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  1. Basically there is no bad choice lol... I personally would take Harsk. When I first got him I regretted it, thinking 'why did I ever take him? He's so slow and useless'. Then I saw how useful he really is and now I don't think I'm EVER going to make a party without him.
  2. My biggest issue, personally, is with the Story Mode vs. Quest Mode gold breakdown. It doesn't make any sense to me. Before the patch I was spending all my time in Quest Mode since I already completed all of my Story Mode adventures with every single character in 4 different parties. Now that the gold reward in Quest Mode was nerfed to be lower than in Story Mode I'm kinda turned off of Quest Mode. Currently, the best way to farm gold is to take a large party to a Tier B Story Mode adventure. This is both very easy and gives you the best gold reward. From a purely Extrinsic Reward
  3. I got lucky with 2 holy lights on Lini by just playing through the campaign... didn't have to work for 'em at all
  4. the devs are actually pretty active on this forum. By mid-June they already said 'oops, sorry'. It's not easy making a game AND keeping the community updated and I for one am really enjoying the game, despite delays. Go Obsidian Go!
  5. I'm trying out the opposite approach. I have Lini, Valeros and Lem all grouped up in 1 location and Harsk sitting on the opposite side of the map somewhere offering ranged support. I figured Valeros and Lem both offer great support to the group and Lini is just a powerhouse closer, especially with Lem by her side. It's going decently well so far (just made it to lvl 10), the biggest problem is that one character can sometimes race ahead of the pack and close an extra location and the other two need to waste a turn catching up. I need to put a Stride back into the spell pool somewhere un
  6. Oh really? That's what that pink icon is??? omg i wish I had known that a lot sooner!
  7. The following cards from the Character Add-On Pack are worth it: Weapon - Allying Dart: Dex/Ranged+1d4+1, discard for additional 1d4+1, Recharge to add 1d4+1 to ally's combat check at SAME LOCATION. Weapon - Deathbane Light XBow +1: Dex/Ranged+1d8+1, Undead: additional 1d8, Discard to add 1d4 to ally's combat check at other location or 1d8 if undead. Weapon - Greatsword: Str/Melee +2d6, Discard for additional Str Die (Great on Amiri). Ally - Saber-Toothed Tiger: Discard to Explore, Recharge to add 1d6 to any Combat. aaaand that's it. Of the 92 cards, only those 4 could
  8. Oh... lol... on page 15 it actually says, verbatim, "If you encounter a boon while exploring a location, you may attempt a check to acquire the card. If you succeed at the check, put the card in your hand; if you fail, or choose not to attempt the check, banish the card" So... no fancy logic needed... lol.
  9. Interesting... I was about to argue with you Longshot, but then I checked the rulebook. On page 10 it says: "If the card is a boon, you may try to acquire it for your deck; if it’s a bane, you must try to defeat it (see Attempting a Check, below). If a card’s check section says “None,” look at the card’s powers, and immediately do whatever it says there." The word 'may' implies that 'may not' is also an option. This is further emphasized by the fact that for a bane it says 'must'. Nowhere does it describe the process of what 'may not' entails but later on page 10 it says: "If yo
  10. IMO the character pack isn't worth it. The cards you get for spending the extra 2k aren't worth it (I wish most of them weren't in rotation), and the fact that you have to save up that 10k instead of getting the characters you want NOW is annoying. My way of keeping things fresh and fun was to add 1 character at a time to my party and then work to level him up. It worked for me. If you don't want to do it that way and just want to grind, make a small party of strong characters and do early content. If that's too boring then sorry man, gotta spend some money.
  11. I can't say for sure but I think that certain locations are difficulty rated... so you'll only encounter throne room in Tier B, Shadow Clock in Tier 3, etc. Can anyone else confirm?
  12. I know it's gonna be worth the wait. I personally would much rather have a delayed release w/ no bugs. In the meantime, Quest mode has a lot of fun and challenging combinations to keep me busy! Thanks for that one!
  13. Ezren is a great choice. I chose him as my first additional character and don't regret it. Seoni I personally find a bit lacking, but the fact that she has good charisma is very helpful on a few adventures. Other people have found her useful so maybe someone else can tell you about her virtues. Lem and Valeros are best friends and I can't imagine getting one without the other. Both of them like to hang out with other party members which doesn't synergize well with Merisel, but could add good stuff to Kyra. Harsk is a wonderful support character. When I first got him I was disap
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