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  1. Maybe I gave up too quickly once I figured out I had already been there (first island north of Port Maje) - I breifly checked for the island south of Port Maje and was unsure how to land with no port sign showing (thus unsure which island was the uncharted one for the quest.) I will have to check them out again I guess (I have not named any islands altho I think I recall getting a message about doing so at some point early on and ignoring it - I have not done much sandbox traveling mostly followed quest lines - currently level 13)
  2. Does this essentially close the quest? I can't seem to get any reaction to my presence on the opening island to allow me to name it (went there and cleared it early before getting the quest) if I go back to the shop the mapping quest does not come up in dialoge at all.
  3. Yeah running away from a fight that has already started is not accepted regardless of difficulty AFAIK - exits remain locked closed until combat finishes - I'm not sure if hiding for a long enough time will allow the game to drop out of combat mode but even if it did your enemies are still going to be near your fallen comrades and when they get up they will return to combat mode and immediately attack them which in their weakened state is likely to prove fatal almost immediately and you're right back in the same situation. Sounds like game over
  4. (spoilers) --- I talked to Zili and found out about his cousin Persa and their plan to rob the Bardottoes - didn't get into Delvers Row (just the Gullet) and reported that back to the Bardottoes but refused to ambush the Valeras with them when they came to rob them - then I talked to Valeras and set up the meeting so maybe you have to set the meeting without telling them about the planned robbery - I also wonder if its just not having the right stats for the peaceful options in the dialoge - I'm OK with the big fight (since we lived through it ) just wish we could have finalized it with the old man talking to us at the end I hate it when a bug just leaves you hanging LOL
  5. Long story short - made my way through the Family feud quest line in Queens Berth got the two parties together at the end at the Velera estate and the massacre began when the Bardottos attempted an ambush at the end of negotiations - at the end of the fight everyone from both families except the Velera old man and his wolf were dead and attempting to talk to the old man only brought a reply to meet him in his study - this of course led us to more hostile Velera men upstairs and when they were dead the old man did not show in his study - he is till downstairs asking to meet in his study and no one else (Vallian Trading Co) will mention anything either - We looted both estates and I guess thats all that can be done other than loading a prior save and trying again - anyone else have this issue? Anyone think it's worth it to redo or best to move on? We did gain a bunch of loot
  6. The vision is becoming clear now - it's a druid who just shifted to a wolf followed by a wolf wait is that a rat sized tick following them??? The druid has a huge pet tick? I wonder what it's powers are? I bet there's blood involved
  7. Currently playing a Dwarf Mindstalker Beguiler/Trickster that's pretty fun and effective with a couple other oddballs (in a classic difficulty party). Eder & Xoti are fighter and priest respectively and currently Pallegina as Herald (Paladin/Chanter) and Maia as Geomancer (Ranger (gun hawk) /Wizard) . Just hit level 8 and heading to Hasango -
  8. Ok is anyone else seeing their third weapon set (opened with arms bearer) unequipping itself? Perhaps on level ups but I never notice it until I look up and Eder or someone is boxing instead swinging their weapon. (I tried a couple half-hearted searches to no avail )
  9. Not using beta - a couple more oddities - Eder is set to swashbuckler - watcher is cipher/paladin - both started with 1 athletics both upped it to two when they leveled up - neither were able to complete the swim challenge in the cave (got the watcher only notice) Watcher is Island Aumaua - both Eder and Watcher slowed to same pace walking through water is the Aumaua "among the waves" ability only in combat?
  10. Started a new game - combat speed set to slow - can't seem to adjust it - tried assigning key to raise or lower - didn't do anything when I used it (in combat or out) - can't seem to do anything with my cursor clicking on the tiny button for combat speed at the bottom of the interface either - it looks like there are several "stops" along the bottom of the circular interface center screen but nothing reacts with my cursor?
  11. And it appears that once you have chosen level scaling you have no option to change it - guess I'll see what happens if I lower the difficulty to relaxed - I am at level 8 and not making a dent against tough encounters - that big worm only got down to "hurt" while wiping my group several times and I just entered another area where the same thing occurred during the first battle with multiple enemies (5)
  12. Will increasing gamma lighten dark places substantially? My eyesight is not great and I struggle in the dark rooms and dungeons unable to make out details tilting my trifocals up and down squinting moving my head closer to the screen (like that's going to help) - I would love to find a way to lighten darker places.
  13. I don't really have any issue with this either especially not with spells being per encounter - my mages typically spend half their time using a weapon anyway (so as not to waste spells)
  14. In PoE1 you could shift click to send items from personal to stash but that doesn't seem to work in Deadfire and I could not see anything in the assign key section that you could hook up to do so.
  15. Huh! I guess I was so used to using stealthy everywhere in PoE1 I was doing ti automatically and thus never noted the difference. I'll have to check that out - it will be great to be able to just walk up to someone and talk and not risk pick pocketing them because I forgot to turn stealth off!
  16. still need mechanics to remove them and stealth aids in discovery too doesn't it ? Isn't stealth also the "search" function or at least it improves it? (find more in stealth mode than non stealth with the same perception)
  17. I'd guess if you wanted to keep him available you would have to take him along until you got your ship ? Meanwhile you can always build a replacement at a tavern.
  18. But not the second weapon damage unless you are at melee range? Or if you are at melee range does the main hand pistol even fire first? Seems sort of convoluted doesn't it?
  19. How is this supposed to work? I assumed with pistol in main and melee in off hand if you are out of melee range you would fire then close to melee range and attack - but it doesn't seem to work that way I see my rogue fire then I see recovery and no use of melee weapon (altho granted this has been in somewhat complicated fights and it was difficult to see exactly what she was doing)
  20. Just started a Sharpshooter/street fighter (Scout) - Bear companion and she is highly effective so far.
  21. Problem solved with a heads up from GoG support staff followed by several missteps along the way finally successful - started one of my PoE1 characters - opening play very smooth - looks like a winner!
  22. Also on GoG - Fig Ultimate disappeared from library earlier today - Backer Beta still there and functional - sent support message to gog
  23. Release occurred but my Deadfire (Fig Ultimate) did not reappear (see above post) - backer is still installed - attempting to redeem code again just brings message it has already been redeemed....
  24. My Deadfire (Fig) icon is now gone from Library (was still there a little while ago) - my BB is still there as installed but a "soon" tag has been added
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