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  1. So... wait... as someone who's already put the full $25 into the mobile app, and purchased various bundles and chests, I'm going to have to buy the full price Steam app as well now?
  2. Just because they make it a separate app doesn't mean they need to start from scratch. There _are_ some new mechanics in S&S which will require some new code, and they'll need all new art assets, but I don't think that'd take as long as you're saying to make. It depends a lot more on how well the Steam launch goes. If they make a decent amount of money from that, they'll likely get the green light to start work on new Adventure Paths.
  3. Any motion on this, Devs? My SO still can't play, and that makes her _very_ sad.
  4. My SO's game seems to have encountered a deeply strange bug. She was attempting to do Sandpoint Under Siege 4-1 on Heroic. During her turn with Amiri, she misjudged and Amiri ended up dead. She then tried to forfeit the game. When she got to the screen where she could modify her party, multiple cards were missing. She tried closing out the game and starting it again. When she selects that party, she's taken back to the point right before she forfeited. The problem is, there's no banish mechanic in the board she's playing which would explain the lack of cards. Please, any help you can give wou
  5. Suppose it depends on the party. That's the only scenario that required a modification of playstyle. Into the Eye was the only one I ever really strongly cared about deck manipulation, though I understand others really enjoy it. Ensuring you only have to fight Karzoug once is just huge.
  6. Honestly, if you're going to try beating Into the Eye on Heroic/Legendary, your party matters a lot less than your specific cards. Make sure everyone has a solid, reveal means of reducing non-Combat damage. Things like Ring of Protection (Or Superior if you can), Ring of Energy Resistance, Blue Ibis Lamellar, and so on. It'll save you a _ton_ of heartache. Stock up on means of searching/manipulating the deck. Augury, Scry, Magic Spyglass, Revelation Quill, Amulet of Inescapable Location, and so on. Designate one or two of your characters as your battlers, and make sure everyone else is equippe
  7. She also was my character when I first played, and I had a lot of fun with her. The other players were so stunned by the stunts she can pull, they almost accused me of cheating, or at least of having read her abilities wrong. My favorite: recharging an entire bad hand (like when the starting draw doesn't have a weapon due to her favorite card being 'Ally') by repeatedly scouting 'in place' (which kind of feels dumb, because basically you're just looking at the exact same card over and over) so I could draw a complete fresh set of cards. Actually, that didn't even occur to me at the time. Ni
  8. I'm still _really_ fond of Seelah, Lini (Spells focused on Cure/Support), Harsk, Seoni. You have a lot of flexibility even in off situations, can cover nearly any closing type, and have a broad range of support options for critical situations. As you say, Lini can struggle with defeating deck 6 legendary monsters, but the only legendary decks I had any real trouble with were Thassilonian Sins and Into the Eye.
  9. As a disclaimer, the Paladin is my favorite Class since AD&D second Edition, so my Opinion is probably highly biased. This opinion baffles and amuses me ever since the boardgame came out. So how long? 3 years? After all she is the only character that CAN beat any corporeal Monster, Henchmen and most of the Villains up to and including AD3 WITHOUT a single card in her hand. Notice the can, you won't win them all. Just often enough to probably get what you want from your deck. I won complete Games without ever getting a weapon ito my hand. Rolling the Equivalent of a d10 on every ro
  10. Yeah, later on in Wrath of the Righteous, you get some silly stuff with Alain and the Lancer Role. I want to say I hit... 12 or so explores on my first turn of the scenario, closing one location in the process.
  11. For me, personally, Seelah is by far the best all-around character. If you focus on spells and blessings for her cards, she has effectively costless, on demand d6+ bonuses to _every_ roll. When Paizo reprinted the character, they nerfed that ability for a reason. Putting healing spells on her means that she's self-sufficient, and close to immortal, especially if you focus her on Iomedae blessings/favors. I tend to prefer Seoni over Ezren, but they definitely have their niches. Seoni did take a bit of a hit when they nerfed Flasks, but I love her versatility. Also, the ability to roll d12'
  12. Eh, you'll have to solve it at SOME point, since Mummy's Mask uses that mechanic (As does Wrath of the Righteous in a limited manner)
  13. I'm not sure where you've heard talk about nothing new coming out. We know that the Steam release is the next big thing they have planned, and then likely some expansion on the RotR stuff. We know that they're interested in converting the other base sets, but there's no plan for it _at the moment_. To be honest, given the additional mechanics in S&S and WotR, we're likely to see Mummy's Mask translated first. That doesn't have any really NEW mechanics other than Trigger, and that seems like it's not a heavy lift coding wise (As compared to, say, ships, or Mythic stuff). That having been sa
  14. The chests aren't supposed to be a main source of alts. To expect otherwise is silly. It's a golden ticket that someone might get _really_ lucky with. But your best bet for getting the specific alt you're looking for is to buy it directly.
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