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  1. Out of curiosity what mod do you use to get PotD spawns with Veteran stats? I see a couple mods like that on Nexus.
  2. It’s been that way since launch, so I assume it’s supposed to be overly difficult in order to greatly encourage you to seek a peaceful option or something. Like there’s really no good reason that your Watcher would attack them other than they attack you, so sneaking past the looters and talking to their boss always seemed like the “moral” way to do things anyway. You can also just come back after you pick up some more party members. Skipping past stuff and coming back later is also something I think Deadfire (and PoE1 to an extent) wanted players to feel comfortable doing.
  3. Gorreci Street and the first major battle at the next area you’re going to go are two of the harder battles in the game. Both can be solved through stealth if you’re finding them too difficult. Things get easier from there going forward before starting to ramp back up as you get into the expansion content.
  4. Awesome I’m no help at all in terms of actually coding, but I’d be more than happy to help with design feedback/testing. Sounds fun! Lots of class/subclass mods are what I always wanted to come to Deadfire when the expanded modding was announced.
  5. Could be a good surprise announcement along with the console launch? I’m just interested in how much they’d have to remake a lot of the systems to get it to work. Sounds interesting!
  6. See I could’ve sworn I’ve seen this before but now I can’t find it to save my life. Maybe I’m just bad at browsing Nexus Mods or something? Nevermind!
  7. Does anyone know if there’s a mod out there that just buffs enemy HP by a flat %? So far I’m enjoying the new veteran difficulty with scaling on and XP reduced, but I’d like the fights to be a bit longer in general. I’ve tried Deadly Deadfire and it’s been helpful, but also sometimes just creates fights I can’t win.
  8. I don’t know that Psion is necessarily “good,” but I’m finding it to be very fun multiclassed with a priest in my current game.
  9. So far Abydon's is the one I could see myself playing the most, though I wish you weren't able to repair the items. I appreciate Magran's being in there but I just know I'll never do it, probably the same with Berath.
  10. This is basically the question I was going to ask, so giving a +1 here
  11. I didn't select the defense abilities often in the first game either. Enough people here wanted them to come back that there must be a market, though. People wanted a panel of generic talents to edge their build in certain directions. I don't see the issue. Combat Focus might end up being a very strong talent so I'm not lumping it in there quite yet.
  12. You might also try a Steam controller with something bound to spacebar to pause. It works surprisingly well in the first game, and I would think Deadfire should be even better for it.
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