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  1. Yes, this was my thought too. The AI is dumb like hell in this aspect (same for some pathfinding issues). Luckily enough the Druid can survive without this cheapo. We will see!
  2. Lets take a look at the immunities: Earth Blight: Slashing + Corrode Flame Blight: Piercing + Fire Rain Blight: Piercing + Shock Wind Blight: Crushing + Frost Gamebreaking? In need of a nerf? Or just making Druids more viable for TCS-Solo-Runs? Damn, i am having so much fun with my new solo druid... i can almost hear Thaos crying!
  3. Ii am still wondering why no one is calling for Druids!? With all the changes he seems to be a very strong solo char now. If you use the immunities of your blights smartly they will tank like gods so you have time to destroy your enemies with AoE-Spells. I must admit that this feels a bit cheap and i am only using it in tough encounters. Its quite funny to watch bosses like Cail the Silent trying to harm your Flame Blight. :D
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