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  1. I just gave up and started over. Just replayed the intro campaign. I won't get to play for the next couple of days, so I won't know if Attack on Sandpoint works until Monday.
  2. I completed "Perils of the Lost Coast" and the first scenario on the next adventure ("Attack on Sandpoint") with my first ever party. My characters only have 1 Skill Upgrade each (eg +2 Strength on Valeros). Shouldn't they have 2 skill upgrades each? "Perils" Adventure Reward is a Skill Feat and "Attack on Sandpoint" scenario reward is a Skill Feat also, which to me means I should have 2 skill upgrades on each character? I check my characters "Completion", they all have a tick on the 3 scenarios in in Perils, but NO tick on "Attack on Sandpoint". So I tried playing Sandpoint again. Now th
  3. Thanks to everyone who responded. I feel well informed going into it now. If I enjoy the game enough I might try both your suggestions (ie Play it through once as close to the tabletop rules as I can, then play it a second time with all the toys and increase the difficulty slider.)
  4. My (vague) understanding is that this game is easier than the tabletop version because the treasure cards have more powerful variants of the base cards. Is that correct? Are there compensating things in the bad guys deck that make the game harder? If I want the game to play the same as the tabletop game what do I need to do? Just not use any of the "Treasure Chest" cards? I assume those rune things aren't part of the base game either? (because they weren't in my original non-special-edition version of the game) Sorry I know this is probably answered elsewhere in this forum, but I could
  5. Yeah I'm not happy about it either, but I wish more of the internet worked like this forum. People who felt ripped off got to speak their mind, and got a response from the dev. But they (we) are not hanging around clogging up every thread with endless repetitions of the same complaints. I vented on my local gaming forum, and now I'm going to pony up the $ so I can enjoy the game on my prefered platform.
  6. Thanks yes that's what I've decided to do (wait and see if the ambassador program is activated before the current sale ends).
  7. I purchased Rise of the Runelords on iOS based on this information. I mainly wanted to play on PC (ergonomic reasons) but after I read this I felt there was no harm in buying it on iOS and trying it out, then wait for the PC release. Now I find out it costs $25 to access my "universal" content.
  8. What is the difference between Story and Quest Mode? I just kept playing after the tutorial so I don't know which "mode" I am playing. I can't find a web page explaining it.
  9. Sorry if this is a repeat post. I can't see my first post. This bug is on iPad 3. I have just completed a series of (maybe 5?) encounters with Ezren at the Academy. 4 player game but Ezren is alone at the Academy location. I do not have the ability to trigger another encounter, my hand is overfull, and I can see I am about to be forced to discard 3 cards. To try to avoid the discard, I cast Strength (even though there is nothing to fight and I can't trigger another encounter), hoping I can recharge the Strength spell it instead of discard it. The game displays the Strength card on screen,
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