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  1. If you go in fully blind than PotD + Deadly Deadfire (normal) could get really challenging as you will most likely into enemy groups that might be too much for you. But thats what the reload button is for no? What i can say about soloing boss fights: They should be doable with careful planning and good shifting combos but unlike Tactician/Blood Mage or Chanters the Shifter will most likely fail against the Mega Bosses as he lacks the sustain and will run out of resources. Maybe Chanter/Shifter can beat them but i have never tested this combo (i dont like Chanters at all). However: If you play with a party things will be a lot easier so i would recommend PotD (plus DD) - at least if you are looking for a good challenge.
  2. Yes, you can use rogue abilities without any problem. I have played Trickster/Shifter some time ago and it was a lot of fun. Tactician/Shifter is even more powerful and - yes - that one is borderline OP as you can easily flank groups with "Faerie Fire" and later on "Nature´s Beauty". If you use one of my optional mods you can even enable spellcasting in animal form so all combos with spellcaster classes will work pretty well too. So many options...
  3. Its not nearly so OP like Tactician/Blood Mage or Heralds... And do not forget: The Mod is still in progress and i update abilities and spells constantly. @Stardusk78: If you want to help me to balance the Shifter - feel free to give me feedback. I got feedback from other players and (even though they are no rgp experts) they stated that the new Shifter is far from OP and tends to go down pretty quickly if you do not play him right (say hello to Bane of the Spiritshifter!!). However: Perfect balancing for solo and group play including all difficulty settings is (nearly) impossible. But i admit that my main target was/is solo play on the highest difficulty (including Deadly Deadfire) so - yes - the Shifter can be very powerful if you know how to chain-combo all forms. But its a lot of fun - at least for me! My own experience says: Its a real blast if you play the new Shifter solo with Deadly Deadfire on top of that - even more if you add some god challenges.
  4. Are there some news what the last god challenge will be? Maybe Obsidian should let the Community vote on this one... Will the "Ultimate" achievement include beating all Mega-Bosses? If so i can already hear them calling about "Chanters". Has anyone played the game - with party or solo - using all god challenges? Any feedback on this on is welcome!! As i still havent finished the game (too much modding) i fear a little bit that time will be running out cause of Eothas. Or is there more than enough time doing all DLC´s and world exploring? The most disliked is still Magrans no-pause madness cause i never ever use the AI. If i wanna have some good AI fighting i prefer watching chess games...
  5. If you extract only the gamedata of the Heavens_Wrath_Ability rather than saving the whole abilities file there should be no problems. You can even put all item mods into one override file.
  6. With Notepad++ open abilities.gamedatabundle (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata) Search for: "DebugName": "Heavens_Wrath_Ability", "ID":"9dc4fc95-13c9-44cf-8594-ca56bd2a4c08" Then change "UsageType":"PerRest" into "UsageType":"PerEncounter" Save the file as *.gamedatabundle in your Override Folder (do not overwrite the original file!) Start the game, activate your mod, have fun!
  7. If you like mods try Tactician + Evolution Shifter. With Faerie Fire (PL 2) and later on Nature´s Beauty (PL 7) you can easily get all enemies flanked. Feels borderline OP so far...
  8. If i understood correctly the game will first check the Ranged parameters so you have to change this one either to "Ally" or "All" (which would include hostile targeting).
  9. The gamedata file says this: BlastRadiusOverride: 2.5 m DamageAngle: 135 degree Hope this helps!
  10. Oh, you are right... but who cares about the missing Ancient Table if he can play a constantly shifting Beast that smashes everything into the ground.... *cough*
  11. Class Mods had to be updated for 4.0? Have i missed something? Cause our Shifter Mod is still working without problems...
  12. You can do this on your own if you open the file "attacks.gamedatabundle" (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata). There you need to search for the weapon(types) you want to change (Great_Sword etc.) and then increase the entry "AttackDistance" in the way you like. Notepad++ is your best friend here. Happy coding!
  13. You can use one of the optional files from Deadly Deadfire called "Even more HP". It increases enemy health by 30%. Can be used standalone if you just want more HP on enemies, or in addition to the normal mod to further increase the health on the enemies.
  14. Okay, here we go! Just put this little one into your Override Folder and it should push Devoted/Shifter into a new dimension. Well - nearly! What this mini-mod does is: 1. All Animal Forms of the Shifter will recieve the Devoted Bonus 2. All Animal Forms are dealing two types of damage instead of one making them more flexible in combat Happy punching! Devoted Shifter.zip
  15. If you dont like to use "big mods" i can send you just a small little file that will make the Devoted Bonus working with Shifter Claws. Should be standard but Obsidian still has not fixed it.
  16. You are right Boeroer: Devoted and Cipher really start to shine when using Mods. As i am used to play with Mods only i sometimes forget about the vanilla game. Without Mods Animal forms do net get Devoted Bonus and Cipher powers are not working.
  17. Like the others already stated many things can work with the Shifter. I also combod him with a Ghostheart Ranger and it was a lot of fun thanks to pet and bonus Accuracy. Devoted/Shifter is also one of my favourites and will be a very funny once things like Unbending tick in. Cipher/Shifter is another option that is surprisingly lightly tested. If you allow yourself to use Mods then you will also be cast spells when being shifted. Or the Devoted bonus will finally work with the animal weapons. So many choices!
  18. Personally i like adding "special features" so maybe the trinkets and some unique abilities/talents would be really cool. But as i can say from personal experience: Balancing will be a walk on the knifes edge the more changes are coming in. But who cares about balancing?
  19. The "Embrace your Inner Beast"-Shifter is what we are working on hard for more than two months now. Its still evolving even though balancing gets harder with every new spell/talent. I agree that most Druid summons - maybe except for the triple Oozes - are suboptimal. It shouldnt be too hard to mod this but it would be even better if Obsidian would take care about them a bit more...
  20. Ah, thats nice! Now i remember that i was running into the same problem some time ago. For whatever reason talents do not get refreshed when the char already got them. However: Happy looping @Spherical.
  21. Are you sure it isnt working? I tested the whole thing again and i must say: Its working perfectly here! Just try it out with my file even though you will have to modify the DisplayName and Description numbers plus the AbilityID as i am using my own PT!
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