
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