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  1. Druid has 0 poison spells tehy are decay labeled spells, who knows if poison specific powerlevel items work for them. And if they are its rly wierd they are not worded as poison while counting as it.
  2. Hi! I am thinking about making a Ranger (Ghost Heart) and Rouge Streetfighter build using blunderbusses. U can get 50% recovery from ranger if u run and shoot, 50% recovery from being flanked with blunderbuss modal, dual wielding recovery and more. What do u guys think, will this work, constantly running and shooting with insane recovery and if things get bad u just go invis or teleport to safety.
  3. Interesting indeed, what stats did u have on him and could u tell us a bit more about the build? thx in advance!
  4. Oh, awsome Boeroer thx so much for clarifying! Hope u dont mind me asking another thing that might have changed since release, does fire godlike ability and flame shield for example give the cipher focus?
  5. Hi there all, long time no see! So I stopped playing quite a while ago now since my computer broke. Now im soon with a new computer and am going to finnish a playthrough before Pillars 2 comes out. Here comes my question: What interactions are there still with the barbarians carnage and the wizards wand splash. Earlier in the game u could proch spell procs with the splash dmg wich was rly good and thing like the fire godlike retaliation had rly nice interactions with carnage. How does this work nowdays and are there any new tricks out there!! THX in advance and all the best to u all!!
  6. Yes strictly worse than Priest;) 2 dex is 2 dex! But nice u mentioned Citzals didnt think of that u could still use scrolls and such thx!
  7. But priest should still clearly beat those 2 becouse he gets DAoM from items/potion and just higher dexterity than anyone? Exept Beorers lycky Cipher then i guess ;D Wizard should be strictly worse than both Priest, Cipher and Barbarian
  8. But a priest should be faster with the same buffs and potion of alacrity or item that gives it and minor avatar wouldnt he he gets higher dex then and is faster?
  9. I wondered what kinda character would be the fastest caster? I have my money on a Priest with minor avatar for max dex, is it that one? He has no innate speed modifiers thou. U could make a barabarian that has no recovery after each kill but that needs u to kill something. All you mega wise on this forum pls enlighten me ;D!
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