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  1. No mixing of sets make sense... because of the mechanics of each set. (ships in Shackles, Mythic Paths-Charges-Cohorts-Corrupted Cards in Wrath, set specific keywords such as swash-buckling/corrupted). I could see them restricting set specific characters to their sets as well, because of things like cohorts. However, character class add-ons are set independent so I see no reason why they wouldn't let you use characters in all sets/quest mode. It really is the most obvious gold sink they could add besides adventures.
  2. Why wouldn't they? This character I am talking about isn't even the S&S version but the Character Class "Alchemist" version, which is aimed at being an accessory to the main game. For a F2P game where you need gold sinks... it would be silly for them to not eventually add them. Had the game been launched with less bugs, i'd be even more inclined to think that these classes would be added even faster than S&S or Wrath, especially since you can purchase individual characters to begin with with gold/money for a whole new experience. Regardless... my point was to illustrate how some
  3. I feel like the banish boons are there mostly to use during the scenario you find them as well as to water down the % chance of finding actual loot. Even for an Alchemist or the Drunken Master Role, a lot of them just aren't that great. I wouldn't mind if they went and explored the concept further though... such as having banish to use boons that do stuff in conjunction to other boons like: Magical Red Potion, Magical Blue Potion, Magical Green Potion - all have a banish to use effect like "Banish to get a d6 on an intellegence, dexterity, or strengh check" but then as an additiona
  4. You are right. I got my alchemists mixed up and was on mobile at the time. Also to add to my confusion, there is the Skulls and Shackles version of Damiel... and then the Character Class Pack. I can't find a scan of the Character Class Pack... but it is in the character pdf download on Paizo. It's Damiel who has the ability I was thinking. So your "weaker spyglass" aka Kohl of Uncanny Discernment also becomes a card to boost your combat, and eventually, most of your non-combat checks. (his Intelligence is a d10 and Dex is a d12). This is in addition to being a great card already
  5. Edit - Linked wrong Alchemist - I meant to link to Damiel, who, I can't find the character class pack scanned anywhere for linking. Weaker for the characters currently available... Ridiculously stronger when in the hands of someone like Cogsnap Damiel. (Not sure how to link properly on mobile)
  6. Evasion is a very powerful mechanic. It's a version of scouting, which is arguably even more powerful. I wrote a full write up about Merisiel and her evasion ability here The gist of why it's powerful comes from the idea of preparation and/or lack thereof. Evasion lets you prepare your entire party better (evading villians, maximizing loot potential), but knowing you can evade lets you YOLO a location since you have a get out of free card if things get bad or if you are unprepared as well. Yes you lose time if you overuse it, but since you are dealing with random cards in ra
  7. There isn't any one character one must play to succeed, but this was a thread about all the characters, which it needed to be pointed out which gameplay mechanics are strong, which crusade is. Play a lem with swords or Merisiel with spells... you'll still be able to beat the game. Have fun with whatever build you want!
  8. You aren't losing the boon, you are just scouting it and putting it on the bottom of the location. Now you know it exists and you focus your efforts for it. When the time comes that the greatest Boon you have been looking for gets scouted with crusade, all you have to do is not close the location and go through the deck. Or find a way to shuffle the deck, like evading a monster... You'll have time since crusade has been saving you blessings anyway as you find a potion of glibness for the 300th time. Meanwhile.... Crusade gets to be ridiculous useful the other 99 times you don't find th
  9. I do have a quest mode question. How do you get experience? I gained 250 xp once mid quest... I think the first time I killed a villain. Then never again. I finished once as well...l and got no xp? Had a lucky attempt with getting the villain early. Another bug? What is supposed to grant xp... Just wins?
  10. The cool thing about this game is that all the characters are playable. Rise of the Runelords is not as punishing as what is to come in this regard. However, there are some mechanics that are more OP than others... looking at cards/rearranging cards and evading are (IMO) among the top 2 things a character can do to really give you the upper hand. Because of this... Merisiel's evade is underrated in this post IMO. Evade is actually really powerful, and in later expansions, actually gets nerfed a little bit since most other characters that have evade (not in this version/rise of the
  11. I encountered a bug in a scenario within the first five encounters that ended me taking 6 damage when I shouldn't have. I decided to try the forfeit option just to restart the scenario and I noticed that I kept the few boons I found, one of which being the best sword for that adventure level. I know in the real game you can kind of do something like this (at the expense of having to reset the game) which is a pain in card form. But in app form... Isn't this cheating a bit? Does the game track wins/losses in any way that might deter this kind of meta gaming for better cards? Just cur
  12. Just wanted to report I got this bug last night. I noticed during the 2nd scenario, it wasn't giving me gold for killing monsters and closing locations. Sure enough, at the end of the scenario, after winning, 0 gold was rewarded.
  13. There is something weird with the Henchman Bandit. I've had this happen twice in the first two scenarios. Both times it was during a temporary close location. It has not been a consistent bug, but it's definitely happened 2 maybe 3 times. (one time I thought I just miscalculated). It shows a strength of 8 to defeat on the combat check, which is all fine and good, but I've had a few cases when he is the "Summon a Bandit and defeat to close a location" requirement, during the temporary close step, where something breaks and I lose the check despite winning the check. In one case, I
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