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  1. It's Math. Are we saying we can't consider simple Math now as an intended part of the game? There is no loot table in Pathfinder. The loot table is literally... How many cards are there of said type = x How many cards are already out of the box of said type = y Probability of pulling said card from box = (1 / x-y) * 100% So every single card you eliminate from the box increases the chances of encountering something in your adventure path range. If you culled 0 cards from the box by the time you hit Adventure Path 6... you will not see many Adventure Path 6 cards when you run your story
  2. Part of why it matters is it completely affects the gameplay. In the actual card game... you take every advantage to cull things, meaning, you push more locations, you do things in an effort to cull cards. Think of it like a press your luck mechanic. There is a certain % of dead weight cards, and the more you push, the better your luck at getting better cards. But then you also risk dying, or messing up, because you don't always know what is in a location. What this does is, by the time you get to Adventure Path 6, if you have culled cards correctly, you have a much higher chance at
  3. So much this. It's like they added their own complicated behind the scenes mess to what was already solved for them. When playing story mode... that particular story should just have it's own box. If you add characters, they should start fresh, with what is left in that box. There shouldn't be any ability to bring characters from other campaigns. It's not like the real RPG table top game where you are spending years on a character, with an endless amount of time to build the character up. You have 30+ scenarios, that's it. It's a card game. Working with your luck within the confine
  4. Out of all the characters listed here, I feel that Amiri's move at the end of turn has the most strategic flexibility. In addition to all the bullet points longbow posted here, There are even more interesting shenanigans you can eventually do... like scout multiple locations with spyglass... or take off the pressure off your healers/almost dead healers, by fetching your character with the cure spell and bringing them to who needs healing, so that character can return back to the location they were at. Amiri can throw Harsk and Lem around when needed... there is just so much. Sajan,
  5. He is still pretty "one trick" though even if you discard your blessings =P (sorry. I had to.) However, all of this relates very strongly to having a refined deck. Knowing you will get your cure in X cards is powerful. Knowing you can recharge approximately 2-3 cards all the time is powerful. Also, another concept people don't readily see is that recharging IS healing. You at any point only have to care about your next draw phase. Even if you lose every card in your hand... it's not the end of the world as far as living/dying if you have enough cards to draw. So even if you
  6. Well I assumed this was the case, I just didn't do any real Math on what the % chance would be, was just stating a random made up example. My point though was instead of "removing them entirely", if the % chance to encounter them was extremely high due to there not being enough villians/henchmen to pull from... the devs could adjust this with a bias, lowering the encounter rate a bit... vs removing them completely, which this thread is aptly named "Take Boa's out of the Quest monster list". It is this viewpoint I disagree with completely. I actually assumed this was more th
  7. There are lots of instances, in both directions easy and hard, that weren't designed for "quest mode" which I think is the whole point of quest mode. I do think the rate of encountering them should be considered, it will probably suck if BOAS have a simple 50% chance of being the quest henchmen at the tier you are experiencing them, but if they were a 10% encounter rate... I'd say that's perfectly fine. I also think if they add partial XP gain for not winning a quest (like has been suggested in other threads), then it all becomes moot. You can forfeit as well. But removing them l
  8. While that is true, that is only for a combat check... which... hopefully you have weighed if +1 is worth more than the amount of damage you are about to potentially take. Even if revealed during a combat check, you can still use it for other sources of damage like before you act/after you act/unexpected damage from locations/traps, etc. Maybe it's a villain that has 2 combat checks, with an "after you act "component that will make you have to throw away your sword before the second encounter, or one of those "All heroes at your location take X amount of damage" scenarios on a roll of 1
  9. More difficult/random - yes. But the whole game is random, and that randomness can negatively effect the chance of success in any scenario. I don't see this being any different. There have been times I've encountered the Villain on the first turn making the particular scenario way too easy. It evens out. However, I personally enjoy alternate objectives than "Find and kill the henchmen - Villian". I think the game needs more of these types of scenarios... not less! While this one with Boas is just a slight variation... I think it's worth keeping as an option, maybe tweake
  10. But alas, you bring up the point people keep counter-arguing with you. There are many cases you do NOT want it added in the end. There are many cases you do NOT want even a single spell in your pool of choice. If I play as a Harsk, who adds 1 spell as a card feat, and always want a CURE in that spell slot... I want to always-always-always turn down spells... so at the end of the game, I will have no spells in my pool, and can then fetch a CURE automatically. "The scroll" example a previous posted pointed to. Without the option to say no to boons, this is impossible, and thus, makes
  11. Blackcloth Armor is already probably one of the best Armors in the game for what it does... because it offers utility in addition to being an armor. Typically, armor does nothing for you by holding onto it until you need it, taking up a card slot, yet this one you can reveal to get +1 on combat checks!. Which means if you have it for even 4 combat checks... you've gotten +4 out of it. In addition, you can reduce all damage... not combat damage... but ALL damage... meaning that it works for before you act, after you act, trap damage, pure damage, and combat damage... which makes
  12. This is literally the strategy for boas though. You have to go after the villain. You do this in two ways: Keep your guys spread out so that you can always perform some temp closing checks to keep the pool of possibilities of his escape route small Pay attention to Blessing Counts. When you defeat the Villian... he adds 1 blessing into any location he is NOT in. Usually, you know where the villian is/is not based on the Henchmen.. However, after the villian has escaped, you can still know where he is/is not based off of blessings. So a good strategy is to leave locations with 0 blessi
  13. Other issues with the concept of Legendary Loot in this game, conceptually, beyond it's rarity, is that "Legendary" stuff in this game is not really that great, so the need to grind them that much, in addition to actually finding them, is really really really low. The rare cards are not really interesting at all (that I have seen anyway). Looking at other games that have Legendary stuff, like Hearthstone or MTG or even something like Clash Royale... the Legendaries you can go after either usually share really unique game-breaking effects and/or just are really cool and powerful. Thi
  14. All of the board game content into the app (without bugs) I honestly just want them to get all of the board game content into the app, without bugs, before ANY of this. So far we've literally seen like 2/18th of the content that exists... and that is not even including the 37 existing classes. This is with adventure path 4 on the way as well. I don't even know what the math is on that... but that's like 5% of all of the existing content. Once they get that, I'd just like to see custom cards and scenarios.
  15. Which is why having really clear rules is needed. Having nuanced rules also makes the game a lot more entertaining (IMO). So agreed!
  16. Good to see that the logical, intended effect is clarified. I just wish they could word it properly in the rules to avoid having to dig. Thanks Hawk
  17. I am fine with "junk cards" if there was a faster way to discard them and go through the animations for each one. It's just too slow. If they addressed that, then I actually would prefer this system: XP Level Rewards should be Card Feats, Power Feats, Skill Feats, and maybe Loot CardsCard rewards should be tied to each quest attempt, randomly generated alongside the scenario itself. These should not be 100% of the time, maybe 80% of the time you get an item, spell, etc. From there, I wouldn't mind if they then gave a small % to get something higher than your current party rating (
  18. I actually agree that there is a difference between "fail to acquire" and "fail a check to acquire". I just don't think there are many examples of the game enacting that difference. A theoretical example would be: Scenario Effect: "In this scenario you cannot acquire a card with the corrupted trait on it" Location Effect: "At this location, take one damage when you fail to acquire a card" Second Location Effect: "At this location, take one damage when you fail a check to acquire a card" In this scenario, you could pass a check to acquire, but still fail to acquire som
  19. I agree, I think there is a difference between failing to acquire, and failing a check to acquire. Burgler steals stuff no matter if you fail on a roll or decide not to engage in the card since both cases cause a fail to acquire. That part I agree with. I don't think that was what was in question though. The part that I think is either in disagreement or unclear is (or maybe we are saying the same thing) is if choosing not to encounter a boon is A failed check Not a check to acquire at all. Both situations count as failing to acquire it, but only one of those two situations counts
  20. Statistically it is not a fallacy, but even then it is still a preference of those who care. See: any deck building game ever and Math. Plus, it is an actual rule in the game that was omitted for no reason, despite multiple other reasons - beyond deck bloat - to want this feature. Rise of the rune lords is fairly forgiving regardless and high HP heroes will surely do fine. No one is arguing you can't do this as a strategy... but there are definitely cases regardless and to argue against it at this point is needless since they are implementing it.
  21. My only comment: Worthy Sacrifice: Banish an ally to draw three cards This power gets stronger as the adventures go on... mostly because you can pull cards up to 2 adventure numbers than your current adventure if you don't have enough. So if you are in Adventure 5, you can pull from up to Adventure 3. Maybe you like your poog or father vantus... let someone else hold onto them while you get some Allies ready to sacrifice! You can also use this power to upgrade allies for the entire group in the same vein. They can pass you an ally, and you can banish it at will before the game e
  22. Having played all 3 games, in the card version, multiple times... I can confidently say there are many cases where you would not want to acquire a boon. Obsidian's new method of pulling cards makes sense due to their Treasure Chests... but... it does hurt the strategic value of removing cards you don't want from the likelyhood of drawing them. When the whole idea of no experience (XP) is substituted by probability of random cards... it does suck you can't remove basic cards. However, that said, just because there are less cases in the Rise of the Runelords, does not mean cases to
  23. That seems to be my experience as well. I was hoping XP would scale with difficulty to help with the level grind. I felt the same way. I love the idea of gaining xp, but dislike the idea of playing full games and not getting any rewards for it. In adventure mode, you get a reward for any scenario. I was hoping playing Legendary would net enough XP to always guarantee a level, but that seems to not be the case. I kind of wish they made card rewards randomized like the villians/locations so you were always getting something out of winning... (items, spells, etc) and instead
  24. In addition to power creep and some tough mechanics... Wrath has a lot of nasty barrier type boons that force everyone to encounter something, and you only succeed if everyone wins their personal encounter. Such as Demonic Horde [link] or Arboreal Blight [Link]. So you end up wasting a lot of resources, and in some cases, if even one person fails, the card gets shuffled back in anyway. With 6 players, these cards are both time consuming in both the blessing sense and the real sense of the word. Especially Demonic Horde because one person might fight 3 times back to back to back with
  25. I disagree that money is THE reason why they should be limited... Obsidian made the choice for it to be F2P on their own... and hamstringing stuff you can do with the real game purely because of money is one fast way to lose your customers, free or no. If they made stuff free and grindable... then that is on them. Besides... there are more than enough ways to monetize this game. Adventure Packs Character Class Decks Treasure Chests (something unique to the app already) Unique App Only Experiences (like Obsidian created cards, or Obsidian created scenarios) ... on that alone they could
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