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  1. I just encountered this issue. It hasn't been fixed yet. Very aggravating...
  2. Like others have mentioned, I own the Obsidian version on PC, but I'm being prompted to purchase the expansion on my phone. Tried closing and rebooting with no success. I'll try logging in on PC later today.
  3. Is there any possibility of a Tyranny style "conquest" minigame at the beginning of Deadfire for setting our choices from the first game?
  4. Darn. I was really hoping to get a set of those sweat Obsidian dice!
  5. Sorry for the double post, but I think I solved part of the mystery surrounding Edar and Pallengina. For some reason, they're classified as "B" deck allies instead of "P" deck promo allies. I noticed while I was looking at their cards in my stash that they had a B, so I checked my B deck allies collection and there they were. I hope that clears up some of the confusion for everyone else.
  6. This has lead to the strange situation where I have the cards in my stash but they don't show up in my collection... I just check my stash and yep, they're there. Still missing from my collection though. I also had one more set of leg. dice show up, so I'm up to three legendary sets. Anyone know how many sets we're supposed to get in total?
  7. Ok. So I need to ask this for the sake of my own sanity. Has anyone else been rolling exceptionally badly more frequently since the recent updates? I've noticed that I've been rolling all 1s with handfuls of dice quite often lately. Maybe it's just a psychological trick brought on by seeing the percentage odds, but I feel like I'm failing rolls with odds in the high 80s and 90s more often than I'd expect.
  8. I've quit and restarted several times on both PC and Mobile. I've had about 18 each of the Edge of Sunset and Edge of Midnight show up but none of the other dice have appeared. I'm also still missing the PoE promos. PFID: 6DACD82683FC4A52
  9. I'm not seeing the promo allies or the legendary dice either. The dice are especially odd because I was actually briefly able to see them in my collection, but when I went to equip them they were gone. Went back to my collection and they weren't there any more. Edit: I just wanted to specify, the allies I'm missing are Eder & Pallegrina. I already had the Obsidian Golem before the Ambassador upgrade and it's still there.
  10. I had a similar experience. I bought the ROTR bundle shortly after the PC announcement, and was fairly vocal around here after it came to light that we'd have to basically re-buy that bundle on PC. The Ambassador Program did take most of the sting out for me though. The game is on sale for about $19 on steam right now. If you wait for the Ambassador coupon, that should bring the price down to about $16 (it was mentioned somewhere around here that the coupon will combine with the sale, which is fairly uncommon). At that point we're basically just paying for the price difference between the Base
  11. Paizo has a good strategy series on their website. It's written mainly for the physical card game, but the rules are still the same. Even if you don't follow all of the author's advise, it's a good place to start. http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/tags/adventureCardGameStrategy
  12. I'll agree that it's a little disappointing that the UI wasn't rescaled more for the PC. PC gamers can be a harsh crowd when it comes to mobile ports, so I'm a little worried about how well the game will be received for the oversized UI alone.
  13. Same here. I'll just kick it old-school without all the extra cards, as nature (well, Lone Shark) intended - not exactly a hardship! If I wasn't so attached to my first play-through on mobile, I might consider starting fresh again on PC. Instead, I'm probably going to play a bit more Pillars on PC over the weekend and pepper in PA on my phone.
  14. Just FYI, it looks like the game is 25% off on Steam right now. I might be wrong, but I don't think coupons can be combined with Steam sales, so it might be cheaper to just buy it now and then sit on it while we wait for the account linking and Ambassador Program upgrades to come along.
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