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  1. After testing versions down to 0.2 i am quite sure that the problem is related to some change from Obsidian cause before that (yesterday?) i never had issues with the Stag and its spell casting. Hhmmmm....
  2. Okay, i did some more testing: 1. Copied an older version of the Stag file - where the cast freeze was not present - to the mod folder. Result: Still cast freeze!!! 2. Removed the "Unstoppable" ability cause before that there was no cast freeze. Result: Still cast freeze!!! 3. Installed version 0.7 that was definitely clean Result: Still cast freeze!!! Dont blame me!! EDIT: Now the freeze only happens when casting Natures Balm all other tested spells work normally... but why??? EDIT2: And why are all other forms working without freeze... damn it!! EDIT3: Have you tested older versions @GuyNice?
  3. Then discuss this with @mant2si - if he ever will show up here again - as he was the one who voted for this one! At least for the moment they will stay. The Stag cast freeze is strange. Sometimes i can cast five spells with no problem but after that: Freeze all day long. Whats the trigger....?
  4. Boar Ability gives concentration? Yes! Blame Obsidian for the wrong Stag Carnage description! Unstoppable only disables active afflictions but not new ones - reducing it a little bit is okay though. Regarding the immunities of animals: So far they could not avoid dying against enemies with lots of different CC like Fampirs. They might be strong on paper but even "normal" characters can get immunities from items or food. I think they are okay! EDIT: The UI on level up and in character screen is a joke. Sometimes it shows every change correctly, sometimes it messes up everything.
  5. You are right regarding Plates - fixed it. The Stag casting freeze is a mystery but i will take a look at it - happened here too! P.S. It only occurs when casting instant spells....? O_o
  6. As you may notice @GuyNice there has been more reductions of recovery time so the Shifter plays "a bit" faster now. The concentration gain from "Unstoppable" is also doing its job to minimize the interruption problem at least to some degree - i think an immunity would have been too strong here. There is still a risk of getting CC´ed if you run into the middle of enemy hordes so you have to keep an eye on positioning - like always. Lets hope there are no new-old bugs!!!
  7. Ah, that name is even better @GuyNice. Will change this immediately - thanks! I toned down the passive Bear cry a bit from "shaken" to "staggered" while also reducing the duration to 10 seconds. Here is the next version - Changelog will follow soon. Have fun! Spiritshifting Evolution 0.8.zip
  8. Another big change for the Bear: His innate ability "Terrifying Roar" got changed into "Cry of Anxiety" The Bear cries out in desperate anxiety disorienting all enemies around. Duration: 10 seconds This is the first (and only?) perception affliction the Shifter gets and similar to terrified its also quite strong. Any comment on that one @GuyNice before uploading?
  9. If you are in for some testing and bug searching then i will upload a new version soon this evening @GuyNice! Maybe some others want to join the ways of a Shifter? Any Druid lover out there? What about you @Reent? P.S. The Fampir Cave will get another visit soon too - hopefully!
  10. Obsidian i am calling for these new abilities to make this "poor" spider more spicy: 1. Devour spiderlings -> either buffs or heals her 2. Once the big one recognizes there is no way through -> spiderlings go suicide and explode 3. Other way to catch the player -> some kind of jump or teleport on top of the player knocking him prone Oh, there are many more options to make the players suffer and get her back the title "Mega Boss"!
  11. I played a bit around but the new ability does not strike me - at least not in its posted form. Therefore i revived an old idea: "Unstoppable" Resolute Inspiration Supress Afflictions Duration: 15 seconds So the Stag gets some defense immediately or it can wait until afflictions went in to neutralize them AND gaining the inspiration. In one of the first mod version the Stag had Suppress Afflictions as level 4 ability - this here is spiced up and looks far better now. I am also working on all those small bugs that constantly try to break the mod - or at least small parts. Most of the time they creep in out of the dark but - finally - it looks like they are going to be exterminated soon. Hopefully!
  12. For whatever reason Armor Breaker keeps his high recovery time even though i reworked the ID - thats bad. Therefore i tried to imagine what else could help the Shifter and also works with the Stag - here is the idea: "Unstoppable" Immune to Engagement Immune to Interrupt +25% Movement Speed +10 Accuracy for one Attack Duration: 8 seconds No Power Level Scaling! Even though this might decrease his early-game-power (which is already high - no?) this aims for lategame where the biggest issue for the Shifter are interrupts. Feedback on this one is welcome!
  13. Yeah, Bear Roar is not optimal - i agree! Will have to think about that! Cat Flurry doesnt ist OP - at least solo but as you can use it three times we can tone this down a bit -> 25% for now! Another ability that is totally useless in late game is "Armor Breaker" from the Stag. There is just no need for that and - even worse - its recovery time is too high. Will rework these and post later - hopefully - an updated version!
  14. Yeah, as i am a solo-player only my "natural" focus is there which also means that i dont care much about party compositions. With this background i tried to get the Shifter into the "right" position as a viable solo char. Three shifts is minumum for me so i will only adept maybe the abilities but - first - we have to do some more tests. Vampiric down to 20% is okay - should still be strong! I increased Lightning Reflexes to 15% so there is at least one unique defensive talent for the Shifter. This should help him a bit. If i get some time i will test the Fampir battle a bit more - maybe even with some other class combos. This Should get interesting!
  15. He can dish out lots of damage but when being pressed hard himself he lacks decent defensive options - at least against the Fampirs this isnt enough. But as i said before: I tested this with a completly naked Shifter. With items there might be a chance. And if there is a chance then i would say: We are on the right track. No?
  16. The Fampir Cave is a massacre. Even with Primal Beast + Proilferation + constant ability resetting there is no way to beat a whole group in one go. They reduce healing, have so many CC (prone!) and can deal so many raw damage that the Shifter can get killed really fast. Maybe with items (potions!) this one would be easier but after failing several times in a row to take out the first group completly i heavily dought the the new Shifter is OP. He might be a heavy striker but his lack of good defense and especially his weakness against range attackers and interrupts cause serious trouble here.
  17. Tested the fight against the Queen at level 20 while starting in the middle of the pack - the result was pretty clear: 1. If the enemies get out their chain CC before the Shifter can activate Proliferation or Primal Beast then its GG. 2. If the Shifter can get out his healing/dot then the rest gets quite easy. There is even no need to change forms a lot. The PL9 abilities Primal Beast + Vampiric are a killer: Draining enemies life while constantly healing the Shifter. Holy cow!!! EDIT: Without Primal Beast things get much more interesting even though Vampiric seems a bit too strong at the moment...
  18. The ability resetting after shifting is intentional @GuyNice. Keep in mind that the Shifter loses all elemental spells and scrolls so there should be some "compensation". I discussed this with @mant2si weeks ago and he agreed that 3-4 shifts with ability resetting would be okay regarding late game boss and group fights. The next problem is that i cannot find any way to avoid this abililty reset. I might agree that this feature will be very powerful mid-game but i think - and mant2si will most likely agree here - that there will be a lot of very tough (and long) encounters waiting in BoW and even more in S-S-S. However: Number tweaking is always possible! So if you tell me that you can stomp the whole Fampir Cave with ease and that the fight against the Queen of Neketaka is a joke and that the BoW Dragon trembles before you in fear then we should think about some changes! P.S. There is always the option to change the abilities to "per rest" - like in PoE1! EDIT: I tested changing abilities into "per rest" but even then everything gets resetted - interesting! However: In my mid-game fights so far (level 10-13) the Shifter was far from invincible. Yes, i could win fights that the old shifter could not but - holy cow - he is eating so many damage due to his low deflection that i always have to spam healing spells/abilities. But maybe my test fights are flawed cause i dont use any items (poverty-fanatic!). So what we need are some extended test fights against enemies i mentioned before - maybe even testing the arena fights in S-S-S. I dont think that the Shifter will be able to solo the new Mega-Boss in his actual form. Other classes (or combos) can do that. We will see!
  19. What about "Pick up the Scent": Grants the Aware Inspiration for 10 seconds. For better hunting! I already have the icon for this.... looks good!
  20. With "Bleed" i think its an option to remove the Raw damage from Boar while giving it another ability so that all animals have four. Good idea?
  21. Added two more talents that should make the Shifter nearly complete: Bleed (PL4): 15% of melee damage in animal form will cause bleeding wounds that deal Raw damage over time Lightning Reflexes (PL4): 10% chance to evade weapon attacks completly Lots of options for the Shifter!
  22. HRHRHRHRHR.... you are right @GuyNice. Shame on Obsidian! I think that the mod is reaching a good zone even though there still might be some number tweaking. I would like to add more abilities or talents but at the moment that seems like an overkill. Lets do more testruns first!
  23. It was @mant2si who complained that Paladin/Shifter would be broken. As he has plaid this game much more solo and i can see Paladin builds everywhere we thought that would be a good idea. As i see that PL loss is not working like i want so after a reload the ability somehow gets resetted. Maybe the game doesnt like this "rule breaking".
  24. Okay, i finally found a elegant way to ban certain class combos: Whenever the game detects these subclasses ingame the Shifter recieves -10 PL. This also means: Shifting between the forms will hurt him!!! I played around with an attribute called "Heretic" that makes multiclassing with Paladins and Priests very suboptimal. Other suggestions? EDIT: It gets even better -> Shifting as Paladin/Shifter can also kill the character!
  25. Changelog 0.7 - Added descriptions to the animal forms and their abilities - Added new description at character creation - Fixed several ability names - Added Talent at PL5 (Reflection) & PL9 (Vampiric) - Reduced heal of Vampiric from 33% to 25% Next step could be the ban of certain class-combos. If i can get this finally work!
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